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8806 * Comments on Fingerprints of Two-Dimensional Edge Models
* Computing Volume Descriptions from Sparse 3-D Data
* Direct Methods for Recovering Motion
* Equivalence of the Subregion Representation and the Wall Representation for a Certain Class of Rectangular Dissections, The
* Feature Identification for Hybrid Structural/Statistical Pattern Classification
* Generation of apparently three-dimensional images
* Histogram Modification Unit for Real-Time Image Enhancement, A
* Interpretation of Image Flow: Rigid Curved Surfaces in Motion
* Interpreting Image Curve from Multiframes
* measurement of highlights in color images, The
* Median Filters with Adaptive Length
* Method and apparatus for image processing with field portions
* Method of and apparatus for generating high-resolution binary image data with respect to linear edges
* Parallel Processing of Regions Represented by Linear Quadtrees
* Region Filling with the Use of the Discrete Green Theorem
* Shape from Random Planar Features
* Simplified Linear Optical Flow-Motion Algorithm, A
* Single sensor three dimensional imaging
* Syntactic/Semantic Technique for Surface Reconstruction from Cross-Sectional Contours, A
* Three-Dimensional Space from Optical Flow Correspondence
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