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8105 * Advances in Mathematical Models for Image Processing
* Algorithms for Detecting M-Dimensional Objects in N-Dimensional Spaces
* Analysis Technology for Land Remote Sensing
* Applications of Stochastic Texture Field Models to Image Processing
* Color Vision and Image Intensities: When Are Changes Material?
* Computational Vision
* Correspondence Processes in Dynamic Scene Analysis
* Cross-correlation video tracker and method
* Differential Operator Technique for Restoring Degraded Signals and Images, A
* Electro-optical position-monitoring apparatus with tracking detector
* Elimination of Seams from Photomosaics
* Evaluation of Image Fidelity by Means of the Fidelogram and Level Mean-Square Error
* Fast Filter Transforms for Image Processing
* High-Resolution Imaging in 3-D Reconstructive Tomography
* Image Approximation by Variable Knot Bicubic Spines
* Image Pattern Recognition
* Importance of Phase in Signals, The
* Parallel Computation of Contour Properties
* Processing of X-Ray Images
* Pyramidal Representation of Images and Its Feature Extraction Facility, A
* Real-Time Digital Image Enhancement
* Reliable Indexing Using Unreliable Recognition Devices
* Strip Trees: A Hierarchical Representation for Curves
* Techniques for Speckle Noise Removal
* Three-Dimensional Edge Operator, A
* Three-Dimensional Shape Analysis Using Local Shape Descriptions
* Use of Quadtrees for Edge Enhancement
* Using Quadtrees to Smooth Images
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