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Anh, N.T.L.[Nguyen Tran Lan] Co Author Listing * Fast automatic saliency map driven geometric active contour model for color object segmentation
* Multi-Object tracking using multi-channel part appearance representation
* Robust global tracker based on an online estimation of tracklet descriptor reliability
Includes: Anh, N.T.L.[Nguyen Tran Lan] Anh, N.T.L. Anh, N.T.L.[Nguyen Thi Lan]

Anh, P.K. Co Author Listing * New sampling theorem and multiplicative filtering in the FRFT domain

Anh, V. Co Author Listing * Hellinger-Kakutani Metric for Pattern Recognition, The
* Scaling Theorems for Zero Crossings of Band-Limited Signals

Anh, V.V. Co Author Listing * Integration of Local Fractal Dimension and Boundary Edge in Segmenting Natural Images
* Multifractal Texture Analysis and Classification
* Multiwindowed Approach to the Optimum Estimation of the Local Fractal Dimension for Natural Image Segmentation
* Rough and Accurate Segmentation of Natural Images Using Fuzzy Region-Growing Algorithm
* Two-dimensional fractal segmentation of natural images
Includes: Anh, V.V. Anh, V.V.[Vo V.]

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