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8310 * Data Structure and Algorithm Based on a Linear Key for a Rectangle Retrieval Problem, A
* Dual mode facsimile coding system and method
* Feature Selection When Limited Numbers of Training Samples are Available
* Generation of Radar Echo Images from a Contour Map
* Hybrid Data Structure for the Storage and Manipulation of Very Large Spatial Data Sets, A
* Image Enhancement in a Dithered Picture
* Intersection of Parametric Surfaces by Means of Look-Up Tables
* K-L Expansion as an Effective Feature Ordering Technique for Limited Training Sample Size, The
* Land Observational Sensors in Perspective
* Method and equipment for processing gray scale facsimile signal
* Monocular Reconstruction of a Complex Urban Scene in the 3D MOSAIC System
* Multilevel Computational Processes for Visual Surface Reconstruction
* Multiresolution Spline with Applications to Image Mosaics, A
* Operator Calculus for Surface and Volume Modeling, An
* Representing Knowledge of the Visual World
* Surface Consistency Constraints in Vision
* Surface Triangulation for Picture Production
* Survey of the Representation and Design of Surfaces, A
* TOPPSY: A Time Overlapped Parallel Processing System
* Using Shadows in the Interpretation of Aerial Images
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