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Al Na'mneh, R.A. Co Author Listing * Efficient Improvements on the BDND Filtering Algorithm for the Removal of High-Density Impulse Noise

Al Nabhan, N.[Najla] Co Author Listing * Dual-path CNN with Max Gated block for text-based person re-identification
Includes: Al Nabhan, N.[Najla] Al-Nabhan, N.[Najla]

Al Nadawi, Y.K.[Yasir Khudhair] Co Author Listing * Cooperative Time and Energy-Optimal Lane Change Maneuvers for Connected Automated Vehicles
Includes: Al Nadawi, Y.K.[Yasir Khudhair] Al-Nadawi, Y.K.[Yasir Khudhair]

Al Naffouri, T.[Tareq] Co Author Listing * Cost-sensitive design of quadratic discriminant analysis for imbalanced data
Includes: Al Naffouri, T.[Tareq] Al-Naffouri, T.[Tareq]

Al Naffouri, T.Y.[Tareq Y.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Filters with Error Nonlinearities: Mean-Square Analysis and Optimum Design
* Constrained Perturbation Regularization Approach for Signal Estimation Using Random Matrix Theory
* Distributed Estimation Based on Observations Prediction in Wireless Sensor Networks
* Maximum-Likelihood TDOA Localization Algorithm Using Difference-of-Convex Programming, A
* Mean Weight Behavior of the NLMS Algorithm for Correlated Gaussian Inputs
* NLMS is More Robust to Input-Correlation Than LMS: A Proof
* NLMS Is Steady-State Schur-Convex, The
* Numerically Stable Evaluation of Moments of Random Gram Matrices With Applications
* Precise Performance Analysis of the Box-Elastic Net Under Matrix Uncertainties
* Signal Processing and Machine Learning Techniques for Terahertz Sensing: An overview
* SNR Estimation in Linear Systems With Gaussian Matrices
Includes: Al Naffouri, T.Y.[Tareq Y.] Al-Naffouri, T.Y.[Tareq Y.] Al-Naffouri, T.Y.
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Al Naimi, K. Co Author Listing * Improved line spectral frequency estimation through anti-aliasing filtering
Includes: Al Naimi, K. Al-Naimi, K.

Al Naimi, N.[Noora] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Satellite Retrievals of Chlorophyll-a in the Arabian Gulf
Includes: Al Naimi, N.[Noora] Al-Naimi, N.[Noora]

Al Najar, M.[Mahmoud] Co Author Listing * Coastal Bathymetry Estimation from Sentinel-2 Satellite Imagery: Comparing Deep Learning and Physics-Based Approaches

Al Najdawi, N. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical stochastic fast search motion estimation algorithm
* survey of cast shadow detection algorithms, A
Includes: Al Najdawi, N. Al-Najdawi, N. Al-Najdawi, N.[Nijad]

Al Naji, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Contactless Cardiac Activity Detection Based on Head Motion Magnification
* Detection and Localisation of Life Signs from the Air Using Image Registration and Spatio-Temporal Filtering
* efficient motion magnification system for real-time applications, An
* Life Signs Detector Using a Drone in Disaster Zones
* Quality index evaluation of videos based on fuzzy interface system
Includes: Al Naji, A.[Ali] Al-Naji, A.[Ali]

Al Najjar, H.A.H.[Husam A. H.] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Convolutional Neural Network Architectures for Earthquake-Induced Building Damage Detection based on Pre- and Post-Event Orthophoto Images
* Land Cover Classification from fused DSM and UAV Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Landslide Susceptibility Modeling: An Integrated Novel Method Based on Machine Learning Feature Transformation
* Meta-Learning Approach of Optimisation for Spatial Prediction of Landslides, A
* New Integrated Approach for Landslide Data Balancing and Spatial Prediction Based on Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN), A
* UAV and Lidar Image Registration: a Surf-based Approach for Ground Control Points Selection
* Unseen Land Cover Classification from High-Resolution Orthophotos Using Integration of Zero-Shot Learning and Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: Al Najjar, H.A.H.[Husam A. H.] Al-Najjar, H.A.H.[Husam A. H.] Al-Najjar, H.A.H.
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Al Najjar, M.[Mayssaa] Co Author Listing * fast discrete transform architecture for Frequency Domain Motion Estimation, A
* High-performance asic architecture for hysteresis thresholding and component feature extraction in limited-resource applications
* Memory-Efficient Architecture for Hysteresis Thresholding and Object Feature Extraction
* Robust object tracking using correspondence voting for smart surveillance visual sensing nodes

Al Nashash, H. Co Author Listing * New Insights into Image Processing of Cortical Blood Flow Monitors Using Laser Speckle Imaging
Includes: Al Nashash, H. Al-Nashash, H.

Al Nasrawi, M.[Mukhalad] Co Author Listing * Constrained Smoothness Cost in Markov Random Field Based Stereo Matching
* Edge-aware smoothing through adaptive interpolation
* Guided adaptive interpolation filter
* Semi-guided bilateral filter
Includes: Al Nasrawi, M.[Mukhalad] Al-Nasrawi, M.[Mukhalad] Al-nasrawi, M.[Mukhalad]

Al Nima, R.R.O.[Raid Rafi Omar] Co Author Listing * Multi-gradient features and elongated quinary pattern encoding for image-based facial expression recognition
* Robust feature extraction and salvage schemes for finger texture based biometrics
* Spatio-temporal modelling with multi-gradient features and elongated quinary pattern descriptor for dynamic facial expression recognition
Includes: Al Nima, R.R.O.[Raid Rafi Omar] Al-Nima, R.R.O.[Raid Rafi Omar] Al-Nima, R.R.O.

Al Noman, A.[Abdullah] Co Author Listing * High-Frame-Rate Vision System with Automatic Exposure Control, A

Al Nuaimi, A.[Anas] Co Author Listing * 6DOF decoupled roto-translation alignment of large-scale indoor point clouds
* 6DOF point cloud alignment using geometric algebra-based adaptive filtering
* Fully Automatic and Frame-Accurate Video Synchronization Using Bitrate Sequences
* Geometric-Algebra LMS Adaptive Filter and Its Application to Rotation Estimation
* Mobile Visual Location Recognition
* Smart Campus Mobility: From Concept to Realization
Includes: Al Nuaimi, A.[Anas] Al-Nuaimi, A.[Anas] Al-Nuaimi, A. Al Nuaimi, A.[Alia]

Al Nuaimi, S.[Shouq] Co Author Listing * Smart Campus Mobility: From Concept to Realization

Al Nuaimy, W. Co Author Listing * Detection of Deeply Buried UXO Using CPT Magnetometers
* Detection of landmines and underground utilities from acoustic and GPR images with a cepstral approach
Includes: Al Nuaimy, W. Al-Nuaimy, W. Al-Nuaimy, W.[Waleed]

Al Nuzaili, Q.[Qais] Co Author Listing * Fingerprint Verification Using the Texture of Fingerprint Image
Includes: Al Nuzaili, Q.[Qais] Al-Nuzaili, Q.[Qais]

Al Nuzaili, Q.A.[Qais Ali] Co Author Listing * Pixel distribution-based features for offline Arabic handwritten word recognition
Includes: Al Nuzaili, Q.A.[Qais Ali] Al-Nuzaili, Q.A.[Qais Ali]

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