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8602 * *Character Recognition Apparatus
* Adaptive Gray Scale Mapping to Reduce Registration Noise in Difference Images
* Algorithm for Analysing Optical Flow Based on the Least-Squares Method
* Axial Representation of Shape
* Biomedical Image Processing Using the Clip System
* Boyer-Moore-Galli String Searching Strategies Revisited, The
* Characterization of Parametric Surface Sections, The
* Comments on Fast Thinning Algorithm for Binary Images
* Data processing method of binary graphic pattern and system therefor
* Edge Detection and Motion Detection
* Filling by Quadrants or Octants
* Implementation for Noise Suppression in Images
* Invariance in Pattern Recognition: Application to Line Images
* Method for Improving Image Quality in Digital Linear Tomography
* Method of image enhancement by raster scanning
* Noise reduction system for video signals
* Perspective Projection Invariants
* Recursive Region Splitting at Hierarchial Scope Views
* Variational Approach to Shape from Shading, The
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