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Araabi, B. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Clustering Based on Mutual Information Maximization, A

Araabi, B.N.[Babak N.] Co Author Listing * Assisted Excitation of Activations: A Learning Technique to Improve Object Detectors
* Attention control with reinforcement learning for face recognition under partial occlusion
* Cost-sensitive learning of top-down modulation for attentional control
* Deep Multitask Metric Learning for Offline Signature Verification
* Directed Random Subspace Method for Face Recognition
* Discover Points of Interest Based On Users' Internet Searches Through An Online Shopping Website
* Face recognition using reinforcement learning
* fast and accurate contour-based method for writer-dependent offline handwritten Farsi/Arabic subwords recognition, A
* Fusing Iris, Palmprint and Fingerprint in a Multi-biometric Recognition System
* Gait Recognition Using Wavelet Packet Silhouette Representation and Transductive Support Vector Machines
* Hough Array Processing via Fast Multi-Scale Clustering
* Improved Bayesian information criterion for mixture model selection
* Integration Of Genetic Algorithms And Fuzzy Logic For Urban Growth Modeling
* Learning top-down feature based attention control
* Locating an affine/projective invariant identifier patch on an image
* Model-based Persian calligraphy synthesis via learning to transfer templates to personal styles
* new EM algorithm for flexibly tied GMMs with large number of components, A
* Noisy Iris Verification: A Modified Version of Local Intensity Variation Method
* Novel Iris Recognition System Using Morphological Edge Detector and Wavelet Phase Features, A
* Online learning of task-driven object-based visual attention control
* Optimal Local Basis: A Reinforcement Learning Approach for Face Recognition
* Separation of multiplicative image components by Bayesian Independent Component Analysis
* Shape Analysis of Stroma for Iris Recognition
* SVM-based method for face recognition using a wavelet PCA representation of faces, A
* Toward automatic development of handwritten personal Farsi/Arabic OpenType fonts
* UTSig: A Persian offline signature dataset
Includes: Araabi, B.N.[Babak N.] Araabi, B.N.[Babak Nadjar] Araabi, B.N.
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