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=> Z-Domain Entropy Adaptable Flex for Semi-supervised Action Recognition in the Dark
=> Z-grid-based probabilistic retrieval for scaling up content-based copy detection
=> Z-Images
=> Z-Index Parameterization for Volumetric CT Image Reconstruction via 3-D Dictionary Learning
=> Z-Score Normalization, Hubness, and Few-Shot Learning
=> Z-shaped nonlinear transform for image segmentation and classification in intelligent debris analysis, A
=> Z-Tilings of Polyominoes and Standard Basis
=> Z-Transform-Based FDTD Implementations of Biaxial Anisotropy for Radar Target Scattering Problems
=> Z-trees: adaptive pyramid-algorithms for image segmentation
=> Z pi M algorithm: A Method for Interferometric Image Reconstruction in SAR/SAS, The
=> ZA-APA with zero attractor controller selection criterion for sparse system identification
=> Zab River (IRAQ) Sinuosity and Meandering Analysis Based on the Remote Sensing Data
=> Zamir Recognition Systems Ltd.
=> Zanthoxylum bungeanum Maxim mapping with multi-temporal Sentinel-2 images: The importance of different features and consistency of results
=> Zapping Index: Using Smile to Measure Advertisement Zapping Likelihood
=> ZBE Inc.
=> Zebra-Crossing Detection for the Partially Sighted
=> ZebraPose: Coarse to Fine Surface Encoding for 6DoF Object Pose Estimation
=> ZebraRecognizer: Efficient and Precise Localization of Pedestrian Crossings
=> ZebraRecognizer: Pedestrian crossing recognition for people with visual impairment or blindness
=> Zen-NAS: A Zero-Shot NAS for High-Performance Image Recognition
=> Zenith/Nadir Pointing mm-Wave Radars: Linear or Circular Polarization?
=> Zernike-Bessel representation and its application to Hankel transforms
=> Zernike-Moment-Based Image Super Resolution
=> Zernike moment-based feature detectors
=> Zernike moment and local distribution fitting fuzzy energy-based active contours for image segmentation
=> Zernike moment based method for classification of Alzheimer's disease from structural MRI, A
=> Zernike Moment Phase-Based Descriptor for Local Image Representation and Matching, A
=> Zernike moments and LDP-weighted patches for content-based image retrieval
=> Zernike Velocity Moments for Description and Recognition of Moving Shapes
=> Zernike velocity moments for sequence-based description of moving features
=> Zero-Aliasing Correlation Filters for Object Recognition
=> Zero-Annotation Object Detection with Web Knowledge Transfer
=> Zero-Assignment Constraint for Graph Matching With Outliers
=> Zero-Attracting Kernel Maximum Versoria Criterion Algorithm for Nonlinear Sparse System Identification
=> Zero-block inter/intra mode decision for mpeg-2 to H.264/AVC inter P-frame transcoding
=> Zero-Block Mode Decision Algorithm for H.264/AVC
=> Zero-block Mode Decision Algorithm for High Bit-Rate Coding in H.264/AVC
=> Zero-Crossing-Based Optimal 3-Dimensional Edge Detector, A
=> Zero-Crossing Interval Correction in Tracing Eye-Fundus Blood Vessels
=> Zero-Crossing Rate Property of Power Complementary Analysis Filterbank Outputs, A
=> Zero-DCE with HSV loss for Low-Light Image Enhancement
=> Zero-determinant Strategies for Multi-player Multi-action Iterated Games
=> Zero-Error Digitisation and Contextualisation of Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams Using Node Classification and Sub-graph Search
=> Zero-error Information Hiding Capacity of Digital Images
=> Zero-error watermarking on jpeg images by shuffling huffman tree nodes
=> Zero-Order Reverse Filtering
=> Zero-Pair Image to Image Translation using Domain Conditional Normalization
=> Zero-Pinning the Bernstein Polynomial: A Simple Design Technique for Orthonormal Wavelets
=> Zero-quantised discrete cosine transform coefficients prediction technique for intra-frame video encoding
=> Zero-quantised discrete cosine transform prediction technique for video encoding
=> Zero-Quantized Inter DCT Coefficient Prediction for Real-Time Video Coding
=> Zero-Query Transfer Attacks on Context-Aware Object Detectors
=> Zero-Reference Deep Curve Estimation for Low-Light Image Enhancement
=> Zero-Shot Action Recognition with Error-Correcting Output Codes
=> Zero-shot Adversarial Quantization
=> Zero-Shot and Few-Shot Learning With Knowledge Graphs: A Comprehensive Survey
=> Zero-Shot Anticipation for Instructional Activities
=> Zero-Shot Architecture for Action Recognition in Still Images, A
=> Zero-Shot Attribute Attacks on Fine-Grained Recognition Models
=> Zero-Shot Category-Level Object Pose Estimation
=> Zero-Shot Classification with Discriminative Semantic Representation Learning
=> Zero-Shot Cross-Media Embedding Learning With Dual Adversarial Distribution Network
=> Zero-Shot Day-Night Domain Adaptation with a Physics Prior
=> Zero-Shot Deep Domain Adaptation With Common Representation Learning
=> Zero-Shot Deep Domain Adaptation
=> Zero-Shot Detection with Transferable Object Proposal Mechanism
=> Zero-Shot Domain Adaptation via Kernel Regression on the Grassmannian
=> Zero-shot ear cross-dataset transfer for person recognition on mobile devices
=> Zero-Shot Emotion Recognition via Affective Structural Embedding
=> Zero-Shot Event Detection Using Multi-modal Fusion of Weakly Supervised Concepts
=> Zero-Shot Event Detection Via Event-Adaptive Concept Relevance Mining
=> Zero-Shot Facial Expression Recognition with Multi-label Label Propagation
=> Zero-Shot Framework for Sketch Based Image Retrieval, A
=> Zero-Shot Grounding of Objects From Natural Language Queries
=> Zero-shot Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition with hierarchical decomposition embedding
=> Zero-shot Hashing with orthogonal projection for image retrieval
=> Zero-Shot Hyperspectral Image Denoising With Separable Image Prior
=> Zero-Shot Image Dehazing
=> Zero-shot Image Enhancement with Renovated Laplacian Pyramid
=> Zero-shot Image Super-resolution with Depth Guided Internal Degradation Learning
=> Zero-Shot Instance Segmentation
=> Zero-Shot Kernel Learning
=> Zero-Shot Keyword Spotting for Visual Speech Recognition In-the-wild
=> Zero-Shot Learning and Detection of Teeth in Images of Bat Skulls
=> Zero-Shot Learning Based on Quality-Verifying Adversarial Network
=> Zero-shot learning by exploiting class-related and attribute-related prior knowledge
=> Zero-Shot Learning for Reflection Removal of Single 360-Degree Image
=> zero-shot learning framework via cluster-prototype matching, A
=> Zero-Shot Learning in the Presence of Hierarchically Coarsened Labels
=> Zero-shot Learning of 3D Point Cloud Objects
=> Zero-Shot Learning of A Conditional Generative Adversarial Network for Data-Free Network Quantization
=> Zero-Shot Learning on 3D Point Cloud Objects and Beyond
=> Zero-Shot Learning on Semantic Class Prototype Graph
=> Zero-Shot Learning Posed as a Missing Data Problem
=> Zero-Shot Learning to Index on Semantic Trees for Scalable Image Retrieval
=> Zero-shot Learning Using Multimodal Descriptions
=> Zero-Shot Learning Using Stacked Autoencoder with Manifold Regularizations
=> Zero-Shot Learning Using Synthesised Unseen Visual Data with Diffusion Regularisation
=> Zero-shot learning via a specific rank-controlled semantic autoencoder
=> Zero-Shot Learning via Attribute Regression and Class Prototype Rectification
=> Zero-Shot Learning via Category-Specific Visual-Semantic Mapping and Label Refinement
=> Zero-Shot Learning via Contrastive Learning on Dual Knowledge Graphs
=> Zero-shot learning via discriminative representation extraction
=> Zero-Shot Learning via Joint Latent Similarity Embedding
=> Zero-Shot Learning via Latent Space Encoding
=> Zero-Shot Learning via Low-Rank-Representation Based Manifold Regularization
=> Zero-Shot Learning Via Recurrent Knowledge Transfer
=> Zero-Shot Learning via Robust Latent Representation and Manifold Regularization
=> Zero-Shot Learning via Semantic Similarity Embedding
=> Zero-Shot Learning via Visual Abstraction
=> Zero-Shot Learning With Transferred Samples
=> Zero-Shot Learning: A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
=> Zero-Shot Learning: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
=> Zero-shot multi-label learning via label factorisation
=> Zero-shot Natural Language Video Localization
=> Zero-Shot Object Detection With Transformers
=> Zero-Shot Object Detection
=> Zero-Shot Object Detection: Joint Recognition and Localization of Novel Concepts
=> Zero-Shot Object Detection: Learning to Simultaneously Recognize and Localize Novel Concepts
=> Zero-shot object recognition by semantic manifold distance
=> Zero-Shot Object Recognition System Based on Topic Model
=> Zero-Shot Object Recognition Using Semantic Label Vectors
=> Zero-Shot Person Re-identification via Cross-View Consistency
=> Zero-Shot Pipeline Detection for Sub-Bottom Profiler Data Based on Imaging Principles
=> Zero-Shot Predicate Prediction for Scene Graph Parsing
=> Zero-Shot Recognition Using Dual Visual-Semantic Mapping Paths
=> Zero-Shot Recognition via Optimal Transport
=> Zero-Shot Recognition via Semantic Embeddings and Knowledge Graphs
=> Zero-Shot Recognition via Structured Prediction
=> Zero-Shot Remote Sensing Image Dehazing Based on a Re-Degradation Haze Imaging Model
=> Zero-Shot Scene Classification for High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Images
=> Zero-Shot Scene Graph Generation with Relational Graph Neural Networks
=> Zero-shot semantic segmentation via spatial and multi-scale aware visual class embedding
=> Zero-Shot Semantic Segmentation via Variational Mapping
=> Zero-Shot Single-Microphone Sound Classification and Localization in a Building Via the Synthesis of Unseen Features
=> Zero-shot Single Image Restoration through Controlled Perturbation of Koschmieder's Model
=> Zero-shot sketch-based image retrieval with structure-aware asymmetric disentanglement
=> Zero-Shot Sketch-Image Hashing
=> Zero-Shot Sketch Based Image Retrieval Using Graph Transformer
=> Zero-Shot Style Transfer for Multimodal Data-Driven Gesture Synthesis
=> Zero-Shot Super-Resolution Using Deep Internal Learning
=> Zero-Shot Super-Resolution With a Physically-Motivated Downsampling Kernel for Endomicroscopy
=> Zero-Shot Task Transfer
=> Zero-Shot Temporal Action Detection via Vision-Language Prompting
=> Zero-shot temporal event localisation: Label-free, training-free, domain-free
=> Zero-Shot Text-Guided Object Generation with Dream Fields
=> Zero-Shot Text Classification with Semantically Extended Graph Convolutional Network
=> Zero-shot unsupervised image-to-image translation via exploiting semantic attributes
=> Zero-shot versus Many-shot: Unsupervised Texture Anomaly Detection
=> Zero-Shot Video Event Detection With High-Order Semantic Concept Discovery and Matching
=> Zero-Shot Video Object Segmentation via Attentive Graph Neural Networks
=> Zero-Shot Video Object Segmentation With Co-Attention Siamese Networks
=> Zero-Shot Visual Imitation
=> Zero-Shot Visual Recognition Using Semantics-Preserving Adversarial Embedding Networks
=> Zero-Shot Visual Recognition via Bidirectional Latent Embedding
=> Zero-sum game theory model for segmenting skin regions
=> Zero-synthesis view difference aware view synthesis optimization for HEVC based 3D video compression
=> Zero-VAE-GAN: Generating Unseen Features for Generalized and Transductive Zero-Shot Learning
=> Zero-VIRUS*: Zero-shot Vehicle Route Understanding System for Intelligent Transportation
=> zero-watermark algorithm for multiple images based on visual cryptography and image fusion, A
=> Zero-Watermarking Based on Improved ORB Features Against Print-cam Attack
=> Zero and Few Shot Learning With Semantic Feature Synthesis and Competitive Learning
=> Zero and infinity images in multi-scale image fusion
=> Zero coefficient-aware fast butterfly-based inverse discrete cosine transform algorithm
=> Zero crossings of a non-orthogonal wavelet transform for object location
=> Zero Crossings on Lines of Curvature
=> Zero Deforestation Agreement Assessment at Farm Level in Colombia Using ALOS PALSAR
=> Zero Experience Required: Plug & Play Modular Transfer Learning for Semantic Visual Navigation
=> Zero in on Shape: A Generic 2D-3D Instance Similarity Metric Learned from Synthetic Data
=> Zero knowledge hidden Markov model inference
=> Zero Norm Least Squares Proximal SVR
=> Zero Phase Representation of Panoramic Images for Image Based Localization
=> Zero shot augmentation learning in internet of biometric things for health signal processing
=> Zero Shot Detection
=> Zero shot learning based on class visual prototypes and semantic consistency
=> Zero shot learning by partial transfer from source domain with L2,1 norm constraint
=> Zero Shot Learning via Multi-scale Manifold Regularization
=> Zero Shot License Plate Re-Identification
=> Zero spectrum removal using joint bilateral filter for Fourier transform profilometry
=> Zero waiting-cycle hierarchical block matching algorithm and its array architectures
=> Zero Watermarking for the TIN DEM Data Based on the Edge Length
=> ZERO: a Local JPEG Grid Origin Detector Based on the Number of DCT Zeros and its Applications in Image Forensics
=> ZeroCap: Zero-Shot Image-to-Text Generation for Visual-Semantic Arithmetic
=> ZeroNAS: Differentiable Generative Adversarial Networks Search for Zero-Shot Learning
=> ZeroQ: A Novel Zero Shot Quantization Framework
=> ZeroScatter: Domain Transfer for Long Distance Imaging and Vision through Scattering Media
=> Zerotree Coding of DCT Coefficients
=> Zerotree Design for Image Compression: Toward Weighted Universal Zerotree Coding
=> Zerotree Entropy Coding of Wavelet Coefficients for Very Low Bit Rate Video
=> Zerotree Wavelet Based Image Quilting for Fast Texture Synthesis
=> Zerotree Wavelet Coding Using Fractal Prediction
=> Zerotree Wavelet Video Coder, A
=> ZeroWaste Dataset: Towards Deformable Object Segmentation in Cluttered Scenes
=> Zeta-image, illuminant estimation, and specularity manipulation, The
=> ZF-SSE: A Unified Sequential Semantic Encoder for Zero-Few-Shot Learning
=> ZFlow: Gated Appearance Flow-based Virtual Try-on with 3D Priors
=> Zhang's one-dimensional calibration revisited with the heteroscedastic error-in-variables model
=> Zhang-Wu Directional LMMSE Image Demosaicking
=> Zig-Zag Network for Semantic Segmentation of RGB-D Images
=> Zigzag Learning for Weakly Supervised Object Detection
=> Zigzag persistent homology for processing neuronal images
=> ZigzagNet: Efficient Deep Learning for Real Object Recognition Based on 3D Models
=> ZigZagNet: Fusing Top-Down and Bottom-Up Context for Object Segmentation
=> Zillow Indoor Dataset: Annotated Floor Plans With 360 Panoramas and 3D Room Layouts
=> Ziosoft
=> Zipf's Law-Based Method for Mapping Urban Areas Using NPP-VIIRS Nighttime Light Data, A
=> Zipf's Law in Image Coding Schemes
=> Ziplock Snakes
=> Zippered Polygon Meshes from Range Images
=> ZNCC-based template matching using bounded partial correlation
=> Zombie Survival Optimization: A swarm intelligence algorithm inspired by zombie foraging
=> Zonal Asymmetry of the Stratopause in the 2019/2020 Arctic Winter
=> Zonal brightness coherency for video tone mapping
=> Zonal Displacement Approach via Grid Point Weighting in Building Generalization, A
=> Zonation of Mountain Frozen Ground under Aspect Adjustment Revealed by Ground-Penetrating Radar Survey: A Case Study of a Small Catchment in the Upper Reaches of the Yellow River, Northeastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, The
=> Zonation of Subalpine Lakes Based on Remotely Sensed Water Quality Parameters
=> Zone-Based Projection Distance Feature Extraction Method for Handwritten Numeral/Mixed Numerals Recognition of Indian Scripts, The
=> Zone Classification Using Texture Features
=> Zone content classification and its performance evaluation
=> Zone identification in the printed Gujarati text
=> Zone2Vec: Distributed Representation Learning of Urban Zones
=> Zoned Image Patch Permutation Descriptor, A
=> zonemap metric for page segmentation and area classification in scanned documents, The
=> Zoning design for handwritten numeral recognition
=> Zoning Earthquake Casualty Prediction Model Based on Machine Learning, A
=> Zoning Methods for Hand-Written Character Recognition: An Overview
=> Zoning methods for handwritten character recognition: A survey
=> Zoning of Forest Fire Potential of Gulestan Province Forests Using Granular Computing and MODIS Images, The
=> Zonohedral Approximation of Spherical Structuring Element for Volumetric Morphology
=> Zonotoptic Fault Estimation for Discrete-Time LPV Systems With Bounded Parametric Uncertainty
=> Zoom-and-Reasoning: Joint Foreground Zoom and Visual-Semantic Reasoning Detection Network for Aerial Images
=> Zoom-CAM: Generating Fine-grained Pixel Annotations from Image Labels
=> Zoom-dependent calibration for consumer grade-cameras
=> Zoom-Dependent Camera Calibration in Digital Close-Range Photogrammetry
=> Zoom-In-To-Check: Boosting Video Interpolation via Instance-Level Discrimination
=> Zoom-Invariant Tracking using Points and Lines in Affine Views: An Application of the Affine Multifocal Tensors
=> Zoom-Invariant Tracking using Points and Lines in Affine Views: An Application of the Affine Multifocal Tensors
=> Zoom-Invariant Vision of Figural Shape
=> Zoom-Invariant Vision of Figural Shape: The Mathematics of Cores
=> Zoom-lens Camera Calibration From Noisy Data With Outliers
=> Zoom-Net: Mining Deep Feature Interactions for Visual Relationship Recognition
=> Zoom-to-Inpaint: Image Inpainting with High-Frequency Details
=> Zoom and Learn: Generalizing Deep Stereo Matching to Novel Domains
=> Zoom based super-resolution through SAR model fitting
=> Zoom Based Super-Resolution: A Fast Approach Using Particle Swarm Optimization
=> Zoom Better to See Clearer: Human and Object Parsing with Hierarchical Auto-Zoom Net
=> Zoom Dependent Lens Distortion Mathematical Models
=> Zoom In and Out: A Mixed-scale Triplet Network for Camouflaged Object Detection
=> Zoom in Lesions for Better Diagnosis: Attention Guided Deformation Network for WCE Image Classification
=> Zoom in to the Details of Human-Centric Videos
=> Zoom It, Seadragon
=> Zoom lens calibration with zoom- and focus-related intrinsic parameters applied to bundle adjustment
=> Zoom lens for a variable depth range camera
=> Zoom Motion Estimation Using Block-Based Fast Local Area Scaling
=> Zoom on Target While Tracking
=> Zoom Out-and-In Network with Map Attention Decision for Region Proposal and Object Detection
=> Zoom out CNNs features for optical remote sensing change detection
=> Zoom to Learn, Learn to Zoom
=> Zoom tracking and its applications
=> Zoom Transformer for Skeleton-Based Group Activity Recognition
=> Zoomable Intra Prediction for Multi-Focus Plenoptic 2.0 Video Coding
=> ZoomCount: A Zooming Mechanism for Crowd Counting in Static Images
=> Zooming interface using a 3D finger position for mobile devices
=> Zooming Slow-Mo: Fast and Accurate One-Stage Space-Time Video Super-Resolution
=> Zooming techniques on digital Chinese character patterns: a further study and improvement
=> Zooming While Tracking Using Affine Transfer
=> Zooming with Implicit Fractals
=> ZoomInNet: A Novel Small Object Detector in Drone Images with Cross-Scale Knowledge Distillation
=> ZoomNAS: Searching for Whole-Body Human Pose Estimation in the Wild
=> ZSTAD: Zero-Shot Temporal Activity Detection
=> Zvetco Biometrics
=> Zwei-skaliger Ansatz zur Aktualisierung landwirtschaftlicher Referenzkulissen (LPIS)
=> Zwei: A Self-Play Reinforcement Learning Framework for Video Transmission Services
=> ZY-1 02D Hyperspectral Imagery Super-Resolution via Endmember Matrix Constraint Unmixing
=> ZZ-Net: A Universal Rotation Equivariant Architecture for 2D Point Clouds

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