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Alouane, M. .T.H.[M. Turki Hadj] Co Author Listing * Weakly supervised 3D reconstruction of the knee joint from MR images using a volumetric Active Appearance Model
Includes: Alouane, M. .T.H.[M. Turki Hadj] Alouane, M. .T.H.[M. Turki-Hadj]

Alouani, A.T. Co Author Listing * Multisensor Tracking System with an Image-Based Maneuver Detector, A

Alouani, I.[Ihsen] Co Author Listing * MDAD: A Multimodal and Multiview in-Vehicle Driver Action Dataset
* novel public dataset for multimodal multiview and multispectral driver distraction analysis: 3MDAD, A

Aloui, A.[Abdelouahab] Co Author Listing * Automatic three-dimensional detection and volume estimation of low-grade gliomas

Aloui, K. Co Author Listing * New biometric approach based on geometrical humain brain patterns recognition: Some preliminary results
* Using brain prints as new biometric feature for human recognition
Includes: Aloui, K. Aloui, K.[Kamel]

Aloui, N.[Noureddine] Co Author Listing * Securing DICOM images by a new encryption algorithm using Arnold transform and Vigenère cipher
* Smartphone application for medical images secured exchange based on encryption using the matrix product and the exclusive addition

Aloui, S.[Soraya] Co Author Listing * Edge Detection Based on Riesz Transform

Alouini, M.S. Co Author Listing * Bit Error-Rate Minimizing Detector for Amplify-and-Forward Relaying Systems Using Generalized Gaussian Kernel
* Cost-sensitive design of quadratic discriminant analysis for imbalanced data
* Distributed Estimation Based on Observations Prediction in Wireless Sensor Networks
* Joint Preprocesser-Based Detector for Cooperative Networks with Limited Hardware Processing Capability
* Numerically Stable Evaluation of Moments of Random Gram Matrices With Applications
* Receive Antenna Selection for Underlay Cognitive Radio with Instantaneous Interference Constraint
* Signal Processing and Machine Learning Techniques for Terahertz Sensing: An overview
* Suboptimal Scheme for Multi-User Scheduling in Gaussian Broadcast Channels, A
Includes: Alouini, M.S. Alouini, M.S.[Mohamed-Slim]
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