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Bagaa, M. Co Author Listing * Trust-Based Video Management Framework for Social Multimedia Networks

Bagad, P.[Piyush] Co Author Listing * C-3PO: Towards Rotation Equivariant Feature Detection and Description
* How Severe Is Benchmark-Sensitivity in Video Self-Supervised Learning?

Bagaglini, L.[Leonardo] Co Author Listing * Eddy Detection in HF Radar-Derived Surface Currents in the Gulf of Naples
* Passive Microwave Neural Network Precipitation Retrieval Algorithm for Climate Applications (PNPR-CLIM): Design and Verification, The

Bagai, D. Co Author Listing * Fusion for registration of medical images: A study
* new algorithm for skew detection and correction, A
Includes: Bagai, D. Bagai, D.[Deepak]

Bagal, V.[Viraj] Co Author Listing * InfographicVQA

Bagan, H. Co Author Listing * Combination of AVNIR-2, PALSAR, and Polarimetric Parameters for Land Cover Classification
* Combination of Sentinel-2 and PALSAR-2 for Local Climate Zone Classification: A Case Study of Nanchang, China
* Exploring Spatiotemporal Variations in Land Surface Temperature Based on Local Climate Zones in Shanghai from 2008 to 2020
* Groundwater Management in an Uncommon and Artificial Aquifer Based on Kc Approach and MODIS ET Products for Irrigation Assessment in a Subtropical Island
* Land-cover Classification Using ASTER Multi-band Combinations Based on Wavelet Fusion and SOM Neural Network
Includes: Bagan, H. Bagan, H.[Hasi]

Bagaram, M.B.[Martin B.] Co Author Listing * UAV Remote Sensing for Biodiversity Monitoring: Are Forest Canopy Gaps Good Covariates?

Bagari, A.[Aditya] Co Author Listing * Lung Nodule Malignancy Prediction in Sequential CT Scans: Summary of ISBI 2018 Challenge

Bagarinao, E.[Epifanio] Co Author Listing * Adapting SVM Image Classifiers to Changes in Imaging Conditions Using Incremental SVM: An Application to Car Detection

Bagautdinov, T.[Timur] Co Author Listing * AutoAvatar: Autoregressive Neural Fields for Dynamic Avatar Modeling
* DANBO: Disentangled Articulated Neural Body Representations via Graph Neural Networks
* Learning Compositional Radiance Fields of Dynamic Human Heads
* Masksembles for Uncertainty Estimation
* Modeling Facial Geometry Using Compositional VAEs
* Principled Parallel Mean-Field Inference for Discrete Random Fields
* Probability occupancy maps for occluded depth images
* Social Scene Understanding: End-to-End Multi-person Action Localization and Collective Activity Recognition
* WILDTRACK: A Multi-camera HD Dataset for Dense Unscripted Pedestrian Detection
Includes: Bagautdinov, T.[Timur] Bagautdinov, T.
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Bagavathiannan, M.[Muthukumar] Co Author Listing * Detection of Italian Ryegrass in Wheat and Prediction of Competitive Interactions Using Remote-Sensing and Machine-Learning Techniques

Bagavathiannan, M.V.[Muthukumar V.] Co Author Listing * Influence of Image Quality and Light Consistency on the Performance of Convolutional Neural Networks for Weed Mapping

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