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Agosti, M.[Maristella] Co Author Listing * Enhancing End User Access to Cultural Heritage Systems: Tailored Narratives and Human-Centered Computing

Agostinelli, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * How Stable Are Transferability Metrics Evaluations?
* Transferability Estimation using Bhattacharyya Class Separability
* Transferability Metrics for Selecting Source Model Ensembles

Agostinelli, J.A.[John A.] Co Author Listing * Laser projector having silhouette blanking for objects in the output light path

Agostinelli, M. Co Author Listing * JPEG XT: A Compression Standard for HDR and WCG Images
* Overview and evaluation of the JPEG XT HDR image compression standard
Includes: Agostinelli, M. Agostinelli, M.[Massimiliano]

Agostinho, S.[Sergio] Co Author Listing * Is Geometry Enough for Matching in Visual Localization?
* Just) A Spoonful of Refinements Helps the Registration Error Go Down
* Loss of Significance and Its Effect on Point Normal Orientation and Cloud Registration
Includes: Agostinho, S.[Sergio] Agostinho, S.[Sérgio]

Agostini Vautard, M.A.[Marie Andree] Co Author Listing * Map estimation of multiple description encoded video transmitted over noisy channels
* Multiple description video decoding using map
* New Coding Mode for Hybrid Video Coders Based on Quantized Motion Vectors, A
Includes: Agostini Vautard, M.A.[Marie Andree] Agostini-Vautard, M.A.[Marie Andrée] Agostini-Vautard, M.A.[Marie Andree]

Agostini, A.[Alessia] Co Author Listing * Communicative System of Touch. Alphabet, Lexicon, and Norms of Use, The
* Distributional semantics of objects in visual scenes in comparison to text
* Large Scale Palm Tree Detection in High Resolution Satellite Images Using U-Net
* Procedure to Map Subsidence at the Regional Scale Using the Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PSI) Technique, A
Includes: Agostini, A.[Alessia] Agostini, A.[Alejandro] Agostini, A.[Andrea]

Agostini, G.S. Co Author Listing * Category-theory Approach for Construction Ontologies In Subsurface Mass Transit, A

Agostini, L. Co Author Listing * 4D-DCT Hardware Architecture for JPEG Pleno Light Field Coding
* adaptive workload management scheme for HEVC encoding, An
* Analysis of parallel encoding using tiles in 3D High Efficiency Video Coding
* Complexity Analysis Of VVC Intra Coding
* complexity reduction algorithm for depth maps intra prediction on the 3D-HEVC, A
* Complexity reduction for 3D-HEVC depth map coding based on early Skip and early DIS scheme
* Complexity reduction for 3D-HEVC depth maps intra-frame prediction using simplified edge detector algorithm
* Configurable Fast Block Partitioning for VVC Intra Coding Using Light Gradient Boosting Machine
* Content-adaptive reference frame compression based on intra-frame prediction for multiview video coding
* DCDM-Intra: Dynamically Configurable 3D-HEVC Depth Maps Intra-Frame Prediction Algorithm
* Efficient reference frame compression scheme for video coding systems: algorithm and VLSI design
* efficient sub-sample interpolator hardware for VP9-10 standards, An
* Encoding Efficiency and Computational Cost Assessment of State-Of-The-Art Point Cloud Codecs
* Energy-Aware Motion and Disparity Estimation System for 3D-HEVC With Run-Time Adaptive Memory Hierarchy
* Energy-aware scheme for the 3D-HEVC depth maps prediction
* ERP-Based CTU Splitting Early Termination for Intra Prediction of 360 videos
* Fast 3D-HEVC Depth Map Encoding Using Machine Learning
* FastInter360: A Fast Inter Mode Decision for HEVC 360 Video Coding
* GM-RF: An AV1 Intra-Frame Fast Decision Based on Random Forest
* hardware friedly motion estimation algorithm for the emergent HEVC standard and its low power hardware design, A
* High performance hardware architectures for the inverse Rotational Transform of the emerging HEVC standard
* High Throughput Hardware Architecture for Motion Estimation with 4:1 Pel Subsampling Targeting Digital Television Applications
* High-throughput and memory-aware hardware of a sub-pixel interpolator for multiple video coding standards
* High-Throughput and Multiplierless Hardware Design for the AV1 Local Warped MC Interpolation
* High-throughput and power-efficient hardware design for a multiple video coding standard sample interpolator
* LF-CAE: Context-Adaptive Encoding for Lenslet Light Fields Using HEVC
* Low latency and high throughput dedicated loop of transforms and quantization focusing in the H.264/AVC Intra Prediction
* Memory Assessment Of Versatile Video Coding
* memory aware and multiplierless VLSI architecture for the complete Intra Prediction of the HEVC emerging standard, A
* Motion Compensation Hardware Accelerator Architecture for H.264/AVC
* multi-standard interpolation hardware solution for H.264 and HEVC, A
* new differential and lossless Reference Frame Variable-Length Coder: An approach for high definition video coders, A
* Parallelism exploration for 3D high-efficiency video coding depth modeling mode one
* Pareto-based energy control for the HEVC encoder
* Performance analysis of VVC intra coding
* Rate-constrained successive elimination of Hadamard-based SATDs
* Real-time scalable hardware architecture for 3D-HEVC bipartition modes
* reduced computational effort mode-level scheme for 3D-HEVC depth maps intra-frame prediction, A
* reduced memory bandwidth and high throughput HDTV motion compensation decoder for H.264/AVC High 4:2:2 profile, A
* Reference frame context-adaptive variable-length coder: a real-time hardware-friendly approach for lossless external memory bandwidth reduction in current video-coding systems
* Sample adaptive offset filter hardware design for HEVC encoder
* Speedup-aware history-based tiling algorithm for the HEVC standard
* Using curved angular intra-frame prediction to improve video coding efficiency
Includes: Agostini, L. Agostini, L.[Luciano]
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Agostini, L.V. Co Author Listing * Complexity reduction of depth intra coding for 3D video extension of HEVC
* Complexity scalability for real-time HEVC encoders
* Fast HEVC Encoding Decisions Using Data Mining
* Fast intra prediction algorithm based on texture analysis for 3D-HEVC encoders
* Four-step algorithm for early termination in HEVC inter-frame prediction based on decision trees
* Motion compensated tree depth limitation for complexity control of HEVC encoding
* Pareto-Based Method for High Efficiency Video Coding With Limited Encoding Time
* Performance Analysis of Depth Intra-Coding in 3D-HEVC
* Performance and Computational Complexity Assessment of High-Efficiency Video Encoders
* Pipelined 8x8 2-D Forward DCT Hardware Architecture for H.264/AVC High Profile Encoder, A
Includes: Agostini, L.V. Agostini, L.V.[Luciano V.] Agostini, L.V.[Luciano Volcan]
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Agostini, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Airborne Lidar Survey, Density-Based Clustering, and Ancient Maya Settlement in the Upper Usumacinta River Region of Mexico and Guatemala

Agostini, M.A. Co Author Listing * Theoretical Model of the Coding Error in MCWT Video Coders

Agostini, S.[Silvano] Co Author Listing * Integrating Post-Processing Kinematic (PPK)-Structure-from-Motion (SfM) with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UA
* May Radiomic Data Predict Prostate Cancer Aggressiveness?
Includes: Agostini, S.[Silvano] Agostini, S.[Simone]

Agostini, T. Co Author Listing * Anchoring Theory of Lightness Perception, An

Agostino, C. Co Author Listing * Learning-Based Driving Events Recognition and Its Application to Digital Roads

Agosto Rivera, J.L. Co Author Listing * Recognition of Pollen-Bearing Bees from Video Using Convolutional Neural Network
Includes: Agosto Rivera, J.L. Agosto-Rivera, J.L.

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