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Aldianto, Y.E.[Yulius Eka] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Analysis of COVID-19 Spread with Emerging Hotspot Analysis and Space-Time Cube Models in East Java, Indonesia

Aldibaja, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Graph SLAM-Based 2.5D LIDAR Mapping Module for Autonomous Vehicles

Aldin, N.B.[Noor Baha] Co Author Listing * RHEVC intra-prediction mode

Aldin, S.B.[Shaima Baha] Co Author Listing * RHEVC intra-prediction mode

Aldine, I.K.[I. Kamal] Co Author Listing * Decremental Sparse Modeling Representative Selection for prototype selection
* Instance Selection Using Nonlinear Sparse Modeling
Includes: Aldine, I.K.[I. Kamal] Aldine, I.K.[Ihab Kamal]

Aldinucci, M. Co Author Listing * parallel edge preserving algorithm for salt and pepper image denoising, A
* Special session on high performance computing in computer vision applications (HPC-CVA)
Includes: Aldinucci, M. Aldinucci, M.[Marco]

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