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Aleksander, I. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Pattern Recognition Systems and Boltzmann Machines: A Rapprochement
* Emergent Intelligent Properties of Progressively Structured Pattern Recognition Nets

Aleksander, R.[Rydzewski] Co Author Listing * Recent advances in traffic optimisation: systematic literature review of modern models, methods and algorithms

Aleksandrov, M.[Mitko] Co Author Listing * Accurate light field depth estimation under occlusion
* Geoinformation for Disaster Management 2020 (GI4DM2020): Preface
* Top-Bounded Spaces Formed by the Built Environment for Navigation Systems
* Towards Integrating Heterogeneous Data: A Spatial DBMS Solution from a CRC-LCL Project in Australia
Includes: Aleksandrov, M.[Mitko] Aleksandrov, M.

Aleksandrova, M.[Marina] Co Author Listing * On the Generalization Ability of Data-Driven Models in the Problem of Total Cloud Cover Retrieval

Aleksandrovich, D.S.[Dyachenko Sergey] Co Author Listing * UAV Maneuvering Target Tracking in Uncertain Environments Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning and Meta-Learning

Aleksandrovsky, B. Co Author Listing * Algorithm Derived from Thalamocortical Circuitry Stores and Retrieves Temporal Sequences, An

Aleksandrowicz, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * Change Detection Algorithm for the Production of Land Cover Change Maps over the European Union Countries
* Influence of Image Filtering on Land Cover Classification when using Fractal and Multifractal Features
* What Can Multifractal Analysis Tell Us about Hyperspectral Imagery?

Aleksansdrowicz, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * Self-Adjusting Thresholding for Burnt Area Detection Based on Optical Images

Alekseenko, N.[Natalia] Co Author Listing * UAV-Derived Data Application for Environmental Monitoring of the Coastal Area of Lake Sevan, Armenia with a Changing Water Level

Alekseev, A.S. Co Author Listing * Crater detection in aero-space imagery using simple nonparametric statistical tests

Alekseeva, T.[Tatiana] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Arctic Sea Ice Concentrations from the NASA Team, ASI, and VASIA2 Algorithms with Summer and Winter Ship Data

Alekseychuk, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical recursive running median
* Point-based registration of high-resolution histological slices for navigation purposes in virtual microscopy

Aleksic, P.S.[Petar S.] Co Author Listing * Audio-Visual Biometrics
* Audio-visual continuous speech recognition using MPEG-4 compliant visual features
* Audio-Visual Speech Recognition Using MPEG-4 Compliant Visual Features
* Comparison of MPEG-4 Facial Animation Parameter Groups with Respect to Audio-Visual Speech Recognition Performance
* Speech-to-video synthesis using facial animation parameters
* Speech-to-video synthesis using MPEG-4 compliant visual features
Includes: Aleksic, P.S.[Petar S.] Aleksic, P.S.

Aleksic, T.[Tatjana] Co Author Listing * Hypergraphs, Characteristic Polynomials and the Ihara Zeta Function
* polynomial characterization of hypergraphs using the Ihara zeta function, A

Aleksic, V.[Vera] Co Author Listing * VERGE: An Interactive Search Engine for Browsing Video Collections

Aleksieva Petrova, A.[Adelina] Co Author Listing * Earth-Observation-Based Services for National Reporting of the Sustainable Development Goal Indicators: Three Showcases in Bulgaria
Includes: Aleksieva Petrova, A.[Adelina] Aleksieva-Petrova, A.[Adelina]

Aleksyutina, D.[Daria] Co Author Listing * Dynamics of Permafrost Coasts of Baydaratskaya Bay (Kara Sea) Based on Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing Data

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