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8802 * Accelerated Analysis of Occlusion
* Algorithms for Realtime Component Labelling of Images
* Can Multiple Views Make up for Lack of Camera Registration?
* Computing with Structured Connectionist Networks
* Connectionist Expert Systems
* Decomposition of 3-D Objects into Compact Subobjects by Analysis of Cross-Sections
* Detecting Buildings in Aerial Images
* Functional Requirements and Conceptual Design of the Feature-Based Modelling System
* Image compression technique
* Image processing apparatus
* Improved Algorithms for Translation of Pictures Represented by Leaf Codes
* Line Rasterization Algorithms That Satisfy the Subset Line Property
* Method and apparatus for automatic digital image analysis
* New Stereo Vision Model Based upon the Binocular Fusion Concept, A
* Note on Histogram Equalization for Optimal Intensity Range Utilization, A
* Speeding Up the Marr-Hildreth Edge Operator
* Survey of Thresholding Techniques, A
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