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Aissa El Bey, A. Co Author Listing * Blind Image Separation using Sparse Representation
* Locally-adapted convolution-based super-resolution of irregularly-sampled ocean remote sensing data
Includes: Aissa El Bey, A. Aissa-El-Bey, A. A´ssa-El-Bey, A.

Aissa, A.B.[Aichouche Belhadj] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Method Using Genetic Fuzzy System to Evaluate Suspended Particulates Matters SPM from Landsat and Modis Data, An

Aissa, N.B.[Nadhira Ben] Co Author Listing * Soil Clay Content Mapping Using a Time Series of Landsat TM Data in Semi-Arid Lands

Aissa, S.[Sonia] Co Author Listing * 2-D-CELP Image-Coding With Block-Adaptive Prediction and Variable Code-Vector Size
* Bit Error-Rate Minimizing Detector for Amplify-and-Forward Relaying Systems Using Generalized Gaussian Kernel
* Performance Modeling of Safety Messages Broadcast in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
* Robust VB 2D-CELP image transmission over CDMA Rayleigh fading channels
Includes: Aissa, S.[Sonia] A´ssa, S.[Sonia] Aissa, S.

Aissani, A. Co Author Listing * Phasic Triplet Markov Chains
* Unsupervised Segmentation of Markov Random Fields Corrupted by Nonstationary Noise
Includes: Aissani, A. A´ssani, A.

Aissani, M. Co Author Listing * Fingerprint matching from minutiae texture maps
* Fingerprint Matching Using Minutiae Coordinate Systems
Includes: Aissani, M. Aissani, M.[Mohamed]

Aissaoui, A.[Amel] Co Author Listing * 3D face reconstruction in a binocular passive stereoscopic system using face properties
* DLBP: A novel descriptor for depth image based face recognition

Aissia, H.B.[Habib Ben] Co Author Listing * Camera Self-calibration in Scheimpflug Condition for Air Flow Investigation

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