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8507 * Adaptive Filters for Digital Image Noise Smoothing: An Evaluation
* Apparatus and method for scaling facsimile image data
* Approach to the Definition, Description, and Extraction of Structures in Binary Digital Images, An
* Attributed String Matching with Merging for Shape Recognition
* Character information separating apparatus for printed character reading systems
* Connected Line Drawing Extraction from a Perspective View of a Polyhedron
* Detecting the Spatial Structure of Natural Textures Based on Shape Analysis
* Determining 3-D Motion and Structure from Optical Flow Generated by Several Moving Objects
* Dynamic Occlusion Analysis in Optical Flow Fields
* Image Processing Architecture for Real Time Generation of Scale and Rotation Invariant Patterns, An
* Implicitization, Inversion, and Intersection of Planar Rational Cubic Curves
* Knowledge-Driven Ultrasonic Three-Dimensional Organ Modeling
* Local Determination of a Moving Contrast Edge
* Recognizing Partially Occluded Parts
* Restoration of Multichannel Microwave Radiometric Images
* Segment-Based Stereo Matching
* Sensing Error for a Mobile Robot Using Line Navigation
* Width-Independent Fast Thinning Algorithm, A
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