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Ait Aider, O.[Omar] Co Author Listing * Blur Aware Calibration of Multi-Focus Plenoptic Camera
* Blur aware metric depth estimation with multi-focus plenoptic cameras
* Bundle adjustment revisited for SLAM with RGBD sensors
* Calibration of Non-Overlapping Cameras: Application to Vision-Based Robotics
* Exploiting Rolling Shutter Distortions for Simultaneous Object Pose and Velocity Computation Using a Single View
* Fast Rolling Shutter Correction in the Wild
* flexible calibration method for the intrinsic and mechanical parameters of panoramic line-scan cameras, A
* Global Optimization of Object Pose and Motion from a Single Rolling Shutter Image with Automatic 2D-3D Matching
* Kinematics from Lines in a Single Rolling Shutter Image
* Leveraging Blur Information for Plenoptic Camera Calibration
* Model based RGBD SLAM
* New Method for Projector Calibration Based on Visual Servoing, A
* Robust Method for Strong Rolling Shutter Effects Correction Using Lines with Automatic Feature Selection, A
* Robustified Structure from Motion with rolling-shutter camera using straightness constraint
* Rolling Shutter Homography and its Applications
* Rolling Shutter Pose and Ego-Motion Estimation Using Shape-from-Template
* Simultaneous Object Pose and Velocity Computation Using a Single View from a Rolling Shutter Camera
* Solving Rolling Shutter 3D Vision Problems using Analogies with Non-rigidity
* Structure and kinematics triangulation with a rolling shutter stereo rig
Includes: Ait Aider, O.[Omar] Ait-Aider, O.[Omar] Ait-Aider, O.
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Ait Allal, A. Co Author Listing * Networking Layer for the Evolution of Maritime Ports Into a Smart Environment
Includes: Ait Allal, A. Ait-Allal, A.

Ait Aoudia, S.[Samy] Co Author Listing * Face Verification Using Local Binary Patterns and Maximum A Posteriori Vector Quantization Model
* generalized multiclass histogram thresholding approach based on mixture modelling, A
* How Much Information Kinect Facial Depth Data Can Reveal About Identity, Gender and Ethnicity?
* Improved Basic Sequential Clustering Algorithm for Background Construction and Motion Detection, An
* On the use of Kinect depth data for identity, gender and ethnicity classification from facial images
* Operational bio-hash to preserve privacy of fingerprint minutiae templates
* probabilistic topic model for event-based image classification and multi-label annotation, A
* Towards a real-time video compression based on MPEG4 AVC/H.264
Includes: Ait Aoudia, S.[Samy] Ait-Aoudia, S.[Samy] Ait-Aoudia, S.
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Ait Boudaoud, D. Co Author Listing * Effect of the Hadamard Transform on Motion Estimation of Different Layers in Video Coding
* Low Complexity Hierarchical Prediction Algorithm for H.264/SVC
* Modified Rodrigues Parameters: An Efficient Representation of Orientation in 3D Vision and Graphics
Includes: Ait Boudaoud, D. Ait-Boudaoud, D. Ait-Boudaoud, D.[Djamel]

Ait Bouziaren, S. Co Author Listing * Improved Augmented epsilon-Constraint and Branch-and-Cut Method to Solve the TSP With Profits, An

Ait Lamallam, S.[Sara] Co Author Listing * Extending the IFC Standard to Enable Road Operation and Maintenance Management through OpenBIM
* IFCInfra4OM: An Ontology to Integrate Operation and Maintenance Information in Highway Information Modelling
Includes: Ait Lamallam, S.[Sara] Ait-Lamallam, S.[Sara]

Ait Mohamed, O. Co Author Listing * Brain Tissue Classification of Alzheimer Disease Using Partial Volume Possibilistic Modeling: Application to ADNI Phantom Images
Includes: Ait Mohamed, O. At-Mohamed, O.

Ait Mohand, K.[Kamel] Co Author Listing * Combining Structure and Parameter Adaptation of HMMs for Printed Text Recognition
Includes: Ait Mohand, K.[Kamel] Ait-Mohand, K.[Kamel]

Ait Oufroukh, N. Co Author Listing * Vehicle Simulator for an Efficient Electronic and Electrical Architecture Design, A

Ait Saadi, K. Co Author Listing * Real time watermarking to authenticate the WSQ bitstream

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