Online Pointers for Letter j

=> J-Linkage Based Approach for Vanishing Direction Estimation in Catadioptric Images, A
=> J-MEANS: A New Local Search Heuristic for Minimum Sum of Squares Clustering
=> J-substitution algorithm in magnetic resonance electrical impedance tomography (MREIT): phantom experiments for static resistivity images
=> JA-POLS: A Moving-Camera Background Model via Joint Alignment and Partially-Overlapping Local Subspaces
=> Jaccard index compensation for object segmentation evaluation
=> JackVR: A Virtual Reality Training System for Landing Oil Rigs
=> Jacobi circle and annular polynomials: modal wavefront reconstruction from wavefront gradient
=> Jacobian Images of Super-resolved Texture Maps for Model Based Motion Estimation and Tracking
=> Jacobians and Hessians of mean value coordinates for closed triangular meshes
=> Jag-Wave Feature Detection in 2D Images, The
=> Jam-Absorption Driving Strategy for Mitigating Traffic Oscillations, A
=> James-Stein Type Center Pixel Weights for Non-Local Means Image Denoising
=> Jammer target discrimination based on local variance of signal histogram in tracking radar and its implementation
=> JAMSNet: A Remote Pulse Extraction Network Based on Joint Attention and Multi-Scale Fusion
=> Janis: just another n-order side-informed watermarking scheme
=> JanusNet: Detection of Moving Objects from UAV Platforms
=> JanusVF: Adaptive Fiducial Selection
=> Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, JAIST
=> Japanese Character Image Database
=> Japanese language model based on bigrams and its application to on-line character recognition
=> Japanese Lexical Variation Explained by Spatial Contact Patterns
=> Japanese Sentence Dataset for Lip- reading
=> JAR-Aibo: A Multi-view Dataset for Evaluation of Model-Free Action Recognition Systems
=> Jasper: A Software-based JPEG-2000 Codec Implementation
=> Java-based internet biometric authentication system
=> JAVA-based Texture Analysis Employing Neighborhood Gray-Tone Difference Matrix (NGTDM) for Optimization of Land Use Classifications in High Resolution Remote Sensing Data
=> Java-library For The Access, Storage And Editing Of Calibration Metadata Of Optical Sensors
=> JAXA Annual Forest Cover Maps for Vietnam during 2015-2018 Using ALOS-2/PALSAR-2 and Auxiliary Data
=> JAXA High-Resolution Land Use/Land Cover Map for Central Vietnam in 2007 and 2017
=> JBEAM: Multiscale Curve Coding via Beamlets
=> JBIG-Based Approach to the Encoding of Contour Maps, A
=> JBIG for Printer Pipelines: A Compression Test
=> JBIG2: The Ultimate Bi-level Image Coding Standard
=> JBoost Optimization of Color Detectors for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Navigation
=> JC-BioAPI Compliant Smart Card with Biometrics for Secure Access Control, A
=> JCa2Co: A joint cascade convolution coding network based on fuzzy regional characteristics for infrared and visible image fusion
=> JCLMM: A finite mixture model for clustering of circular-linear data and its application to psoriatic plaque segmentation
=> JCLMM: A finite mixture model for clustering of circular-linear data and its application to psoriatic plaque segmentation
=> JCS: An Explainable COVID-19 Diagnosis System by Joint Classification and Segmentation
=> JDSNet: Joint Detection and Segmentation Network for Real-Time Road Scene Understanding
=> JDSR-GAN: Constructing an Efficient Joint Learning Network for Masked Face Super-Resolution
=> JDTDOA algorithm applied to signal recovery: a performance analysis, The
=> JECL: Joint Embedding and Cluster Learning for Image-Text Pairs
=> Jeddah Historical Building Information Modeling Jhbim old Jeddah: Saudi Arabia
=> JEDE: Universal Jersey Number Detector for Sports
=> JEDI: Adaptive Stochastic Estimation for Joint Enhancement and Despeckling of Images for SAR
=> Jeffreys Centroids: A Closed-Form Expression for Positive Histograms and a Guaranteed Tight Approximation for Frequency Histograms
=> JEM++: Improved Techniques for Training JEM
=> JEMImE: A Serious Game to Teach Children with ASD How to Adequately Produce Facial Expressions
=> JenAesthetics Subjective Dataset: Analyzing Paintings by Subjective Scores
=> Jensen-Bregman LogDet Divergence with Application to Efficient Similarity Search for Covariance Matrices
=> Jensen-Shannon Boosting Learning for Object Recognition
=> Jensen-Shannon divergence for visual quality assessment
=> Jensen-Shannon Divergence Kernel for Directed Graphs, A
=> Jensen-Shannon graph kernel using information functionals
=> Jensen-Shannon Kernel for Hypergraphs, A
=> Jensen Bregman LogDet Divergence Optimal Filtering in the Manifold of Positive Definite Matrices
=> Jensen divergence based SPD matrix means and applications
=> Jensen Shannon Divergence as Reduced Reference Measure for Image Denoising
=> Jerk-Aware Video Acceleration Magnification
=> Jerk-Limited Time-Optimal Speed Planning for Arbitrary Paths
=> JERS SAR interferometry for land subsidence monitoring
=> Jersey Number Recognition with Semi-Supervised Spatial Transformer Network
=> Jester Dataset: A Large-Scale Video Dataset of Human Gestures, The
=> Jet-Based Local Image Descriptors
=> Jet based feature classification
=> Jet Metric, The
=> Jet Proplusion Laboratory
=> Jet Proplusion Laboratory
=> JetStream: Probabilistic Contour Extraction with Particles
=> JF-Cut: A Parallel Graph Cut Approach for Large-Scale Image and Video
=> JFLN: Joint Feature Learning Network for 2D sketch based 3D shape retrieval
=> JGR-P2O: Joint Graph Reasoning Based Pixel-to-offset Prediction Network for 3d Hand Pose Estimation from a Single Depth Image
=> JH2R: Joint Homography Estimation for Highlight Removal
=> JHU-CROWD++: Large-Scale Crowd Counting Dataset and A Benchmark Method
=> JIFF: Jointly-aligned Implicit Face Function for High Quality Single View Clothed Human Reconstruction
=> Jigsaw-ViT: Learning jigsaw puzzles in vision transformer
=> Jigsaw Clustering for Unsupervised Visual Representation Learning
=> Jigsaw Puzzle Matching Using a Boundary-Centered Polar Encoding
=> Jigsaw Puzzle Solver to Locate Piece Position
=> Jigsaw Puzzle Solving as a Consistent Labeling Problem
=> Jigsaw puzzle solving using approximate string matching and best-first search
=> Jigsaw Puzzle Solving Using Local Feature Co-Occurrences in Deep Neural Networks
=> Jigsaw puzzles with pieces of unknown orientation
=> JIGSAW: Joint Inhomogeneity Estimation via Global Segment Assembly for Water-Fat Separation
=> Jigsaw: The Isis3 Bundle Adjustment For Extraterrestrial Photogrammetry
=> JigsawGAN: Auxiliary Learning for Solving Jigsaw Puzzles With Generative Adversarial Networks
=> JigsawNet: Shredded Image Reassembly Using Convolutional Neural Network and Loop-Based Composition
=> Jini service to reconstruct tomographic data, A
=> JIris Tech
=> Jitter-Robust Video Retargeting With Kalman Filter And Attention Saliency Fusion Network
=> Jitter camera: high resolution video from a low resolution detector
=> Jitter Detection and Image Restoration Based on Continue Dynamic Shooting Model for High-Resolution TDI CCD Satellite Images
=> Jitter Detection Method Based on Sequence CMOS Images Captured by Rolling Shutter Mode for High-Resolution Remote Sensing Satellite
=> Jittered Exposures for Image Super-Resolution
=> Jittered Exposures for Light Field Super-Resolution
=> JKanji: Wavelet-based Interactive Kanji Completion
=> JL-DCF: Joint Learning and Densely-Cooperative Fusion Framework for RGB-D Salient Object Detection
=> JL-GFDN: A Novel Gabor Filter-Based Deep Network Using Joint Spectral-Spatial Local Binary Pattern for Hyperspectral Image Classification
=> JLI Vision
=> JMIV Special Issue Mathematics and Image Analysis 2017
=> JMIV Special Issue: Mathematics and Image Analysis
=> JMLNet: Joint Multi-Label Learning Network for Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation in Aerial Images
=> JND-based enhancement of perceptibility for dim images
=> JND-Guided Perceptual Pre-filtering for HEVC Compression of UHDTV Video Contents
=> JND Model Using a Texture-Edge Selector Based on Faber-Schauder Wavelet Lifting Scheme, A
=> JNR: Joint-based Neural Rig Representation for Compact 3d Face Modeling
=> Jo-SRC: A Contrastive Approach for Combating Noisy Labels
=> Joanneum Research
=> Job Accessibility as a Lens for Understanding the Urban Structure of Colonial Cities: A Digital Humanities Study of the Colonial Seoul in the 1930s Using GIS
=> JobNet: 2D and 3D Visualization for Temporal and Structural Association in High-Performance Computing System
=> Johann Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics - RICAM
=> John Asmus: Optical techniques and the mysterious Mona Lisa
=> Johns Hopkins University
=> Johns Hopkins University
=> Join Cryptography and Digital Watermarking for 3D Multiresolution Meshes Security
=> Join Tensors: On 3D-to-3D Alignment of Dynamic Sets
=> JoinABLe: Learning Bottom-up Assembly of Parametric CAD Joints
=> Joined segmentation of cortical surface and brain volume in MRI using a homotopic deformable cellular model
=> Joined Spectral Trees for Scalable SPIHT-Based Multispectral Image Compression
=> Joining feature-based and similarity-based pattern description paradigms for object detection
=> Joining multi-epoch archival aerial images in a single SfM block allows 3-D change detection with almost exclusively image information
=> Joint-adaptive bilateral depth map upsampling
=> Joint-Bone Fusion Graph Convolutional Network for Semi-Supervised Skeleton Action Recognition
=> Joint-Confidence-Guided Multi-Task Learning for 3D Reconstruction and Understanding From Monocular Camera
=> Joint-Connectivity-Based Sparse Canonical Correlation Analysis of Imaging Genetics for Detecting Biomarkers of Parkinson's Disease
=> Joint-DetNAS: Upgrade Your Detector with NAS, Pruning and Dynamic Distillation
=> Joint-Distribution And Gain Rate Based Saliency Model For Circular Tank Detection In Remote Sensing Images
=> Joint-Feature Guided Depth Map Super-Resolution With Face Priors
=> Joint-MAP Bayesian tomographic reconstruction with a gamma-mixture prior
=> Joint-Modal Label Denoising for Weakly-Supervised Audio-Visual Video Parsing
=> joint-optimization NSAF algorithm based on the first-order Markov model, A
=> Joint-rerank: a novel method for image search reranking
=> Joint-scale LBP: a new feature descriptor for texture classification
=> Joint-Scatterer Processing for Time-Series InSAR
=> Joint-Sparse-Blocks and Low-Rank Representation for Hyperspectral Unmixing
=> Joint-Sparse Signal Reconstruction Based on Common Support Set Refinement
=> Joint 2-D-3-D Traffic Sign Landmark Data Set for Geo-Localization Using Mobile Laser Scanning Data
=> Joint 2D-3D temporally consistent semantic segmentation of street scenes
=> joint 2D AM-FM estimation based on higher order Teager-Kaiser energy operators, A
=> Joint 3D-2D Based Method for Free Space Detection on Roads, A
=> Joint 3D-reconstruction and background separation in multiple views using graph cuts
=> Joint 3D-Wind Retrievals with Stereoscopic Views from MODIS and GOES
=> Joint 3D Face Reconstruction and Dense Alignment with Position Map Regression Network
=> Joint 3D Human Motion Capture and Physical Analysis from Monocular Videos
=> Joint 3D Human Shape Recovery and Pose Estimation from a Single Image with Bilayer Graph
=> joint 3D image semantic segmentation and scalable coding scheme with ROI approach, A
=> Joint 3D Instance Segmentation and Object Detection for Autonomous Driving
=> Joint 3d Layout and Depth Prediction from a Single Indoor Panorama Image
=> Joint 3D Object and Layout Inference from a Single RGB-D Image
=> Joint 3D Reconstruction and Object Tracking for Traffic Video Analysis Under IoV Environment
=> Joint 3D Scene Reconstruction and Class Segmentation
=> Joint 3D Tracking of a Deformable Object in Interaction with a Hand
=> Joint A-SNN: Joint training of artificial and spiking neural networks via self-Distillation and weight factorization
=> Joint A Contrario Ellipse and Line Detection
=> Joint Acne Image Grading and Counting via Label Distribution Learning
=> Joint Acne Image Grading and Counting via Label Distribution Learning
=> Joint action recognition and pose estimation from video
=> Joint Action Segmentation and Classification by an Extended Hidden Markov Model
=> Joint Active and Passive Beamforming for IRS-Assisted Radar
=> Joint Active Learning with Feature Selection via CUR Matrix Decomposition
=> Joint Adaptation of ICP Proposal and Target Distribution for Probabilistic Surface Registration
=> Joint Adaptive Colour Modelling and Skin, Hair and Clothes Segmentation using Coherent Probabilistic Index Maps
=> Joint Adaptive Dual Graph and Feature Selection for Domain Adaptation
=> Joint adaptive manifold and embedding learning for unsupervised feature selection
=> Joint Adaptive Median Binary Patterns for texture classification
=> Joint Adaptive Space and Frequency Basis Selection
=> Joint Adaptive Sparsity and Low-Rankness on the Fly: An Online Tensor Reconstruction Scheme for Video Denoising
=> Joint Admission Control and Routing Via Approximate Dynamic Programming for Streaming Video Over Software-Defined Networking
=> Joint Affine and Illumination Estimation Using Scale Manipulation Features
=> Joint Affine and Radiometric Registration Using Kernel Operators
=> Joint Affinity Propagation for Multiple View Segmentation
=> Joint Albedo Estimation and Pose Tracking from Video
=> Joint Alignment and Clustering via Low-Rank Representation
=> Joint Alignment and Modeling of Correlated Behavior Streams
=> Joint Alignment of Multiple Generalized Point Sets with Anisotropic Positional Uncertainty Based on Expectation Maximization
=> Joint Alignment of Multiple Point Sets with Batch and Incremental Expectation-Maximization
=> Joint Alignment of Underwater and Above-The-Water Photogrammetric 3D Models by Independent Models Adjustment
=> Joint Alternate Small Convolution and Feature Reuse for Hyperspectral Image Classification
=> Joint Amplitude-Phase Compensation for Ionospheric Scintillation in GEO SAR Imaging
=> Joint Amplitude and Phase Refinement for Monaural Source Separation
=> Joint Analysis and Weighted Synthesis Sparsity Priors for Simultaneous Denoising and Destriping Optical Remote Sensing Images
=> Joint Analysis of Multi-Paradigm fMRI Data With Its Application to Cognitive Study, A
=> Joint Analysis of Multiple Mammographic Views in CAD Systems for Breast Cancer Detection
=> Joint analysis of SAR, LIDAR and aerial imagery for simultaneous extraction of land cover, DTM and 3D shape of buildings
=> Joint Analysis of Visible and Infrared Images: A Magic Airbrush for Qualitative and Quantitative Topography
=> Joint Anchor-Feature Refinement for Real-Time Accurate Object Detection in Images and Videos
=> Joint and collaborative representation with local adaptive convolution feature for face recognition with single sample per person
=> Joint and implicit registration for face recognition
=> Joint and individual matrix factorization hashing for large-scale cross-modal retrieval
=> Joint and Progressive Learning from High-Dimensional Data for Multi-label Classification
=> Joint and Progressive Subspace Analysis (JPSA) With Spatial-Spectral Manifold Alignment for Semisupervised Hyperspectral Dimensionality Reduction
=> Joint Angle and Range Estimation in Monostatic FDA-MIMO Radar via Compressed Unitary PARAFAC
=> Joint Angles Similarities and HOG2 for Action Recognition
=> Joint Angular Refinement and Reconstruction for Single-Particle Cryo-EM
=> Joint Anomaly Detection and Inpainting for Microscopy Images Via Deep Self-Supervised Learning
=> Joint Anomaly Detection and Spectral Unmixing for Planetary Hyperspectral Images
=> Joint Answering and Explanation for Visual Commonsense Reasoning
=> Joint Antenna-and-Relay Selection in MIMO Decode-and-Forward Relaying Networks Over Nakagami-m Fading Channels
=> Joint Antenna Placement and Power Allocation for Target Detection in a Distributed MIMO Radar Network
=> Joint Antenna Selection and Energy-Efficient Beamforming Design
=> joint appearance-spatial distance for kernel-based image categorization, A
=> Joint Appearance and Deformable Shape for Nonparametric Segmentation
=> Joint Application of Overlapped Block Motion Compensation and Loop Filtering for Low Bit-Rate Video Coding
=> Joint Approach to Global Motion Estimation and Motion Segmentation From a Coarsely Sampled Motion Vector Field, A
=> Joint architecture and knowledge distillation in CNN for Chinese text recognition
=> Joint Assimilation of Remotely Sensed Leaf Area Index and Surface Soil Moisture into a Land Surface Model, The
=> Joint asymptotic normality of granulometric moments under multiple structuring elements
=> Joint Attention by Gaze Interpolation and Saliency
=> Joint Attention Mechanism Feature Selection for Single Image Reflection Separation
=> Joint Attention Simulation Using Eye-Tracking and Virtual Humans
=> Joint attribute chain prediction for zero-shot learning
=> Joint Auction-Coalition Formation Framework for Communication-Efficient Federated Learning in UAV-Enabled Internet of Vehicles
=> Joint Audio-video Object Tracking
=> Joint audio-video people tracking using belief theory
=> Joint audio-visual bi-modal codewords for video event detection
=> Joint Audio-Visual Deepfake Detection
=> Joint Audio-Visual Tracking Using Particle Filters
=> Joint Band Prioritization and Band-Decorrelation Approach to Band Selection for Hyperspectral Image Classification, A
=> Joint Bayes Filter: A Hybrid Tracker for Non-rigid Hand Motion Recognition
=> Joint Bayesian-Incorporating Estimation of Multiple Gaussian Graphical Models to Study Brain Connectivity Development in Adolescence
=> Joint Bayesian Estimation of Close Subspaces from Noisy Measurements
=> Joint Bayesian Estimation of Time-Varying LP Parameters and Excitation for Speech
=> Joint Bayesian PET Reconstruction Algorithm Using a Quadratic Hybrid Multi-order Prior
=> Joint Bayesian Tracking of Head Location and Pose from Low-Resolution Video
=> Joint Beamforming and Antenna Subarray Formation for MIMO Cognitive Radios
=> Joint Bi-layer Optimization for Single-Image Rain Streak Removal
=> Joint Bi-Watermarking and Halftoning Technique Capability for Both Tampered Areas Localization and Recovery of Still Image
=> Joint bias and gain nonuniformity correction of infrared videos using tensorial-RLS technique
=> Joint Bilateral-Resolution Identity Modeling for Cross-Resolution Person Re-Identification
=> Joint Bilateral Filter for Signal Recovery from Phase Preserved Curvelet Coefficients for Image Denoising
=> Joint Bilateral Filtering and Spectral Similarity-Based Sparse Representation: A Generic Framework for Effective Feature Extraction and Data Classification in Hyperspectral Imaging
=> Joint Bilateral Learning for Real-time Universal Photorealistic Style Transfer
=> Joint bilateral propagation upsampling for unstructured multi-view stereo
=> Joint Binary Classifier Learning for ECOC-Based Multi-Class Classification
=> Joint binocular energy-contrast perception for quality assessment of stereoscopic images
=> Joint Bit Allocation and Rate Control for Coding Multi-View Video Plus Depth Based 3D Video
=> Joint blind deblurring and destriping for remote sensing images
=> Joint Blind Motion Deblurring and Depth Estimation of Light Field
=> Joint blind restoration and surface recovery in photometric stereo
=> Joint blind separation and restoration of mixed degraded images for document analysis
=> Joint Blind Super-Resolution and Shadow Removing
=> Joint Boosting Feature Selection for Robust Face Recognition
=> Joint bundled camera paths for stereoscopic video stabilization
=> Joint Calibration for Semantic Segmentation
=> Joint Calibration Method of 3d Images Acquired By Common Optical Path Payload, A
=> Joint calibration of Ensemble of Exemplar SVMs
=> Joint Calibrationless Reconstruction and Segmentation of Parallel MRI
=> Joint camera blur and pose estimation from aliased data
=> Joint Camera Clustering and Surface Segmentation for Large-Scale Multi-view Stereo
=> Joint Camera Pose Estimation and 3D Human Pose Estimation in a Multi-camera Setup
=> Joint Camera Spectral Response Selection and Hyperspectral Image Recovery
=> Joint Camera Spectral Sensitivity Selection and Hyperspectral Image Recovery
=> Joint Cascade Face Detection and Alignment
=> joint cascaded framework for simultaneous eye detection and eye state estimation, A
=> Joint Cascaded Framework for Simultaneous Eye State, Eye Center, and Gaze Estimation, A
=> Joint CFO and Channel Estimation for Asynchronous Cooperative Communication Systems
=> Joint Challenge on Dominant and Complementary Emotion Recognition Using Micro Emotion Features and Head-Pose Estimation: Databases
=> Joint Channel Allocation and Data Delivery for UAV-Assisted Cooperative Transportation Communications in Post-Disaster Networks
=> Joint Channel Characteristics in High-Speed Railway Multi-Link Propagation Scenarios: Measurement, Analysis, and Modeling
=> joint channel estimation and unequal error protection scheme for video transmission in OFDM systems, A
=> Joint Channel Estimation for Three-Hop MIMO Relaying Systems
=> Joint Channel Reliability and Correlation Filters Learning for Visual Tracking
=> Joint Characterization of Sentinel-2 Reflectance: Insights from Manifold Learning
=> Joint Chroma Downsampling and Upsampling for Screen Content Image
=> Joint Chroma Subsampling and Distortion-Minimization-Based Luma Modification for RGB Color Images With Application
=> Joint Classification-Regression Forests for Spatially Structured Multi-Object Segmentation
=> Joint classification and contour extraction of large 3D point clouds
=> Joint Classification and out-of-Distribution Detection Based on Structured Latent Space of Variational Auto-Encoders
=> Joint classification and prediction of random curves using heavy-tailed process functional regression
=> Joint Classification and Regression for Visual Tracking with Fully Convolutional Siamese Networks
=> Joint Classification and Trajectory Regression of Online Handwriting using a Multi-Task Learning Approach
=> Joint classification of actions with matrix completion
=> Joint Classification of ALS and DIM Point Clouds
=> Joint Classification of Hyperspectral and LiDAR Data Based on Position-Channel Cooperative Attention Network
=> Joint Classification of Hyperspectral and LiDAR Data Using Binary-Tree Transformer Network
=> Joint Classification of Hyperspectral and LiDAR Data Using Hierarchical Random Walk and Deep CNN Architecture
=> Joint Clock and Frequency Synchronization for OFDM-Based Cellular Systems
=> Joint Clock Synchronization and Ranging: Asymmetrical Time-Stamping and Passive Listening
=> Joint Clustering and Classification for Multiple Instance Learning
=> Joint Clustering and Discriminative Feature Alignment for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
=> Joint Clustering and Power Allocation for the Cross Roads Congestion Scenarios in Cooperative Vehicular Networks
=> Joint CNN and Variational Model for Fully-Automatic Image Colorization
=> Joint Co-Attention and Co-Reconstruction Representation Learning for One-Shot Object Detection
=> Joint coarse-and-fine reasoning for deep optical flow
=> Joint Coding-Transmission Optimization for a Video Surveillance System With Multiple Cameras
=> Joint coding for multi-program transmission
=> Joint Coding of Local and Global Deep Features in Videos for Visual Search
=> Joint Coding of Multi-View Video and Corresponding Depth Map
=> Joint Coding of Multiple H.264 Video Programs
=> Joint coding of multiview video and depth data using virtual view synthesis
=> Joint Coding/Routing Optimization for Distributed Video Sources in Wireless Visual Sensor Networks
=> Joint Collaboration and Compression Design for Random Signal Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
=> Joint Collaborative Representation With Multitask Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification
=> Joint Color-Spatial-Directional Clustering and Region Merging (JCSD-RM) for Unsupervised RGB-D Image Segmentation
=> Joint Color Decrosstalk and Demosaicking for CFA Cameras
=> Joint Color Decrosstalk and Demosaicking for CFA Cameras
=> Joint Color Space GMMs for CFA Demosaicking
=> Joint Communication and Computation Resource Scheduling of a UAV-Assisted Mobile Edge Computing System for Platooning Vehicles
=> Joint Communication and Trajectory Optimization for Multi-UAV Enabled Mobile Internet of Vehicles
=> Joint Complexity Estimation of I-Frame and P-Frame for H.264/AVC Rate Control
=> joint compression-discrimination neural transformation applied to target detection, A
=> Joint Compression and Discrimination Algorithm for Clutter Rejection
=> Joint Compression of Near-Duplicate Videos
=> joint compression scheme for local binary feature descriptors and their corresponding bag-of-words representation, A
=> Joint Compression Scheme of Video Feature Descriptors and Visual Content, A
=> Joint Compression/Watermarking Scheme Using Majority-Parity Guidance and Halftoning-Based Block Truncation Coding
=> Joint compressive autoencoders for full-image-to-image hiding
=> Joint Compressive Video Coding and Analysis
=> Joint Computing and Caching in 5G-Envisioned Internet of Vehicles: A Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Traffic Control System
=> Joint Conditional Random Field of multiple views with online learning for image-based rendering
=> Joint Content-Adaptive Dictionary Learning And Sparse Selective Extrapolation For Cross-Spectral Image Reconstruction
=> Joint Content Replication and Request Routing for Social Video Distribution Over Cloud CDN: A Community Clustering Method
=> Joint Contour Filtering
=> Joint Contours, Corner and T-Junction Detection: An Approach Inspired by the Mammal Visual System
=> Joint Contrast Enhancement and Exposure Fusion for Real-World Image Dehazing
=> Joint Contrast Enhancement and Noise Reduction of Low Light Images Via JND Transform
=> Joint control for hybrid transcoding using multidimensional rate distortion modeling
=> Joint Control of MPEG VBR Video Over ATM Networks
=> Joint Convolutional Analysis and Synthesis Sparse Representation for Single Image Layer Separation
=> Joint Convolutional Neural Networks and Context Transfer for Street Scenes Labeling, A
=> Joint Cooperative Beamforming and Jamming to Secure AF Relay Systems With Individual Power Constraint and No Eavesdropper's CSI
=> Joint Correction of Ionosphere Noise and Orbital Error in L-Band SAR Interferometry of Interseismic Deformation in Southern California
=> Joint Correlation and Attention Based Feature Fusion Network for Accurate Visual Tracking
=> Joint Correlation Filtering for Visual Tracking
=> Joint Correlation Measurements for PRNU-Based Source Identification
=> Joint Correspondence and Background Modeling Based on Tree Dynamic Programming
=> Joint cost minimization for multi-object tracking
=> Joint Coupled-Feature Representation and Coupled Boosting for AD Diagnosis
=> Joint Cover-Selection and Payload-Allocation by Steganographic Distortion Optimization
=> Joint Coverage and Localization Driven Receiver Placement in Distributed Passive Radar
=> Joint Cramér-Rao Lower Bound for Nonlinear Parametric Systems With Cross-Correlated Noises
=> Joint CRF and Locality-Consistent Dictionary Learning for Semantic Segmentation
=> Joint Cross-Attention Model for Audio-Visual Fusion in Dimensional Emotion Recognition, A
=> Joint cross-domain classification and subspace learning for unsupervised adaptation
=> Joint Cross-Modal and Unimodal Features for RGB-D Salient Object Detection
=> Joint Cross-Range Scaling and 3D Geometry Reconstruction of ISAR Targets Based on Factorization Method
=> Joint crowd detection and semantic scene modeling using a Gestalt laws-based similarity
=> joint cumulative distribution function and gradient fusion based method for dehazing of long shot hazy images, A
=> Joint Cuts and Matching of Partitions in One Graph
=> Joint data alignment up to (lossy) transformations
=> Joint data compression and error protection for collaborative transmission
=> Joint Data Filtering and Labeling Using Gaussian Processes and Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
=> Joint Deblurring and Demosaicing Using Edge Information from Bayer Images
=> Joint Decision Tree and Visual Feature Rate Control Optimization for VVC UHD Coding
=> Joint decoding of stereo JPEG image Pairs
=> Joint decoding of turbo codes for subband coded image
=> Joint Decoding of Unequally Protected JPEG2000 Bitstreams and Reed-Solomon Codes
=> Joint Decompression and Decoding for Cloud Radio Access Networks
=> Joint deconvolution and demosaicing
=> Joint Deep and Depth for Object-Level Segmentation and Stereo Tracking in Crowds
=> Joint Deep Boltzmann Machine (jDBM) Model for Person Identification Using Mobile Phone Data, A
=> Joint Deep Learning and Information Propagation for Fast 3D City Modeling
=> Joint Deep Learning for Pedestrian Detection
=> joint deep learning network of point clouds and multiple views for roadside object classification from lidar point clouds, A
=> Joint Deep Learning of Facial Expression Synthesis and Recognition
=> Joint Deep Model-based MR Image and Coil Sensitivity Reconstruction Network (Joint-ICNet) for Fast MRI
=> Joint deep semantic embedding and metric learning for person re-identification
=> Joint Defogging and Demosaicking
=> Joint Delay-Doppler Estimation Performance in a Dual Source Context
=> Joint delay and direction of arrivals estimation in mobile communications
=> Joint demosaicing and denoising of noisy bayer images with ADMM
=> Joint Demosaicing and Denoising via Learned Nonparametric Random Fields
=> Joint Demosaicing and Denoising With Self Guidance
=> Joint Demosaicing and Denoising
=> Joint Demosaicing and Denoising
=> Joint Demosaicing and Subpixel-Based Down-Sampling for Bayer Images: A Fast Frequency-Domain Analysis Approach
=> joint demosaicking-zooming scheme for single chip digital color cameras, A
=> Joint Demosaicking / Rectification Of Fisheye Camera Images Using Multi-Color Graph Laplacian Regularization
=> Joint Demosaicking and Blind Deblurring Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network
=> Joint Demosaicking and Denoising by Fine-Tuning of Bursts of Raw Images
=> Joint demosaicking and denoising by total variation minimization
=> Joint demosaicking and denoisingwith space-varying filters
=> Joint denoising and decompression: A patch-based Bayesian approach
=> Joint Denoising and Demosaicking of Raw Video Sequences
=> Joint Denoising and Demosaicking With Green Channel Prior for Real-World Burst Images
=> Joint denoising and magnification of noisy Low-Resolution textual images
=> Joint Denoising and Super-Resolution via Generative Adversarial Training
=> Joint Denoising Learning Model for Weight Update Space-Time Diversity Method, A
=> Joint denoising/compression of image contours via geometric prior and variable-length context tree
=> Joint Denoising/Compression of Image Contours via Shape Prior and Context Tree
=> Joint Dense 3D Interpretation and Multiple Motion Segmentation of Temporal Image Sequences: A Variational Framework with Active Curve Evolution and Level Sets
=> Joint Density Based Rank-Score Fusion for Soft Biometric Recognition at a Distance, A
=> Joint Deployment Optimization and Flight Trajectory Planning for UAV Assisted IoT Data Collection: A Bilevel Optimization Approach
=> Joint depth-motion dense estimation for multiview video coding
=> Joint depth and alpha matte optimization via fusion of stereo and time-of-flight sensor
=> Joint Depth and Color Camera Calibration with Distortion Correction
=> Joint Depth and Defocus Estimation From a Single Image Using Physical Consistency
=> Joint Depth and Density Guided Single Image De-Raining
=> Joint Depth and Semantic Inference from a Single Image via Elastic Conditional Random Field
=> Joint depth and texture filtering targeting MVD compression
=> Joint Depth Estimation and Camera Shake Removal from Single Blurry Image
=> Joint Depth Map and Color Consistency Estimation for Stereo Images with Different Illuminations and Cameras
=> Joint depth map super-resolution method via deep hybrid-cross guidance filter
=> Joint Design for Electric Fleet Operator and Charging Service Provider: Understanding the Non-Cooperative Nature
=> Joint design of bi-predictive interpolation filters
=> Joint Design of Complementary Sequence and Receiving Filter with High Doppler Tolerance for Simultaneously Polarimetric Radar
=> joint design of dictionary approximation and maximum atom extraction for fast matching pursuit, A
=> Joint Design of Excitation k-Space Trajectory and RF Pulse for Small-Tip 3D Tailored Excitation in MRI
=> Joint Design of Fronthaul and Access Links for C-RAN With Wireless Fronthauling
=> Joint Design of Measurement Matrix and Sparse Support Recovery Method via Deep Auto-Encoder
=> Joint Design of RF and Gradient Waveforms via Auto-differentiation for 3D Tailored Excitation in MRI
=> Joint Design of Source Rate Control and QoS-Aware Congestion Control for Video Streaming Over the Internet
=> Joint Design of the Receive Filter and Transmit Sequence for Active Sensing
=> Joint Design of the Transmit Beampattern and Angular Waveform for Colocated MIMO Radar under a Constant Modulus Constraint
=> Joint Design of Transmit and Receive Beamforming for Transmit Subaperturing MIMO Radar
=> Joint Design of Transmit Waveform and Mismatch Filter in the Presence of Interrupted Sampling Repeater Jamming
=> Joint Design of Transmit Waveform and Receive Beamforming for LPI FDA-MIMO Radar
=> Joint Design of Transmitting Waveform and Receiving Filter via Novel Riemannian Idea for DFRC System
=> Joint Detection and Decoding in the Presence of Prior Information With Uncertainty
=> Joint Detection and Identification Feature Learning for Person Search
=> Joint Detection and Localization of Vessels at Sea With a GNSS-Based Multistatic Radar
=> Joint Detection and Matching of Feature Points in Multimodal Images
=> Joint Detection and Online Multi-object Tracking
=> Joint Detection and Reconstruction of Weak Spectral Lines under Non-Gaussian Impulsive Noise with Deep Learning
=> Joint Detection and Recounting of Abnormal Events by Learning Deep Generic Knowledge
=> Joint detection and tracking in videos with identification features
=> Joint Detection and Tracking of Moving Objects Using Spatio-temporal Marked Point Processes
=> Joint detection and tracking of multiple maneuvering targets in clutter using random finite sets
=> Joint detection and tracking of non-ellipsoidal extended targets based on cubature Kalman-CBMeMBer sub-random matrices filter
=> Joint Detection for Potsherds of Broken Earthenware
=> Joint Detection of Almost-Cyclostationary Signals and Estimation of Their Cycle Period
=> Joint Detection of the Carotid Boundaries in Longitudinal B-Mode Images
=> Joint Detection, Interpolation, Motion and Parameter Estimation for Image Sequences with Missing Data
=> Joint Detection, Interpolation, Motion and Parameter Estimation for Image Sequences with Missing Data
=> Joint Detection, Tracking and Mapping by Semantic Bundle Adjustment
=> Joint Detection, Tracking, and Classification of Multiple Extended Objects Based on the JDTC-PMBM-GGIW Filter
=> Joint Detection, Tracking, and Prediction in the Wild
=> Joint Diagonalization of Kernels for Information Fusion
=> Joint Dictionary and Classifier Learning for Categorization of Images Using a Max-margin Framework
=> Joint dictionary and metric learning for person re-identification
=> joint dictionary learning and regression model for intensity estimation of facial AUs, A
=> Joint Dictionary Learning for Multispectral Change Detection
=> Joint Dimension Assignment and Compression for Distributed Multisensor Estimation
=> Joint Dimensionality Reduction, Classification and Segmentation of Hyperspectral Images
=> Joint direct estimation of 3D geometry and 3D motion using spatio temporal gradients
=> Joint Direction of Arrival-Polarization Parameter Tracking Algorithm Based on Multi-Target Multi-Bernoulli Filter
=> Joint Discovery of Object States and Manipulation Actions
=> Joint discriminative-generative modelling based on statistical tests for classification
=> Joint Discriminative and Generative Learning for Person Re-Identification
=> Joint Discriminative and Representative Feature Selection for Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis
=> Joint Discriminative Bayesian Dictionary and Classifier Learning
=> Joint Discriminative Dictionary and Classifier Learning for ALS Point Cloud Classification
=> Joint Discriminative Dimensionality Reduction and Dictionary Learning for Face Recognition
=> Joint discriminative feature learning for multimodal finger recognition
=> Joint Discriminative Generative Model for Deformable Model Construction and Classification, A
=> Joint Discriminative Latent Subspace Learning for Image Classification
=> Joint Disentanglement of Labels and Their Features with VAE
=> Joint Disentangling and Adaptation for Cross-domain Person Re-identification
=> Joint Disparity and Motion Field Estimation in Stereoscopic Image Sequences
=> Joint disparity and variable size-block optimization algorithm for stereoscopic image compression
=> Joint Distance Maps Based Action Recognition With Convolutional Neural Networks
=> Joint Distribution Alignment via Adversarial Learning for Domain Adaptive Object Detection
=> Joint Distribution Matters: Deep Brownian Distance Covariance for Few-Shot Classification
=> Joint Distributions based on DFB and Gaussian Mixtures for Evaluation of Style Similarity among Paintings
=> Joint DOA and Frequency Estimation With Sub-Nyquist Sampling in the Sparse Array System
=> Joint DOD and DOA Estimation for MIMO Array With Velocity Receive Sensors
=> Joint DOD and DOA Estimation in Slow-Time MIMO Radar via PARAFAC Decomposition
=> Joint Domain-Range Modeling of Dynamic Scenes with Adaptive Kernel Bandwidth
=> Joint Down-Range and Cross-Range RFI Suppression in Ultra-Wideband SAR
=> Joint Dynamic Rate Control and Transmission Scheduling for Scalable Video Multirate Multicast Over Wireless Networks
=> Joint dynamic sparse learning and its application to multi-view face recognition
=> Joint dynamic sparse representation for multi-view face recognition
=> Joint Effect of Spartina alterniflora Invasion and Reclamation on the Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Tidal Flats in Yangtze River Estuary
=> Joint effect of stalling and presentation quality on the quality-of-experience of streaming videos
=> Joint Ego4D and Egocentric Perception, Interaction & Computing (Ego4D-EPIC)
=> Joint Embedding of 3D Scan and CAD Objects
=> Joint Embedding of Deep Visual and Semantic Features for Medical Image Report Generation
=> Joint Embedding of Graphs
=> Joint embeddings with multimodal cues for video-text retrieval
=> joint encoder-decoder error control framework for stereoscopic video coding, A
=> Joint encoding of the depth image based representation using shape-adaptive wavelets
=> Joint energy-distortion aware algorithms for cooperative video streaming over LTE networks
=> Joint enhancement-compression of handwritten document images through DjVu encoder
=> Joint Enhancing Filtering for Road Network Extraction
=> Joint entropy-based motion segmentation for 3D animations
=> Joint entropy based learning model for image retrieval
=> Joint EPC and RAN Caching of Tiled VR Videos for Mobile Networks
=> Joint Epipolar Tracking (JET): Simultaneous Optimization of Epipolar Geometry and Feature Correspondences
=> Joint error-resilient video source coding and FEC code rate optimization for an AWGN channel
=> Joint error control and power allocation for video transmission over CDMA networks with multiuser detection
=> Joint Estimation-Segmentation of Optic Flow
=> Joint Estimation and Correction of Geometric Distortions for EPI Functional MRI Using Harmonic Retrieval
=> Joint Estimation and Optimum Encoding of Depth Field for 3-D Object-Based Video Coding
=> joint estimation approach for two-tone image deblurring by blind deconvolution, A
=> Joint Estimation for Nonlinear Dynamic System from FMRI Time Series
=> Joint Estimation Method of the Channel Phase Error and Motion Error for Distributed SAR on a Single Airborne Platform Based on a Time-Domain Correlation Method, A
=> Joint Estimation of Activity and Attenuation in Whole-Body TOF PET/MRI Using Constrained Gaussian Mixture Models
=> Joint estimation of age, gender and ethnicity: CCA vs. PLS
=> Joint Estimation of Azimuth and Distance for Far-Field Multi Targets Based on Graph Signal Processing
=> Joint Estimation of Camera Orientation and Vanishing Points from an Image Sequence in a Non-Manhattan World
=> Joint Estimation of Camera Pose, Depth, Deblurring, and Super-Resolution from a Blurred Image Sequence
=> Joint estimation of deformable motion and photometric parameters in single view video
=> Joint Estimation of Depth, Reflectance and Illumination for Depth Refinement
=> Joint Estimation of Epipolar Geometry and Rectification Parameters using Point Correspondences for Stereoscopic TV Sequences
=> Joint estimation of forward and backward motion vectors for interpolative prediction of video
=> Joint Estimation of Ground Displacement and Atmospheric Model Parameters in Ground-Based Radar
=> joint estimation of head and body orientation cues in surveillance video, A
=> Joint estimation of head pose and visual focus of attention
=> Joint Estimation of Human Pose and Conversational Groups from Social Scenes
=> Joint Estimation of Local Variance and Local Regularity for Texture Segmentation. Application to Multiphase Flow Characterization
=> Joint estimation of motion and radiometry of rotating camera for HDR global mosaic
=> Joint Estimation of Motion, Structure and Geometry from Stereo Sequences
=> Joint estimation of moving target reflectivity and velocity via AT-InSAR systems based on complex interferometric data
=> Joint Estimation of Multiple Notes and Inharmonicity Coefficient Based on f_0 -Triplet for Automatic Piano Transcription
=> Joint Estimation of Parameters and Hyper-Parameters in a Bayesian Approach of Solving Inverse Problems
=> Joint Estimation of Pose and Face Landmark
=> Joint estimation of segmentation and structure from motion
=> Joint estimation of shape and motion from silhouettes
=> Joint Estimation of Shape and Reflectance using Multiple Images with Known Illumination Conditions
=> Joint estimation of Stokes images and aberrations from phase-diverse polarimetric measurements
=> Joint Evaluation of Dictionary Learning and Feature Encoding for Action Recognition, A
=> Joint Event Detection and Description in Continuous Video Streams
=> Joint Event Detection and Description in Continuous Video Streams
=> Joint Exact Histogram Specification and Image Enhancement Through the Wavelet Transform
=> Joint Exploitation of Features and Optical Flow for Real-Time Moving Object Detection on Drones
=> Joint Exploitation of SAR and GNSS for Atmospheric Phase Screens Retrieval Aimed at Numerical Weather Prediction Model Ingestion
=> Joint Exploration Model (JEM) for Video Compression With Capability Beyond HEVC, The
=> Joint Expression Synthesis and Representation Learning for Facial Expression Recognition
=> Joint Face Alignment and 3D Face Reconstruction with Application to Face Recognition
=> Joint Face Alignment and 3D Face Reconstruction with Efficient Convolution Neural Networks
=> Joint Face Alignment and 3D Face Reconstruction
=> Joint face alignment with a generic deformable face model
=> Joint Face Alignment with Non-parametric Shape Models
=> Joint Face Alignment: Rescue Bad Alignments with Good Ones by Regularized Re-fitting
=> Joint face and head tracking inside multi-camera smart rooms
=> Joint face completion and super-resolution using multi-scale feature relation learning
=> Joint Face Detection and Alignment Using Multitask Cascaded Convolutional Networks
=> Joint Face Detection and Alignment with a Deformable Hough Transform Model
=> Joint face detection and Facial Landmark Localization using graph match and pseudo label
=> Joint Face Detection and Facial Motion Retargeting for Multiple Faces
=> Joint Face Detection and Initialization for Face Alignment
=> Joint Face Hallucination and Deblurring via Structure Generation and Detail Enhancement
=> Joint Face Image Restoration and Frontalization for Recognition
=> Joint Face Representation Adaptation and Clustering in Videos
=> Joint Facial Action Unit Detection and Feature Fusion: A Multi-Conditional Learning Approach
=> Joint facial expression recognition and intensity estimation based on weighted votes of image sequences
=> Joint facial landmark detection and action estimation based on deep probabilistic random forest
=> joint facial point detection method of deep convolutional network and shape regression, A
=> Joint feature-basis subset selection
=> Joint Feature-Sample Selection and Robust Classification for Parkinson's Disease Diagnosis
=> Joint Feature-Spatial-Measure Space: A New approach to Highly Efficient Probabilistic Object Tracking
=> Joint Feature Adaptation and Graph Adaptive Label Propagation for Cross-Subject Emotion Recognition From EEG Signals
=> Joint Feature and Texture Coding: Toward Smart Video Representation via Front-End Intelligence
=> Joint Feature Disentanglement and Hallucination for Few-Shot Image Classification
=> Joint Feature Distributions for Image Correspondence
=> Joint feature extraction and classification in a unified framework for cost-sensitive face recognition
=> Joint Feature Learning and Relation Modeling for Tracking: A One-Stream Framework
=> Joint Feature Optimization and Fusion for Compressed Action Recognition
=> Joint feature representation and classification via adaptive graph semi-supervised nonnegative matrix factorization
=> Joint Feature Selection and Classification for Multilabel Learning
=> Joint Feature Selection and Graph Regularization for Modality-Dependent Cross-Modal Retrieval
=> Joint Feature Selection and Subspace Learning for Cross-Modal Retrieval
=> Joint Feature Selection with Low-rank Dictionary Learning
=> Joint Feature Synthesis and Embedding: Adversarial Cross-Modal Retrieval Revisited
=> Joint Feature Tracking and Radiometric Calibration from Auto-Exposure Video
=> Joint Feature Weighting and Adaptive Graph-Based Matrix Regression for Image Supervised Feature Selection
=> Joint filtering estimation of Stokes vector images based on a nonlocal means approach
=> Joint Filtering of Intensity Images and Neuromorphic Events for High-Resolution Noise-Robust Imaging
=> Joint Fine-Tuning in Deep Neural Networks for Facial Expression Recognition
=> Joint fingerprinting and decryption method for color images based on quaternion rotation with cipher quaternion chaining
=> Joint Fleet Sizing and Charging System Planning for Autonomous Electric Vehicles
=> Joint Flying Relay Location and Routing Optimization for 6G UAV-IoT Networks: A Graph Neural Network-Based Approach
=> Joint Forecasting of Panoptic Segmentations with Difference Attention
=> Joint Forecasting of Panoptic Segmentations with Difference Attention
=> Joint foveation-depth just-noticeable-difference model for virtual reality environment
=> Joint Framework for Athlete Tracking and Action Recognition in Sports Videos, A
=> Joint Framework for Denoising and Estimating Diffusion Kurtosis Tensors Using Multiple Prior Information, A
=> Joint Framework for Motion Validity and Estimation Using Block Overlap
=> Joint Framework for Single Image Reconstruction and Super-Resolution With an Event Camera
=> Joint Framework Towards Class-aware and Class-Agnostic Alignment for Few-Shot Segmentation, A
=> Joint Freehand Ultrasound and Endoscopic Reconstruction of Brain Tumors
=> Joint Frequency and Phasor Estimation Under the KCL Constraint
=> Joint Frequency and PRF Agility Waveform Optimization for High-Resolution ISAR Imaging
=> Joint Future Semantic and Instance Segmentation Prediction
=> Joint Fuzzy Relays and Network-Coding-Based Forwarding for Multihop Broadcasting in VANETs
=> Joint gait-pose manifold for video-based human motion estimation
=> Joint Gap Detection and Inpainting of Line Drawings
=> Joint Gaussian Process Model for Active Visual Recognition with Expertise Estimation in Crowdsourcing, A
=> Joint Gaussian Processes for Biophysical Parameter Retrieval
=> Joint gaze-correction and beautification of DIBR-synthesized human face via dual sparse coding
=> Joint gender classification and age estimation by nearly orthogonalizing their semantic spaces
=> Joint gender, ethnicity and age estimation from 3D faces: An experimental illustration of their correlations
=> Joint Generative and Contrastive Learning for Unsupervised Person Re-identification
=> Joint Generative Model for Zero-Shot Learning, A
=> Joint Geodesic Upsampling of Depth Images
=> Joint Geoeffectiveness and Arrival Time Prediction of CMEs by a Unified Deep Learning Framework
=> Joint Geometric Calibration of Color And Thermal Cameras For Synchronized Multimodal Dataset Creating
=> Joint geometric graph embedding for partial shape matching in images
=> Joint Geometrical and Statistical Alignment for Visual Domain Adaptation
=> Joint Geometry/texture Progressive Coding of 3d Models
=> Joint global-local information pedestrian detection algorithm for outdoor video surveillance
=> Joint Global and Local Hierarchical Priors for Learned Image Compression
=> Joint Global ICP for Improved Automatic Alignment of Full Turn Object Scans
=> Joint Graph-Based Depth Refinement and Normal Estimation
=> Joint Graph Attention and Asymmetric Convolutional Neural Network for Deep Image Compression
=> Joint graph based embedding and feature weighting for image classification
=> Joint Graph Decomposition Node Labeling: Problem, Algorithms, Applications
=> Joint Graph Learning and Matching for Semantic Feature Correspondence
=> Joint graph optimization and projection learning for dimensionality reduction
=> Joint graph regularized dictionary learning and sparse ranking for multi-modal multi-shot person re-identification
=> Joint Ground and Aerial Package Delivery Services: A Stochastic Optimization Approach
=> Joint Group Feature Selection and Discriminative Filter Learning for Robust Visual Object Tracking
=> Joint Group Feature Selection and Discriminative Filter Learning for Robust Visual Object Tracking
=> Joint Group Sparse PCA for Compressed Hyperspectral Imaging
=> Joint H.264/scalable video coding-multiple input multiple output rate control for wireless video applications
=> Joint Haar-like Features for Face Detection
=> Joint Halftoning and Watermarking
=> Joint Hand-Object 3D Reconstruction From a Single Image With Cross-Branch Feature Fusion
=> Joint Hand Detection and Rotation Estimation Using CNN
=> Joint Hand Motion and Interaction Hotspots Prediction from Egocentric Videos
=> Joint Handwritten Text Recognition and Word Classification for Tabular Information Extraction
=> Joint Hapke Model and Spatial Adaptive Sparse Representation with Iterative Background Purification for Martian Serpentine Detection
=> Joint Haze-relevant Features Selection and Transmission Estimation via Deep Belief Network for Efficient Single Image Dehazing
=> Joint HDR and Super-Resolution Imaging in Motion Blur
=> Joint Head Pose Estimation and Face Alignment Framework Using Global and Local CNN Features
=> Joint Head Pose Estimation with Multi-task Cascaded Convolutional Networks for Face Alignment
=> Joint Head Pose/Soft Label Estimation for Human Recognition In-The-Wild
=> Joint Headlight Pairing and Vehicle Tracking by Weighted Set Packing in Nighttime Traffic Videos
=> Joint Heterogeneous Feature Learning and Distribution Alignment for 2D Image-Based 3D Object Retrieval
=> Joint Hierarchical Category Structure Learning and Large-Scale Image Classification
=> Joint hierarchical learning for efficient multi-class object detection
=> Joint Histogram-Based Cost Aggregation for Stereo Matching
=> Joint Histogram Modelling for Segmentation Multiple Sclerosis Lesions
=> Joint Human Detection and Head Pose Estimation via Multistream Networks for RGB-D Videos
=> Joint Human Detection From Static and Mobile Cameras
=> Joint hypergraph learning and sparse regression for feature selection
=> Joint Hypergraph Learning for Tag-Based Image Retrieval
=> Joint Hyperspectral Superresolution and Unmixing With Interactive Feedback
=> Joint hyperspectral unmixing for urban computing
=> Joint I/Q imbalances estimation using data-dependent superimposed training
=> Joint identification-verification for person re-identification: A four stream deep learning approach with improved quartet loss function
=> Joint Identification-Verification Model for Visual Tracking
=> Joint Illumination and Motion Space of Video Sequences, The
=> Joint Illumination and Shape Model for Visual Tracking, A
=> Joint Image-Text News Topic Detection and Tracking by Multimodal Topic And-Or Graph
=> Joint Image-to-Image Translation for Traffic Monitoring Driver Face Image Enhancement
=> Joint image-to-image translation with denoising using enhanced generative adversarial networks
=> Joint image and depth completion in shape-from-focus: Taking a cue from parallax
=> Joint Image and Word Sense Discrimination for Image Retrieval
=> Joint Image Clustering and Labeling by Matrix Factorization
=> Joint image compression and encryption based on alternating transforms with quality control
=> Joint image compression and encryption based on order-8 alternating transforms
=> Joint Image Coregistration, Phase Noise Suppression, and Phase Unwrapping Method Based on Subspace Projection for Multibaseline InSAR Systems, A
=> Joint image deblurring and matching with feature-based sparse representation prior
=> Joint Image Deconvolution and Separation Using Mixed Dictionaries
=> Joint image dehazing and contrast enhancement using the HSV color space
=> Joint Image Denoising and Disparity Estimation via Stereo Structure PCA and Noise-Tolerant Cost
=> Joint image denoising using self-similarity based low-rank approximations
=> Joint image denoising with gradient direction and edge-preserving regularization
=> Joint image encryption and compression schemes based on 16X16 DCT
=> Joint Image Filtering with Deep Convolutional Networks
=> Joint Image GMM and Shading MAP Estimation
=> Joint Image Handbook, The
=> Joint image reconstruction and segmentation using the Potts model
=> Joint image registration and point spread function estimation for the super-resolution of satellite images
=> Joint image registration and super-resolution based on combinational coefficient matrix
=> Joint Image Registration and Super-Resolution From Low-Resolution Images With Zooming Motion
=> Joint image registration and super-resolution reconstruction based on regularized total least norm
=> Joint Image Registration and Superresolution Method Using a Combinational Continuous Generative Model, A
=> Joint image registration and volume reconstruction for 3D ultrasound
=> Joint Image Restoration and Matching Based on Distance-Weighted Sparse Representation
=> Joint Image Restoration and Matching Based on Hierarchical Sparse Representation
=> Joint image restoration and matching method based on distance-weighted sparse representation prior
=> Joint image restoration and segmentation using Gauss-Markov-Potts prior models and variational Bayesian computation
=> Joint Image Segmentation and Interpretation Using Iterative Semantic Region Growing on SAR Sea Ice Imagery
=> Joint Image Segmentation and Motion Estimation for Low Bit Rate Video Coding
=> Joint image splicing detection in DCT and Contourlet transform domain
=> Joint Image Super-Resolution Via Recurrent Convolutional Neural Networks With Coupled Sparse Priors
=> Joint Independent Component Analysis of Brain Perfusion and Structural Magnetic Resonance Images in Dementia
=> Joint Individual-Group Modeling for Tracking
=> Joint Induction of Shape Features and Tree Classifiers
=> Joint Inductive and Transductive Learning for Video Object Segmentation
=> Joint Inference in Weakly-Annotated Image Datasets via Dense Correspondence
=> Joint inference of groups, events and human roles in aerial videos
=> Joint Inference of Objects and Scenes With Efficient Learning of Text-Object-Scene Relations
=> Joint Initiative for Harmonization and Validation of Land Cover Datasets, A
=> Joint inpainting of depth and reflectance with visibility estimation
=> Joint Input and Output Space Learning for Multi-Label Image Classification
=> Joint integral histograms and its application in stereo matching
=> Joint Intensity and Depth Co-sparse Analysis Model for Depth Map Super-resolution, A
=> Joint Intensity and Spatial Metric Learning for Robust Gait Recognition
=> Joint Intensity Classification and Specimen Segmentation on HEp-2 Images: a Deep Learning Approach
=> joint inter- and intrascale statistical model for bayesian wavelet based image denoising, A
=> Joint interaction with context operation for collaborative filtering
=> Joint interaction with context operation for collaborative filtering
=> Joint Intermediate Domain Generation and Distribution Alignment for 2D Image-Based 3D Objects Retrieval
=> Joint intermodal and intramodal correlation preservation for semi-paired learning
=> Joint Intermodal and Intramodal Label Transfers for Extremely Rare or Unseen Classes
=> Joint Interpretation of Geophysical Results and Geological Observations for Detecting Buried Active Faults: The Case of the Il Lago Plain (Pettoranello del Molise, Italy)
=> Joint Intra and Multiple Description Coding for Packet Loss Resilient Video Transmission
=> Joint Intrinsic-Extrinsic Prior Model for Retinex, A
=> Joint Invariants of a Triplet of Coplanar Conics: Stability and Discriminating Power for Object Recognition
=> Joint Invariants of a Triplet of Coplanar Conics: Stability and Discriminating Power for Object Recognition
=> Joint Inverse Problems for Signal Reconstruction via Dictionary Splitting
=> Joint Inversion Estimate of Antarctic Ice Sheet Mass Balance Using Multi-Geodetic Data Sets, A
=> Joint Inversion of 3D Gravity and Magnetic Data under Undulating Terrain Based on Combined Hexahedral Grid
=> Joint Inversion of Audio-Magnetotelluric and Seismic Travel Time Data With Deep Learning Constraint
=> Joint Inversion of Electromagnetic and Seismic Data Based on Structural Constraints Using Variational Born Iteration Method
=> Joint Inversion of Geodetic Observations and Relative Weighting: The 1999 Mw 7.6 Chi-Chi Earthquake Revisited
=> Joint Inversion of GPS, Leveling, and InSAR Data for The 2013 Lushan (China) Earthquake and Its Seismic Hazard Implications
=> Joint Inverted Indexing
=> Joint iterative guidance filtering for compressed depth images
=> Joint JPEG Compression and Encryption Scheme Based on Order-8-16 Block Transform
=> Joint just noticeable difference model based on depth perception for stereoscopic images
=> Joint K-Means quantization for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search
=> Joint Kalman-based Noise Filtering and Motion Compensated Video Coding for Low Bit Rate Videoconferencing
=> Joint Kernel Learning for Supervised Image Segmentation
=> Joint Key-Frame Extraction and Object-Based Video Segmentation
=> Joint Key-Frame Extraction and Object Segmentation for Content-Based Video Analysis
=> Joint Keystone Correction and Shake Removal for a Hand Held Projector
=> Joint Knowledge Base Embedding with Neighborhood Context
=> Joint label-interaction learning for human action recognition
=> Joint Label Space for Generalized Zero-Shot Classification, A
=> Joint Land Cover and Crop Type Mapping Using Multi-temporal Sentinel-2 Data From Various Environmental Zones in Greece
=> Joint Land Cover Mapping and Image Registration Algorithm Based on a Markov Random Field Model, A
=> Joint Laplacian feature weights learning
=> Joint Latent Dirichlet Allocation for Social Tags
=> Joint Layout Estimation and Global Multi-view Registration for Indoor Reconstruction
=> Joint Learned and Traditional Video Compression for P Frame
=> Joint Learning-Based Method for Multi-view Depth Map Super Resolution, A
=> Joint learning and dictionary construction for pattern recognition
=> Joint learning and weighting of visual vocabulary for bag-of-feature based tissue classification
=> joint learning based face hallucination approach for low quality face image, A
=> Joint learning dictionary and discriminative features for high dimensional data
=> Joint Learning for Attribute-Consistent Person Re-Identification
=> Joint learning for side information and correlation model based on linear regression model in distributed video coding
=> Joint Learning for Single-Image Super-Resolution via a Coupled Constraint
=> Joint learning for voice based disease detection
=> joint learning framework for attribute models and object descriptions, A
=> Joint Learning from Earth Observation and OpenStreetMap Data to Get Faster Better Semantic Maps
=> Joint learning hash codes and distance metric for visual tracking
=> Joint Learning in the Spatio-Temporal and Frequency Domains for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition
=> Joint Learning of 3D Lesion Segmentation and Classification for Explainable COVID-19 Diagnosis
=> Joint Learning of 3D Shape Retrieval and Deformation
=> Joint Learning of Blind Video Denoising and Optical Flow Estimation
=> Joint Learning of Contour and Structure for Boundary-Preserved Building Extraction
=> Joint Learning of Convolutional Neural Networks and Temporally Constrained Metrics for Tracklet Association
=> Joint Learning of Discriminative Prototypes and Large Margin Nearest Neighbor Classifiers
=> Joint learning of frequency and spatial domains for dense image prediction
=> Joint learning of frequency and spatial domains for dense image prediction
=> Joint Learning of Fuzzy k-Means and Nonnegative Spectral Clustering With Side Information
=> Joint learning of image detail and transmission map for single image dehazing
=> Joint Learning of Intrinsic Images and Semantic Segmentation
=> Joint Learning of Labels and Distance Metric
=> Joint Learning of Latent Similarity and Local Embedding for Multi-View Clustering
=> Joint Learning of Local and Global Context for Temporal Action Proposal Generation
=> Joint Learning of Localized Representations from Medical Images and Reports
=> Joint Learning of Multiple Longitudinal Prediction Models by Exploring Internal Relations
=> Joint Learning of Multiple Regressors for Single Image Super-Resolution
=> Joint Learning of Object and Action Detectors
=> Joint Learning of Object Detection and Pose Estimation using Augmented Autoencoder
=> Joint Learning of Saliency Detection and Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation
=> Joint Learning of Salient Object Detection, Depth Estimation and Contour Extraction
=> Joint Learning of Self-Representation and Indicator for Multi-View Image Clustering
=> Joint Learning of Semantic Alignment and Object Landmark Detection
=> Joint Learning of Semantic and Latent Attributes
=> Joint Learning of Single-Image and Cross-Image Representations for Person Re-identification
=> Joint Learning of Social Groups, Individuals Action and Sub-group Activities in Videos
=> Joint Learning of the Center Points and Deep Metrics for Land-Use Classification in Remote Sensing
=> Joint learning of visual and spatial features for edit propagation from a single image
=> Joint learning of visual attributes, object classes and visual saliency
=> Joint Learning on the Hierarchy Representation for Fine-Grained Human Action Recognition
=> Joint learning sparsifying linear transformation for low-resolution image synthesis and recognition
=> Joint learning with diverse knowledge for re-identification
=> Joint Least Squares and Least Absolute Deviation Model, A
=> Joint Lightweight Object Tracking and Detection for Unmanned Vehicles
=> Joint LINET and ISS-LIS View of Lightning Distribution over the Mt. Cimone Area within the GAMMA-FLASH Program, A
=> Joint Local Abundance Sparse Unmixing for Hyperspectral Images
=> Joint Local and Global Deep Metric Learning Method for Caricature Recognition, A
=> Joint Local and Global Information Learning With Single Apex Frame Detection for Micro-Expression Recognition
=> Joint Local and Nonlocal Progressive Prediction for Versatile Video Coding
=> Joint local and statistical discriminant learning via feature alignment
=> Joint Local Block Grouping with Noise-Adjusted Principal Component Analysis for Hyperspectral Remote-Sensing Imagery Sparse Unmixing
=> Joint Local Correlation and Global Contextual Information for Unsupervised 3D Model Retrieval and Classification
=> Joint Localization and Parameter Estimation for Localized Calcium Release Events in Video Microscopy
=> Joint lossless-source and channel coding using ARQ-(N, M) for image transmission
=> Joint Low-Rank and Sparse Principal Feature Coding for Enhanced Robust Representation and Visual Classification
=> Joint low-rank project embedding and optimal mean principal component analysis
=> Joint Luminance and Chrominance Learning for Underwater Image Enhancement
=> Joint Machine Learning and Game Theory for Rate Control in High Efficiency Video Coding
=> Joint Manifold Diffusion for Combining Predictions on Decoupled Observations
=> Joint manifold distance: a new approach to appearance based clustering
=> Joint Manifold Model for Semi-supervised Multi-valued Regression, The
=> Joint Manifolds for Data Fusion
=> Joint Map and Symmetry Synchronization
=> Joint MAP Registration and High Resolution Image Estimation Using a Sequence of Undersampled Images
=> Joint Margin, Cograph, and Label Constraints for Semisupervised Scene Parsing From Point Clouds
=> Joint Markov Model for Communities, Connectivity and Signals Defined Over Graphs, A
=> Joint Material and Illumination Estimation from Photo Sets in the Wild
=> Joint Matrices Decompositions and Blind Source Separation: A survey of methods, identification, and applications
=> Joint medical image fusion, denoising and enhancement via discriminative low-rank sparse dictionaries learning
=> Joint Mesh and Texture Compression Using Marginal Analysis
=> Joint metal artifact reduction and segmentation of CT images using dictionary-based image prior and continuous-relaxed potts model
=> Joint Method for Wave and Wind Field Parameter Inversion Combining SAR with Wave Spectrometer Data, A
=> Joint Minimization of the Mean and Information Entropy of the Matching Filter Distribution for a Robust Misfit Function in Full-Waveform Inversion
=> Joint Mobile-Cloud Video Stabilization
=> Joint mode selection and unequal error protection for bitplane coded video transmission over wireless channels
=> Joint Model and Observation Cues for Single-Image Shadow Detection
=> Joint Model for 2D and 3D Pose Estimation from a Single Image, A
=> joint model of complex wavelet coefficients for texture retrieval, A
=> Joint model of gradient magnitude and Gabor features via Spatio-Temporal slice
=> Joint modeling and reconstruction of a compressively-sensed set of correlated images
=> Joint Modeling of Algorithm Behavior and Image Quality for Algorithm Performance Prediction
=> Joint Modeling of Anatomical and Functional Connectivity for Population Studies
=> Joint Modeling of Facial Expression and Shape from Video
=> Joint Modeling of Multiple Crimes: A Bayesian Spatial Approach
=> Joint Monocular 3D Vehicle Detection and Tracking
=> Joint Monostatic and Bistatic STAP for Improved SAR-GMTI Capabilities
=> Joint Motion-Compensated Interpolation Using Eight-Neighbor Block Motion Vectors
=> Joint Motion-Correction and Reconstruction in Cryo-Em Tomography
=> Joint Motion-Image Inpainting Method for Error Concealment in Video Coding, A
=> Joint Motion and Disparity Fields Estimation for Stereoscopic Video Sequences
=> Joint motion and geometry modeling with quad-tree leaf merging
=> Joint motion and residual information latent representation for P-frame coding
=> Joint Motion Correction and 3D Segmentation with Graph-Assisted Neural Networks for Retinal OCT
=> Joint motion correction and image reconstruction in respiratory-gated SPECT
=> Joint Motion Deblurring with Blurred/Noisy Image Pair
=> Joint motion estimation and segmentation of complex scenes with label costs and occlusion modeling
=> Joint Motion Segmentation and Background Estimation in Dynamic Scenes
=> Joint Motion Similarity (JMS)-Based Human Action Recognition Using Kinect
=> Joint movement similarities for robust 3D action recognition using skeletal data
=> Joint moving cast shadows segmentation and light source detection in video sequences
=> Joint MR-PET Reconstruction Using a Multi-Channel Image Regularizer
=> Joint Multi-baseline SAR Interferometry
=> Joint Multi-Criteria Utility-Based Network Selection Approach for Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Networking, A
=> Joint Multi-Dimension Pruning via Numerical Gradient Update
=> Joint Multi-Dimensional Model for Global and Time-Series Annotations
=> Joint multi-feature fusion and attribute relationships for facial attribute prediction
=> Joint multi-feature spatial context for scene recognition in the semantic manifold
=> Joint multi-frame super-resolution and matting
=> Joint Multi-Image Saliency Analysis for Region of Interest Detection in Optical Multispectral Remote Sensing Images
=> Joint multi-label learning and feature extraction for temporal link prediction
=> Joint multi-label multi-instance learning for image classification
=> Joint Multi-Layer Segmentation and Reconstruction for Free-Viewpoint Video Applications
=> Joint Multi-Leaf Segmentation, Alignment, and Tracking for Fluorescence Plant Videos
=> Joint Multi-Modal Longitudinal Regression and Classification for Alzheimer's Disease Prediction
=> Joint Multi-Patch and Multi-Task CNNs for Robust Face Recognition
=> Joint multi-person detection and tracking from overlapping cameras
=> Joint Multi-person Pose Estimation and Semantic Part Segmentation
=> joint multi-scale convolutional network for fully automatic segmentation of the left ventricle, A
=> Joint multi-scale discrimination and region segmentation for person re-ID
=> Joint Multi-Scale Tone Mapping and Denoising for HDR Image Enhancement
=> Joint Multi-Task CNN for Cross-Age Face Recognition, A
=> Joint Multi-View Face Alignment in the Wild
=> Joint multi-view foreground segmentation and 3D reconstruction with tolerance loop
=> joint multi-view plus depth image coding scheme based on 3D-warping, A
=> Joint Multichannel Deconvolution and Blind Source Separation
=> joint multicontext and multiscale approach to Bayesian image segmentation, A
=> joint multicontext and multiscale approach to Bayesian image segmentation, A
=> Joint Multilabel Classification With Community-Aware Label Graph Learning
=> Joint Multimodal Group Analysis Framework for Modeling Corticomuscular Activity, A
=> joint multiple description-encryption image algorithm, A
=> Joint Multiple Target Tracking and Classification Using Controlled Based Cheap JPDA-Multiple Model Particle Filter in Cluttered Environment
=> Joint Multiregion Segmentation and Parametric Estimation of Image Motion by Basis Function Representation and Level Set Evolution
=> Joint Multiscale Direct Envelope Inversion of Phase and Amplitude in the Time-Frequency Domain
=> Joint Multisource Saliency and Exemplar Mechanism for Weakly Supervised Video Object Segmentation
=> Joint multitarget object tracking and interaction analysis by a probabilistic bio-inspired model
=> Joint Multiview Fused ELM Learning with Propagation Filter for Hyperspectral Image Classification
=> Joint Multiview Segmentation and Localization of RGB-D Images Using Depth-Induced Silhouette Consistency
=> Joint multiview video plus depth coding
=> Joint NDT Image Restoration and Segmentation Using Gauss-Markov-Potts Prior Models and Variational Bayesian Computation
=> Joint near-lossless compression and watermarking of still images for authentication and tamper localization
=> Joint Negative and Positive Learning for Noisy Labels
=> Joint Noise-Tolerant Learning and Meta Camera Shift Adaptation for Unsupervised Person Re-Identification
=> Joint Noise Level Estimation from Personal Photo Collections
=> Joint Non-Gaussian Denoising and Superresolving of Raw High Frame Rate Videos
=> Joint Non-rigid Motion Estimation and Segmentation
=> Joint nonlinear feature selection and continuous values regression network
=> Joint nonlocal sparse representation for depth map super-resolution
=> Joint Nonparametric Alignment for Analyzing Spatial Gene Expression Patterns in Drosophila Imaginal Discs
=> Joint Normalization and Dimensionality Reduction on Grassmannian: A Generalized Perspective
=> Joint object-based video encoding and power management for energy efficient wireless video communications
=> Joint Object-Material Category Segmentation from Audio-Visual Cues
=> Joint Object and Part Segmentation Using Deep Learned Potentials
=> Joint Object and State Recognition Using Language Knowledge
=> Joint Object Class Sequencing and Trajectory Triangulation (JOST)
=> Joint object discovery and segmentation with image-wise reconstruction error
=> Joint Object Pose Estimation and Shape Reconstruction in Urban Street Scenes Using 3D Shape Priors
=> Joint Object Recognition and Pose Estimation Using a Nonlinear View-Invariant Latent Generative Model
=> Joint object recognition and pose estimation using multiple-anchor triplet learning of canonical plane
=> Joint Object Segmentation and Behavior Classification in Image Sequences
=> Joint Object Segmentation and Depth Upsampling
=> Joint occlusion boundary detection and figure/ground assignment by extracting common-fate fragments in a back-projection scheme
=> Joint of locality- and globality-preserving projections
=> Joint on-the-fly network coding/video quality adaptation for real-time delivery
=> Joint Online Transcoding and Delivery Approach for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming, A
=> Joint operation and attention block search for lightweight image restoration
=> Joint Optic Disc and Cup Segmentation Based on Multi-Label Deep Network and Polar Transformation
=> Joint Optical Flow and Temporally Consistent Semantic Segmentation
=> Joint optical flow estimation, segmentation, and 3D interpretation with level sets
=> Joint Optimal Object Shape Estimation and Encoding
=> Joint Optimal Power Flow Routing and Vehicle-to-Grid Scheduling: Theory and Algorithms
=> Joint Optimal Quantization and Aggregation of Federated Learning Scheme in VANETs
=> Joint Optimal Scheduling for a Mixed Bus Fleet Under Micro Driving Conditions
=> Joint optimisation convex-negative matrix factorisation for multi-modal image collection summarisation based on images and tags
=> Joint Optimization and Online Algorithms of Fuel-Aware Multi-Objective Routing for Autonomous Vehicles
=> Joint optimization coding for level and map information in H.264/AVC
=> Joint optimization combining the capacity of subway on-board energy storage device and timetable
=> Joint optimization for attention-based generation and recognition of chinese characters using tree position embedding
=> Joint Optimization for Compressive Video Sensing and Reconstruction Under Hardware Constraints
=> Joint Optimization for Consistent Multiple Graph Matching
=> Joint Optimization for Cooperative Image Captioning
=> Joint Optimization for Multi-person Shape Models from Markerless 3d-scans
=> Joint Optimization for Object Class Segmentation and Dense Stereo Reconstruction
=> Joint Optimization for Object Class Segmentation and Dense Stereo Reconstruction
=> Joint Optimization for Pedestrian, Information and Energy Flows in Emergency Response Systems With Energy Harvesting and Energy Sharing
=> Joint Optimization Framework for Learning with Noisy Labels
=> joint optimization framework of low-dimensional projection and collaborative representation for discriminative classification, A
=> Joint optimization of background subtraction and object detection for night surveillance
=> Joint Optimization of Block Size and Quantization for Quadtree Based Motion Estimation
=> Joint Optimization of Cascaded Classifiers for Computer Aided Detection
=> Joint Optimization of Constellation With Mapping Matrix for SCMA Codebook Design
=> Joint Optimization of Data Transmission and Energy Harvesting in Relay Satellite Networks
=> Joint Optimization of Depth and Ego-Motion for Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles
=> Joint optimization of frame type selection and bit allocation for MPEG video encoders
=> Joint Optimization of Hidden Conditional Random Fields and Non Linear Feature Extraction
=> Joint Optimization of Image Registration and Comparametric Exposure Compensation Based on the Lucas-Kanade Algorithm
=> Joint optimization of JPEG quantization table and coefficient thresholding for low bitrate mobile visual search
=> Joint Optimization of k-t Sampling Pattern and Reconstruction of DCE MRI for Pharmacokinetic Parameter Estimation
=> Joint optimization of manifold learning and sparse representations
=> Joint optimization of quantization and on-line channel estimation for low bit-rate video transmission
=> Joint Optimization of Radio and Virtual Machine Resources With Uncertain User Demands in Mobile Cloud Computing
=> Joint optimization of rate, distortion, and decoding energy for HEVC intraframe coding
=> Joint Optimization of Run-Length Coding, Huffman Coding and Quantization Table with Complete Baseline JPEG Compatibility
=> Joint Optimization of Run-Length Coding, Huffman Coding, and Quantization Table With Complete Baseline JPEG Decoder Compatibility
=> Joint Optimization of Running Route and Scheduling for the Mixed Demand Responsive Feeder Transit With Time-Dependent Travel Times
=> Joint optimization of scoring and thresholding models for online multi-label classification
=> Joint optimization of segmentation and appearance models
=> Joint Optimization of Segmentation and Color Clustering
=> Joint Optimization of Sparse FDAs for Time Invariant Transmit Beampattern Synthesis
=> Joint optimization of the motion estimation module and the up/down scaler in transcoders
=> Joint Optimization of the Worst-Case Robust MMSE MIMO Transceiver
=> Joint Optimization of Transform Coefficients for Hierarchical B Picture Coding in H.264/AVC
=> Joint Optimization of Transmit and Receive Beamforming in Active Arrays
=> Joint Optimization of Word Alignment and Epenthesis Generation for Chinese to Taiwanese Sign Synthesis
=> Joint Optimization on Trajectory, Cache Placement, and Transmission Power for Minimum Mission Time in UAV-Aided Wireless Networks
=> Joint Orientation of Epipoles
=> Joint Orientations from Skeleton Data for Human Activity Recognition
=> Joint Over and Under Exposures Correction by Aggregated Retinex Propagation for Image Enhancement
=> Joint Pairwise Learning and Image Clustering Based on a Siamese CNN
=> Joint Parameter and Time-Delay Estimation for a Class of Nonlinear Time-Series Models
=> Joint parameter estimation and restoration using MRF models and homotopy continuation method
=> Joint parameter estimation and target localization for bistatic MIMO radar system in impulsive noise
=> Joint Parametric and Non-parametric Curve Evolution for Medical Image Segmentation
=> Joint particle filters and multi-mode anisotropic mean shift for robust tracking of video objects with partitioned areas
=> Joint patch and instance discrimination learning for unsupervised person re-identification
=> Joint Patch and Multi-label Learning for Facial Action Unit and Holistic Expression Recognition
=> Joint patch and multi-label learning for facial action unit detection
=> Joint Patch Weighting and Moment Matching for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation in Micro-Expression Recognition
=> Joint People Recognition across Photo Collections Using Sparse Markov Random Fields
=> Joint People, Event, and Location Recognition in Personal Photo Collections Using Cross-Domain Context
=> Joint Person Objectness and Repulsion for Person Search
=> Joint person re-identification and camera network topology inference in multiple cameras
=> Joint Person Segmentation and Identification in Synchronized First- and Third-Person Videos
=> joint perspective towards image super-resolution: Unifying external- and self-examples, A
=> Joint Petrophysical and Structural Inversion of Electromagnetic and Seismic Data Based on Volume Integral Equation Method
=> Joint photo stream and blog post summarization and exploration
=> Joint photometric and geometric image registration in the total least square sense
=> Joint photometric registration and optical flow estimation
=> Joint Physics-Based Statistical Deformable Model for Multimodal Brain Image Analysis, A
=> Joint Pixel and Region Based Multiscale Markov Random Field for Image Classification, A
=> Joint point and line segment matching on wide-baseline stereo images
=> Joint Point Interaction-Dimension Search for 3D Point Cloud
=> Joint Pose and Expression Modeling for Facial Expression Recognition
=> Joint pose estimation and action recognition in image graphs
=> Joint Pose Estimator and Feature Learning for Object Detection
=> Joint Pose Estimator and Feature Learning for Object Detection
=> Joint Posterior Probability Active Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification
=> Joint Power Allocation for Radar and Communication Co-Existence
=> Joint Power and Admission Control Based on Channel Distribution Information: A Novel Two-Timescale Approach
=> Joint Power and Bandwidth Allocation with RCS Fluctuation Characteristic for Space Target Tracking
=> Joint Power Splitting and Antenna Selection in Energy Harvesting Relay Channels
=> Joint pre-alignment and robust rigid point set registration
=> Joint Prediction Algorithm and Architecture for Stereo Video Hybrid Coding Systems
=> Joint Prediction for Kinematic Trajectories in Vehicle-Pedestrian-Mixed Scenes
=> Joint Prediction of Activity Labels and Starting Times in Untrimmed Videos
=> Joint Prediction of Amodal and Visible Semantic Segmentation for Automated Driving
=> Joint prediction of monocular depth and structure using planar and parallax geometry
=> Joint Preprocesser-Based Detector for Cooperative Networks with Limited Hardware Processing Capability
=> Joint Preprocessing of Multiple Datasets to Enhance Source Separation
=> Joint prior models of neighboring objects for 3D image segmentation
=> Joint Priors for Variational Shape and Appearance Modeling
=> Joint Probabilistic Data Association Revisited
=> Joint Probabilistic Matching Using m-Best Solutions
=> Joint Probabilistic Techniques for Tracking Multi-part Objects
=> Joint Probability Density Function for Linear Optic Flow Components, The
=> Joint probability estimation of attribute chain for zero-shot learning
=> Joint Processing of Landsat and ALOS-PALSAR Data for Forest Mapping and Monitoring
=> Joint Processing of UAV Imagery and Terrestrial Mobile Mapping System Data for Very High Resolution City Modeling
=> Joint Progressive and Coarse-to-Fine Registration of Brain MRI via Deformation Field Integration and Non-Rigid Feature Fusion
=> Joint Promotion Partner Recommendation Systems Using Data from Location-Based Social Networks
=> Joint Prostate Cancer Detection and Gleason Score Prediction in mp-MRI via FocalNet
=> Joint prototype and metric learning for image set classification: Application to video face identification
=> Joint Quality Measure for Evaluation of Pansharpening Accuracy
=> Joint quantization and dithering of color images
=> Joint Quantization and Error Diffusion of Color Images Using Competitive Learning
=> Joint quantizer optimization for scalable coding
=> Joint Radar-Communication Strategies for Autonomous Vehicles: Combining Two Key Automotive Technologies
=> Joint Radar-Communications Exploiting Optimized OFDM Waveforms
=> Joint Radar and Communications Waveform Design Based on Complementary Sequence Sets
=> Joint Radar Scheduling and Beampattern Design for Multitarget Tracking in Netted Colocated MIMO Radar Systems
=> Joint radiometric calibration and feature tracking system with an application to stereo
=> Joint rain and atmospheric veil removal from single image
=> Joint Rain Detection and Removal from a Single Image with Contextualized Deep Networks
=> Joint Raindrop and Haze Removal From a Single Image
=> Joint Random Field Model for All-Weather Moving Vehicle Detection
=> Joint Random Fields for Moving Vehicle Detection
=> Joint Random Sample Consensus and Multiple Motion Models for Robust Video Tracking
=> Joint Range-Doppler Estimation Based on Multipulse Processing of Composite Hyperbolic Frequency Modulated Waveforms
=> Joint Rate-Distortion model for H.264/AVC rate control
=> Joint rate-distortion optimization of transform coefficients for spatial Scalable Video Coding using SVC
=> Joint Rate Allocation for Multiprogram Video Coding Using FGS
=> Joint rate allocation for statistical multiplexing of SVC
=> Joint Rate Control Algorithm for Low-Delay MPEG-4 Object-Based Video Encoding
=> Joint Rate Control with Look-Ahead for Multi-Program Video Coding
=> Joint Re-Detection and Re-Identification for Multi-Object Tracking
=> Joint Real-time Object Detection and Pose Estimation Using Probabilistic Boosting Network
=> Joint Rebalancing and Vehicle-to-Grid Coordination for Autonomous Vehicle Public Transportation System
=> Joint Recognition of Complex Events and Track Matching
=> Joint Reconstruction-Segmentation on Graphs
=> Joint Reconstruction and Anomaly Detection From Compressive Hyperspectral Images Using Mahalanobis Distance-Regularized Tensor RPCA
=> Joint Reconstruction and Calibration Using Regularization by Denoising with Application to Computed Tomography
=> Joint Reconstruction and Registration of a Deformable Planar Surface Observed by a 3D Sensor
=> Joint reconstruction of 3D shape and non-rigid motion in a region-growing framework
=> Joint Reconstruction of Image and Motion in Gated Positron Emission Tomography
=> Joint Reconstruction of Multiple Images and Motion in MRI: Application to Free-Breathing Myocardial T_2 Quantification
=> Joint Reconstruction of Multiview Compressed Images
=> Joint reconstruction of Stokes images from polarimetric measurements
=> Joint Reconstruction of Tracer Distribution and Background in Magnetic Particle Imaging
=> Joint Reconstruction of Vascular Structure and Function Maps in Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI Using Vascular Heterogeneity Priors
=> Joint Reconstruction Strategy for Structured Illumination Microscopy With Unknown Illuminations
=> Joint recovery and segmentation of polarimetric images using a compound MRF and mixture modeling
=> Joint Recovery of Dense Correspondence and Cosegmentation in Two Images
=> Joint Recursive Monocular Filtering of Camera Motion and Disparity Map
=> Joint redundant motion vector and intra macroblock refreshment for video transmission
=> Joint reference frame inter-mode selection for fast H.264 video coding
=> Joint Reflection Removal and Depth Estimation from a Single Image
=> Joint Region Merging Criteria for Watershed-based Image Segmentation
=> Joint region tracking with switching hypothesized measurements
=> Joint Registration and Active Contour Segmentation for Object Tracking
=> Joint registration and averaging of multiple 3D anatomical surface models
=> Joint Registration and Representation Learning for Unconstrained Face Identification
=> Joint Registration and Segmentation of Histological Volume Data by Diffusion-Based Label Adaption
=> Joint Registration and Super-Resolution With Omnidirectional Images
=> Joint Regression and Ranking for Image Enhancement
=> Joint Regression Modeling and Sparse Spatial Refinement for High-Quality Reconstruction of Distorted Color Images
=> Joint Regularization of Phase and Amplitude of InSAR Data: Application to 3-D Reconstruction
=> Joint regularized nearest points for image set based face recognition
=> Joint regularized nearest points for image set based face recognition
=> Joint Reinforcement and Contrastive Learning for Unsupervised Video Summarization
=> Joint Relationship Aware Neural Network for Single-Image 3D Human Pose Estimation, A
=> Joint RElaxation-Diffusion Imaging Moments to Probe Neurite Microstructure
=> Joint Relay-and-Antenna Selection Scheme in Energy-Harvesting MIMO Relay Networks, A
=> Joint Removal of Random and Fixed-Pattern Noise Through Spatiotemporal Video Filtering
=> Joint rendering and segmentation of free-viewpoint images
=> Joint Rendering and Segmentation of Free-Viewpoint Video
=> Joint Replication Density and Rate Allocation Optimization for VoD Systems Over Wireless Mesh Networks
=> Joint representation and classifier learning for long-tailed image classification
=> Joint Representation and Estimator Learning for Facial Action Unit Intensity Estimation
=> Joint Representation and Truncated Inference Learning for Correlation Filter Based Tracking
=> Joint representation classification for collective face recognition
=> Joint Representation Learning and Feature Modeling Approach for One-class Recognition, A
=> Joint Representation Learning and Keypoint Detection for Cross-View Geo-Localization
=> Joint Representation Learning and Novel Category Discovery on Single- and Multi-Modal Data
=> Joint representation learning of appearance and motion for abnormal event detection
=> Joint Representation of Primitive and Non-primitive Objects for 3D Vision
=> Joint Representative Selection and Feature Learning: A Semi-Supervised Approach
=> Joint Research Project Ankommen: Exploration Using Automated UAV and UGV, The
=> Joint Residual Learning for Underwater Image Enhancement
=> Joint residual pyramid for joint image super-resolution
=> Joint Resource Allocation and 3D Aerial Trajectory Design for Video Streaming in UAV Communication Systems
=> Joint resources allocation for cooperative video transmission
=> Joint Retrieval of Aerosol Optical Depth and Surface Reflectance Over Land Using Geostationary Satellite Data
=> Joint Retrieval of Growing Season Corn Canopy LAI and Leaf Chlorophyll Content by Fusing Sentinel-2 and MODIS Images
=> Joint Retrieval of Sea Surface Rainfall Intensity, Wind Speed, and Wave Height Based on Spaceborne GNSS-R: A Case Study of the Oceans Near China
=> Joint retrieval of surface reflectance and aerosol properties from PROBA-V observations, part I: Algorithm performance evaluation
=> Joint Retrieval of Winter Wheat Leaf Area Index and Canopy Chlorophyll Density Using Hyperspectral Vegetation Indices
=> Joint reversible watermarking and progressive compression of 3D meshes
=> Joint Robust Transmit/Receive Adaptive Beamforming for MIMO Radar Using Probability-Constrained Optimization
=> Joint Route Guidance and Demand Management for Real-Time Control of Multi-Regional Traffic Networks
=> Joint Routing and Charging Problem of Multiple Electric Vehicles: A Fast Optimization Algorithm
=> Joint Sample Enhancement and Instance-Sensitive Feature Learning for Efficient Person Search
=> Joint Sampling Rate and Bit-Depth Optimization in Compressive Video Sampling
=> Joint SAR Image Time Series and PSInSAR Data Analytics: An LDA Based Approach
=> Joint Satellite-Transmitter and Ground-Receiver Digital Pre-Distortion for Active Phased Arrays in LEO Satellite Communications
=> Joint scalable modeling of motion and boundary geometry with quad-tree node merging
=> Joint Scale-Spatial Correlation Tracking with Adaptive Rotation Estimation
=> Joint Screening Halftoning and Visual Cryptography for Image Protection
=> Joint Secret Image Sharing and Jpeg Compression Scheme, A
=> Joint Secure Design of Downlink and D2D Cooperation Strategies for Multi-User Systems
=> Joint Secure Offloading and Resource Allocation for Vehicular Edge Computing Network: A Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach
=> Joint security and performance enhancement for secure arithmetic coding
=> Joint security and robustness enhancement for quantization based data embedding
=> Joint security and robustness enhancement for quantization embedding
=> joint segmentation-registration framework based on weighted total variation and nonlinear elasticity principles, A
=> Joint Segmentation and B-Spline Object Contour Modelling for Object Tracking and Motion Compensation in Image Sequences
=> joint segmentation and classification framework for COVID-19 infection segmentation and detection from chest CT images, A
=> Joint segmentation and classification of human actions in video
=> Joint Segmentation and Deconvolution of Ultrasound Images Using a Hierarchical Bayesian Model Based on Generalized Gaussian Priors
=> Joint Segmentation and Image Interpretation Using Hidden Markov Models
=> Joint segmentation and image interpretation
=> Joint segmentation and image interpretation
=> Joint segmentation and motion estimation
=> Joint Segmentation and Path Classification of Curvilinear Structures
=> Joint Segmentation and Pose Tracking of Human in Natural Videos
=> Joint Segmentation and Recognition of Categorized Objects From Noisy Web Image Collection
=> Joint Segmentation and Recognition of License Plate Characters
=> Joint Segmentation and Registration for Infant Brain Images
=> Joint segmentation and registration of elastically deformable objects
=> Joint Segmentation and Shape Regularization With a Generalized Forward-Backward Algorithm
=> Joint segmentation of collectively moving objects using a bag-of-words model and level set evolution
=> Joint segmentation of color and depth data based on splitting and merging driven by surface fitting
=> Joint Segmentation of Images and Scanned Point Cloud in Large-Scale Street Scenes With Low-Annotation Cost
=> Joint Segmentation of Moving Object and Estimation of Background in Low-Light Video using Relaxation
=> Joint Segmentation of Myocardium on Rest and Stress Spect Images
=> Joint Segmentation of Retinal Layers and Focal Lesions in 3-D OCT Data of Topologically Disrupted Retinas
=> Joint Segmentation/Registration Model Based on a Nonlocal Characterization of Weighted Total Variation and Nonlocal Shape Descriptors, A
=> Joint Segmentation/Registration Model by Shape Alignment via Weighted Total Variation Minimization and Nonlinear Elasticity
=> Joint Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Estimation and SLAM
=> Joint semantic-geometric learning for polygonal building segmentation from high-resolution remote sensing images
=> Joint Semantic-Instance Segmentation of 3D Point Clouds: Instance Separation and Semantic Fusion
=> Joint semantic and geometric segmentation of videos with a stage model
=> Joint Semantic and Latent Attribute Modelling for Cross-Class Transfer Learning
=> Joint Semantic Segmentation and 3D Reconstruction from Monocular Video
=> Joint Semantic Segmentation and Boundary Detection Using Iterative Pyramid Contexts
=> Joint Semantic Segmentation and Depth Estimation with Deep Convolutional Networks
=> Joint Semi-supervised and Active Learning for Segmentation of Gigapixel Pathology Images with Cost-Effective Labeling
=> Joint Semi-supervised Learning and Re-ranking for Vehicle Re-identification
=> Joint semi-supervised learning of Hidden Conditional Random Fields and Hidden Markov Models
=> Joint Separable and Non-Separable Transforms for Next-Generation Video Coding
=> Joint Separation and Localization of Moving Sound Sources Based on Neural Full-Rank Spatial Covariance Analysis
=> Joint Sequence Fusion Model for Video Question Answering and Retrieval, A
=> Joint Sequence Learning and Cross-Modality Convolution for 3D Biomedical Segmentation
=> Joint server/peer receiver-driven rate-distortion optimized video streaming using asynchronous clocks
=> Joint SFM and detection cues for monocular 3D localization in road scenes
=> Joint Shape-Intensity Estimation in Computerized Tomography in the Presence of High-Density Objects, A
=> Joint Shape and Local Appearance Features for Real-Time Driver Drowsiness Detection
=> Joint Shape and Texture Based X-Ray Cargo Image Classification
=> Joint Shape Classification and Labeling of 3-D Objects Using the Energy Minimization Framework
=> Joint Ship Detection Based on Time-Frequency Domain and CFAR Methods with HF Radar
=> Joint shot boundary detection and key frame extraction
=> Joint Signal Processing and Cryptographic Approach to Multimedia Encryption, A
=> Joint Simulation of Spatially Correlated Soil Health Indicators, Using Independent Component Analysis and Minimum/Maximum Autocorrelation Factors
=> Joint Singular Value Decomposition: A New Tool for Separable Representation of Images
=> Joint Sketch-attribute Learning for Fine-grained Face Synthesis
=> joint snake and atlas-based segmentation of plantar foot thermal images, A
=> Joint SO(3)-Spectral Domain Filtering of Spherical Signals in the Presence of Anisotropic Noise
=> Joint Social and Content Recommendation for User-Generated Videos in Online Social Network
=> Joint Sonar-Communication System Based on Multicarrier Waveforms, A
=> Joint Source-Channel Coding and Optimization for Layered Video Broadcasting to Heterogeneous Devices
=> Joint source-channel coding and power adaptation for energy efficient wireless video communications
=> Joint Source-Channel Coding and Unequal Error Protection for Video Plus Depth
=> joint source-channel coding approach to digital image self-recovery, A
=> Joint Source-channel Coding Approach to Scalable Delivery of Digital Video Over ATM Networks, A
=> Joint source-channel coding for motion-compensated DCT-based SNR scalable video
=> Joint Source-channel Coding for Scalable Video Over DS-CDMA Multipath Fading Channels
=> Joint Source-Channel Coding for Semantics-Aware Grant-Free Radio Access in IoT Fog Networks
=> Joint Source-Channel Coding for Wavelet-Based Scalable Video Transmission Using an Adaptive Turbo Code
=> Joint Source-Channel Coding for Wireless Object-Based Video Communications Utilizing Data Hiding
=> Joint source-channel coding of GGD sources with allpass filtering source reshaping
=> Joint Source-Channel Coding of JPEG 2000 Image Transmission Over Two-Way Multi-Relay Networks
=> Joint Source-Channel coding of scalable video with partially coded index assignment using Reed-Muller codes
=> Joint source-channel coding optimization with packet loss resilience for video transmission
=> joint source-channel coding scheme for image-in-image data hiding, A
=> Joint Source-channel Coding Techniques for Wireless Channels and Packet Networks
=> Joint Source-Channel Coding Using Real BCH Codes for Robust Image Transmission
=> Joint Source-Channel Coding With Partially Coded Index Assignment for Robust Scalable Video
=> Joint Source-Channel Decoding for JPEG2000 Codestream Transmission Over Flat Fading Channels
=> Joint source-channel decoding of motion-information using maximum-a-posteriori
=> Joint Source-Channel Distortion Model for JPEG Compressed Images, A
=> Joint Source-Channel Distortion Model for JPEG Compressed Images, A
=> Joint Source-Channel Distortion Modeling for MPEG-4 Video
=> Joint source-channel image coding for a power constrained noisy channel
=> Joint Source-Channel Rate Allocation and Client Clustering for Scalable Multistream IPTV
=> Joint Source-Channel Rate Allocation in Parallel Channels
=> Joint source-channel rate control for multiview video streaming over erasure channels
=> Joint Source-Channel Video Coding Based on the Optimization of End-to-End Distortions
=> Joint Source-Channel Video Coding Scheme Based on Distributed Source Coding, A
=> Joint Source-Channel Video Transmission
=> Joint Source-Network Error Control Coding for Scalable Overlay Video Streaming
=> Joint Source Adaptation and Resource Allocation for Multi-User Wireless Video Streaming
=> joint source and channel coding algorithm for error-resilient SPIHT-coded video bitstreams, A
=> joint source and channel coding approach for progressively compressed 3-d mesh transmission, A
=> Joint Source and Channel Coding for 3-D Scene Databases Using Vector Quantization and Embedded Parity Objects
=> Joint Source and Channel Coding for Internet image transmission
=> Joint source and channel coding of view and rate scalable multi-view video
=> Joint source and channel decoding of compressed still images
=> Joint source and channel optimized block TCQ with layered transmission and RCPC
=> Joint Source and Flow Optimization for Scalable Video Multirate Multicast Over Hybrid Wired/Wireless Coded Networks
=> Joint source and sending rate modeling in adaptive video streaming
=> joint source channel coding applied to video for sequences of images, A
=> Joint source channel coding of images with trellis coded quantization and convolutional codes
=> Joint source channel matching for a wireless image transmission
=> Joint source channel rate-distortion analysis for adaptive mode selection and rate control in wireless video coding
=> Joint Source Coding and Network-Supported Distributed Error Control for Video Streaming in Wireless Multihop Networks
=> Joint source coding and transmission power management for energy efficient wireless video communications
=> Joint Source Localization and Sensor Position Refinement With Extra Inter-Sensor Information
=> Joint source/channel coding for image transmission with JPEG2000 over memoryless channels
=> Joint source/channel coding for multicast packet video
=> Joint Source/Channel Coding of Scalable Video over Noisy Channels
=> Joint source/FEC rate selection for quality-optimal MPEG-2 video delivery
=> Joint Space-Frequency Segmentation Using Balanced Wavelet Packet Trees for Least-Cost Image Representation
=> Joint Space-frequency Segmentation, Entropy Coding and the Compression of Ultrasound Images
=> Joint space-time-view error concealment algorithms for 3D multi-view video
=> Joint space-time image sequence segmentation based on volume competition and level sets
=> Joint Space-Time Motion-Based Segmentation of Image Sequences with Level Set PDES
=> Joint Sparse and Low-Rank Decomposition for Pansharpening of Multispectral Images, A
=> Joint Sparse and Low-Rank Multi-Task Learning with Extended Multi-Attribute Profile for Hyperspectral Target Detection
=> Joint Sparse and Low-Rank Multitask Learning with Laplacian-Like Regularization for Hyperspectral Classification
=> Joint Sparse Aperture ISAR Autofocusing and Scaling via Modified Newton Method-Based Variational Bayesian Inference
=> Joint Sparse Learning for 3-D Facial Expression Generation
=> Joint Sparse Learning With Nonlocal and Local Image Priors for Image Error Concealment
=> Joint sparse matrix regression and nonnegative spectral analysis for two-dimensional unsupervised feature selection
=> Joint sparse principal component analysis
=> Joint Sparse Recovery for Signals of Spark-Level Sparsity and MMV Tail-L_2,1 Minimization
=> Joint Sparse Recovery Framework for Accurate Reconstruction of Inclusions in Elastic Media, A
=> Joint Sparse Recovery With Semisupervised MUSIC
=> Joint Sparse Representation and Multitask Learning for Hyperspectral Target Detection
=> Joint Sparse Representation and Robust Feature-Level Fusion for Multi-Cue Visual Tracking
=> Joint Sparse Representation for Robust Multimodal Biometrics Recognition
=> Joint Sparse Representation of Brain Activity Patterns in Multi-Task fMRI Data
=> Joint Sparse Sub-Pixel Mapping Model with Endmember Variability for Remotely Sensed Imagery
=> Joint Sparsity-Based Imaging and Motion Error Estimation for BFSAR
=> Joint sparsity-based optimization of a set of orthonormal 2-D separable block transforms
=> Joint Sparsity-Based Representation and Analysis of Unconstrained Activities
=> Joint Sparsity-Based Robust Multimodal Biometrics Recognition
=> Joint sparsity-based robust visual tracking
=> Joint Sparsity Based Sparse Subspace Clustering for Hyperspectral Images
=> Joint sparsity model improves multimodal image fusion
=> Joint Sparsity Model with Matrix Completion for an ensemble of face images
=> Joint Sparsity With Partially Known Support and Application to Ultrasound Imaging
=> Joint Spatial-Depth Feature Pooling for RGB-D Object Classification
=> Joint Spatial-Frequency Quantization of Zerotree Wavelet Video Coding
=> Joint Spatial-Spectral Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on Convolutional Neural Network
=> Joint spatial-spectral indexing for image retrieval
=> Joint Spatial-spectral Resolution Enhancement of Multispectral Images with Spectral Matrix Factorization and Spatial Sparsity Constraints
=> Joint spatial-temporal attention for action recognition
=> Joint Spatial-Temporal Color Demosaicking
=> Joint Spatial-Temporal Optimization for Stereo 3D Object Tracking
=> Joint Spatial and Frequency Domain Motion Analysis
=> Joint Spatial and Magnification Based Attention Framework for Large Scale Histopathology Classification, A
=> Joint Spatial and Radiometric Transformer for Remote Sensing Image Retrieval, The
=> Joint spatial and scale attention network for multi-view facial expression recognition
=> Joint Spatial and Spectral Low-Rank Regularization for Hyperspectral Image Denoising
=> Joint spatial and temporal structure learning for task based control
=> Joint Spatial and Tonal Mosaic Alignment for Motion Detection with PTZ Camera
=> Joint spatial variables nonnegative matrix factorization using constrained gradient method to pansharpen multispectral images
=> Joint Spatio-Temporal Action Localization in Untrimmed Videos with Per-Frame Segmentation
=> Joint Spatio-Temporal Alignment of Sequences
=> Joint Spatio-temporal Depth Features Fusion Framework for 3D Structure Estimation in Urban Environment
=> Joint spatio-temporal registration and microvasculature segmentation of retinal angiogram sequences
=> Joint spatiograms for multi-modality tracking with online update
=> Joint spatiotemporal statistical analysis of functional MRI data
=> Joint Spatiotemporal Video Compression Based on Stochastic Adaptive Fourier Decomposition, A
=> Joint Speaker-Listener-Reinforcer Model for Referring Expressions, A
=> Joint Specifics and Consistency Hash Learning for Large-Scale Cross-Modal Retrieval
=> Joint Spectral Correspondence for Disparate Image Matching
=> Joint Spectral Similarity Measure for Graphs Classification, A
=> Joint Spine Segmentation and Noise Removal From Ultrasound Volume Projection Images With Selective Feature Sharing
=> Joint Sponsor Scheduling in Cellular and Edge Caching Networks for Mobile Video Delivery
=> Joint Statistical and Spatial Sparse Representation for Robust Image and Image-Set Classification
=> Joint Statistical Iterative Material Image Reconstruction for Spectral Computed Tomography Using a Semi-Empirical Forward Model
=> joint stereo matching in the pixel and image level, A
=> Joint Stereo Video Deblurring, Scene Flow Estimation and Moving Object Segmentation
=> Joint striping noise removal and background clutter cancellation in IR naval surveillance systems
=> Joint stroke classification and text line grouping in online handwritten documents with edge pooling attention networks
=> Joint strong edge and multi-stream adaptive fusion network for non-uniform image deblurring
=> joint structural and functional analysis of in-vitro neuronal networks, A
=> Joint Structured Sparsity and Least Entropy Constrained Sparse Aperture Radar Imaging and Autofocusing
=> Joint Subspace Learning for View-Invariant Gait Recognition
=> Joint Subspace Recovery and Enhanced Locality Driven Robust Flexible Discriminative Dictionary Learning
=> Joint Subspace Stabilization for Stereoscopic Video
=> Joint Sulcal Detection on Cortical Surfaces With Graphical Models and Boosted Priors
=> Joint Summarization of Large-Scale Collections of Web Images and Videos for Storyline Reconstruction
=> Joint super-resolution and compression artifact reduction based on dual-learning
=> Joint Super-Resolution and Deformable Registration Network for 3D Brain Images, A
=> Joint super-resolution and segmentation from a set of low resolution images using a Bayesian approach with a Gauss-Markov-Potts prior
=> Joint Super Resolution and Denoising From a Single Depth Image
=> Joint Supervised and Self-Supervised Learning for 3D Real World Challenges
=> Joint Surface Reflectance and AeRosol properties retrieval in the PV-LAC framework, part II: Validation
=> Joint Syntax Representation Learning and Visual Cue Translation for Video Captioning
=> Joint System for Person Tracking and Face Detection, A
=> Joint T1 and T2 Mapping With Tiny Dictionaries and Subspace-Constrained Reconstruction
=> Joint target tracking and recognition using view and identity manifolds
=> Joint Task-Recursive Learning for RGB-D Scene Understanding
=> Joint Task-Recursive Learning for Semantic Segmentation and Depth Estimation
=> Joint Task Offloading and Resource Allocation for Vehicular Edge Computing Based on V2I and V2V Modes
=> Joint Task Offloading, Resource Allocation, and Security Assurance for Mobile Edge Computing-Enabled UAV-Assisted VANETs
=> Joint TDOA, FDOA and PDOA Localization Approaches and Performance Analysis
=> Joint Temporal-Spatial Bit Allocation for Video Coding With Dependency
=> Joint Temporal and Spatial Error Concealment for Multiple Description Video Coding
=> Joint temporal and spatial multiple description coding for H.264 video
=> Joint temporal context exploitation and active learning for video segmentation
=> Joint Tensor Feature Analysis For Visual Object Recognition
=> Joint Terrestrial and Aerial Measurements to Study Ground Deformation: Application to the Sciara Del Fuoco at the Stromboli Volcano (Sicily)
=> Joint Test Statistic Considering Complex Wishart Distribution Characterization of Temporal Polarimetric Data, A
=> Joint Texture-Shape Optimization for MPEG-4 Multiple Video Objects
=> Joint texture and depth map coding for error-resilient 3-D video transmission
=> Joint Texture and Geometry Optimization for RGB-D Reconstruction
=> Joint Texture/Depth Power Allocation for 3-D Video SoftCast
=> Joint Thresholding and Quantizer Selection for Transform Image-Coding: Entropy-Constrained Analysis and Applications to Base-Line JPEG
=> Joint Time-Domain Resource Partitioning, Rate Allocation, and Video Quality Adaptation in Heterogeneous Cellular Networks
=> Joint Time-Frequency Analysis for Investigation of Layered Masonry Structures Using Penetrating Radar
=> Joint Time-Frequency Signal Processing Scheme in Forward Scattering Radar with a Rotational Transmitter
=> Joint Time Switching and Power Allocation for Multicarrier Decode-and-Forward Relay Networks with SWIPT
=> Joint ToF Image Denoising and Registration with a CT Surface in Radiation Therapy
=> Joint Token and Feature Alignment Framework for Text-Based Person Search
=> Joint Topology-preserving and Feature-refinement Network for Curvilinear Structure Segmentation
=> Joint trace/TV norm minimization: A new efficient approach for spectral compressive imaging
=> Joint tracking and classification based on aerodynamic model and radar cross section
=> Joint Tracking and Event Analysis for Carried Object Detection
=> Joint tracking and gait recognition of multiple people in video
=> Joint Tracking and Ground Plane Estimation
=> Joint Tracking and Identification Based on Constrained Joint Decision and Estimation
=> Joint tracking and segmentation of multiple targets
=> Joint Tracking and Segmentation of Objects Using Graph Cuts
=> Joint tracking of features and edges
=> Joint Tracking of Polygonal and Triangulated Meshes of Objects in Moving Sequences with Time Varying Content
=> Joint Tracking of Pose, Expression, and Texture using Conditionally Gaussian Filters
=> Joint Tracking of Pose, Expression, and Texture using Conditionally Gaussian Filters
=> Joint tracking with event grouping and temporal constraints
=> Joint Training of Cascaded CNN for Face Detection
=> Joint training of conditional random fields and neural networks for stroke classification in online handwritten documents
=> Joint Training of Generic CNN-CRF Models with Stochastic Optimization
=> Joint Training of Variational Auto-Encoder and Latent Energy-Based Model
=> Joint Trajectory and Fatigue Analysis in Wheelchair Users
=> Joint Trajectory Planning and Signal Control Framework for a Network of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, A
=> Joint trajectory tracking and recognition based on bi-directional nonlinear learning
=> Joint Transceiver Optimization of MIMO SWIPT Systems for Harvested Power Maximization
=> Joint Transformation and Residual Image Descriptor for Morphometric Image Analysis using an Equivalence Class Formulation, A
=> Joint Transformation Learning via the L2,1-Norm Metric for Robust Graph Matching
=> Joint transformer progressive self-calibration network for low light enhancement
=> Joint Transmission Map Estimation and Dehazing Using Deep Networks
=> Joint Transmit and Receive Beamforming for Hybrid Active-Passive Radar
=> Joint Transmit and Reflective Beamformer Design for Secure Estimation in IRS-Aided WSNs
=> Joint Transportation and Charging Scheduling in Public Vehicle Systems: A Game Theoretic Approach
=> Joint trilateral filtering for depth map super-resolution
=> Joint trilateral filtering for multiframe optical flow
=> Joint Tumor Segmentation in PET-CT Images Using Co-Clustering and Fusion Based on Belief Functions
=> Joint TV-L1 Optical Flow and Occlusion Estimation
=> Joint Two-Dimensional Deception Countering ISAR via Frequency Diverse Array
=> Joint UAV-Borne Magnetic Detection System and Cart-Mounted Time Domain Electromagnetic System for UXO Detection, The
=> Joint uncertainty measures for maximally decimated M-channel prime factor cascaded wavelet filter banks
=> Joint Unsupervised Deformable Spatio-Temporal Alignment of Sequences
=> Joint Unsupervised Face Alignment and Behaviour Analysis
=> Joint Unsupervised Learning of Deep Representations and Image Clusters
=> Joint Unsupervised Learning of Optical Flow and Egomotion with Bi-Level optimization
=> Joint upsampling of random color distance maps for fast salient region detection
=> Joint use of DSRC and C-V2X for V2X communications in the 5.9 GHz ITS band
=> Joint Use of in-Scene Background Radiance Estimation and Optimal Estimation Methods for Quantifying Methane Emissions Using PRISMA Hyperspectral Satellite Data: Application to the Korpezhe Industrial Site
=> Joint Use of Optical and Radar Remote Sensing Data for Characterizing the 2020 Aniangzhai Landslide Post-Failure Displacement
=> Joint Use of PROSAIL and DART for Fast LUT Building: Application to Gap Fraction and Leaf Biochemistry Estimations over Sparse Oak Stands
=> Joint Use of Spaceborne Microwave Sensor Data and CYGNSS Data to Observe Tropical Cyclones
=> Joint utilization of fixed and variable-length codes for improving synchronization immunity for image transmission
=> Joint vanishing point extraction and tracking
=> Joint vehicle detection and distance prediction via monocular depth estimation
=> Joint Vehicular and Static Users Multiplexing Transmission With Hierarchical Modulation for Throughput Maximization in Vehicular Networks
=> Joint Versus Independent Multiview Hashing for Cross-View Retrieval
=> Joint Vertebrae Identification and Localization in Spinal CT Images by Combining Short- and Long-Range Contextual Information
=> Joint Vessel Segmentation and Deformable Registration on Multi-Modal Retinal Images Based on Style Transfer
=> Joint Video-shot and Layer Indexing in Video-Surveillance Application
=> Joint Video and Text Parsing for Understanding Events and Answering Queries
=> Joint Video Frame Set Division and Low-Rank Decomposition for Background Subtraction
=> Joint video fusion and super resolution based on Markov random fields
=> Joint Video Object Discovery and Segmentation by Coupled Dynamic Markov Networks
=> Joint Video Packet Assignment, Power Control and User Scheduling Over Cognitive Multi-Homing Heterogeneous NOMA Networks
=> Joint Video Rolling Shutter Correction and Super-Resolution
=> Joint Video Stitching and Stabilization From Moving Cameras
=> Joint Video Summarization and Moment Localization by Cross-Task Sample Transfer
=> Joint video/depth rate allocation for 3D video coding based on view synthesis distortion model
=> Joint video/depth/FEC rate allocation with considering 3D visual saliency for scalable 3D video streaming
=> Joint view-identity manifold for infrared target tracking and recognition
=> Joint view-identity manifold for target tracking and recognition
=> Joint view filtering for multiview depth map sequences
=> Joint Viewpoint and Keypoint Estimation with Real and Synthetic Data
=> joint visual-inertial image registration for mobile HDR imaging, A
=> Joint Visual-Temporal Embedding for Unsupervised Learning of Actions in Untrimmed Sequences
=> Joint Visual-Textual Sentiment Analysis Based on Cross-Modality Attention Mechanism
=> Joint Visual and Audio Learning for Video Highlight Detection
=> Joint Visual and Temporal Consistency for Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Person Re-identification
=> Joint visual denoising and classification using deep learning
=> Joint Visual Phrase Detection to Boost Scene Parsing
=> Joint Visual Semantic Reasoning: Multi-Stage Decoder for Text Recognition
=> Joint Visual Sharpness-Contrast-Tone Mapping Model
=> Joint visual vocabulary for animal classification
=> Joint Voltage and Phase Unbalance Detector for Three Phase Power Systems
=> Joint volumetric extraction and enhancement of vasculature from low-SNR 3-D fluorescence microscopy images
=> Joint Voxel and Coordinate Regression for Accurate 3D Facial Landmark Localization
=> Joint Wall Mitigation and Compressive Sensing for Indoor Image Reconstruction
=> Joint Wasserstein Autoencoders for Aligning Multimodal Embeddings
=> Joint Watermarking-Encryption-ECC for Patient Record Security in Wavelet Domain
=> Joint Waveform and Beamforming Design for RIS-Aided ISAC Systems
=> Joint wavelet compression and authentication watermarking
=> Joint weakly and fully supervised learning for surface defect segmentation from images
=> Joint Weakly and Semi-Supervised Deep Learning for Localization and Classification of Masses in Breast Ultrasound Images
=> Joint weber-based rotation invariant uniform local ternary pattern for classification of pulmonary emphysema in CT images
=> Joint Workshop on Multi-Sensor Fusion for Dynamic Scene Understanding
=> Joint Workshop on Multi-Sensor Fusion for Dynamic Scene Understanding
=> Joint Workshop on Multi-Sensor Fusion for Dynamic Scene Understanding
=> Joint Workshop on Multi-Sensor Fusion for Dynamic Scene Understanding
=> Joint Workshop on Visual and Contextual Learning from Annotated Images and Videos, and Visual Scene Understanding
=> Jointformer: Single-Frame Lifting Transformer with Error Prediction and Refinement for 3D Human Pose Estimation
=> Jointing Recurrent Across-Channel and Spatial Attention for Multi-Object Tracking With Block-Erasing Data Augmentation
=> Jointly-Learnt Networks for Future Action Anticipation via Self-Knowledge Distillation and Cycle Consistency
=> Jointly Aligning and Predicting Continuous Emotion Annotations
=> Jointly Aligning and Segmenting Multiple Web Photo Streams for the Inference of Collective Photo Storylines
=> Jointly Aligning Millions of Images With Deep Penalised Reconstruction Congealing
=> Jointly Attentive Spatial-Temporal Pooling Networks for Video-Based Person Re-identification
=> Jointly De-biasing Face Recognition and Demographic Attribute Estimation
=> Jointly Defending DeepFake Manipulation and Adversarial Attack Using Decoy Mechanism
=> Jointly detecting infants' multiple facial action units expressed during spontaneous face-to-face communication
=> Jointly Discovering Visual Objects and Spoken Words from Raw Sensory Input
=> Jointly Discovering Visual Objects and Spoken Words from Raw Sensory Input
=> Jointly Discriminating and Frequent Visual Representation Mining
=> Jointly discriminative projection and dictionary learning for domain adaptive collaborative representation-based classification
=> Jointly Estimating Demographics and Height with a Calibrated Camera
=> Jointly human semantic parsing and attribute recognition with feature pyramid structure in EfficientNets
=> Jointly Informative and Manifold Structure Representative Sampling Based Active Learning for Remote Sensing Image Classification
=> Jointly Learning Agent and Lane Information for Multimodal Trajectory Prediction
=> Jointly Learning Band Selection and Filter Array Design for Hyperspectral Imaging
=> Jointly Learning Commonality and Specificity Dictionaries for Person Re-Identification
=> Jointly learning compact multi-view hash codes for few-shot FKP recognition
=> Jointly Learning Deep Features, Deformable Parts, Occlusion and Classification for Pedestrian Detection
=> Jointly Learning Dictionaries and Subspace Structure for Video-Based Face Recognition
=> Jointly Learning Energy Expenditures and Activities Using Egocentric Multimodal Signals
=> Jointly Learning Heterogeneous Features for RGB-D Activity Recognition
=> Jointly Learning Heterogeneous Features for RGB-D Activity Recognition
=> Jointly Learning Kernel Representation Tensor and Affinity Matrix for Multi-View Clustering
=> Jointly Learning Multiple Curvature Descriptor for 3D Palmprint Recognition
=> Jointly Learning Non-negative Projection and Dictionary with Discriminative Graph Constraints for Classification
=> Jointly Learning the Attributes and Composition of Shots for Boundary Detection in Videos
=> Jointly Learning Visual Motion and Confidence from Local Patches in Event Cameras
=> Jointly Learning Visual Poses and Pose Lexicon for Semantic Action Recognition
=> Jointly Learning Visually Correlated Dictionaries for Large-Scale Visual Recognition Applications
=> jointly local structured sparse deep learning network for face recognition, A
=> Jointly Localizing and Describing Events for Dense Video Captioning
=> Jointly Modeling Embedding and Translation to Bridge Video and Language
=> Jointly Modeling Motion and Appearance Cues for Robust RGB-T Tracking
=> Jointly Optimal Coding of Texture and Shape
=> Jointly Optimal Inter-mode Shape Coding and VLC Selection
=> Jointly optimal video coding and rate control for variable-bit-rate transmission
=> Jointly optimising relevance and diversity in image retrieval
=> Jointly Optimize Data Augmentation and Network Training: Adversarial Data Augmentation in Human Pose Estimation
=> Jointly Optimize Positive and Negative Saliencies for Black Box Classifiers
=> Jointly Optimized Mode Decisions in Redundant Video Streaming
=> Jointly Optimized Regressors for Image Super-resolution
=> Jointly Optimized Spatial Prediction and Block Transform for Video and Image Coding
=> Jointly Optimized Subband Coder, A
=> Jointly Optimizing 3D Model Fitting and Fine-Grained Classification
=> Jointly optimizing global and local color consistency for multiple image mosaicking
=> Jointly Recognizing Object Fluents and Tasks in Egocentric Videos
=> Jointly registering images in domain and range by piecewise linear comparametric analysis
=> Jointly social grouping and identification in visual dynamics with causality-induced hierarchical Bayesian model
=> Jointly Sparse Hashing for Image Retrieval
=> Jointly Sparse Locality Regression for Image Feature Extraction
=> Jointly Texture Enhanced and Stereo Captured Network for Stereo Image Super-Resolution
=> Jointly Trained Image and Video Generation using Residual Vectors
=> Jointly Using Low-Rank and Sparsity Priors for Sparse Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging
=> JointMMCC: Joint Maximum-Margin Classification and Clustering of Imaging Data
=> JointNet: A Common Neural Network for Road and Building Extraction
=> JointPruning: Pruning Networks Along Multiple Dimensions for Efficient Point Cloud Processing
=> Joints Relation Inference Network for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition
=> JoJoGAN: One Shot Face Stylization
=> JollyMate: Assistive Technology for Young Children with Dyslexia
=> JOLO-GCN: Mining Joint-Centered Light-Weight Information for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition
=> Jomodevi: A joint motion and depth visibility prediction algorithm for perceived stereoscopic 3D quality
=> Jordan Curve Theorem in the Digital Plane, A
=> Jordan Curve Theorems with Respect to Certain Pretopologies on Z2
=> Jordan Surfaces in Discrete Antimatroid Topologies
=> JOTS: Joint Online Tracking and Segmentation
=> Journal of Applied Remote Sensing
=> Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research
=> Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research
=> Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research
=> Journal of Circuits, Systems, and Computers
=> Journal of Experimental Biology
=> Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision
=> Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision: SIBGRAPI 2006 Special Issue
=> Journal of Pattern Recognition Research
=> Journal of real-time image processing: second issue of volume 6
=> Journal of Robotic Systems
=> Journal of Systems and Software
=> Journal of the Franklin Institute
=> Journal of the Optical Society of America
=> Journal of the Optical Society of America
=> Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation
=> Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation
=> Journal on Imaging Sciences
=> Journey-to-Crime Distances of Residential Burglars in China Disentangled: Origin and Destination Effects
=> journey from signal processing to surveillance, A
=> Journey to the center of a tumor
=> Journey Towards Tiny Perceptual Super-Resolution
=> Joy of Matching, The
=> Joy of Sampling, The
=> JP-DAP: An Intelligent Data Analytics Platform for Metro Rail Transport Systems
=> JP3D compressed-domain watermarking of still and volumetric medical images
=> JPD-SE: High-Level Semantics for Joint Perception-Distortion Enhancement in Image Compression
=> JPDAF Based HMM for Real-Time Contour Tracking
=> JPEG's JPSearch Standard: Harmonizing Image Management and Search
=> JPEG-2000 Scalar Quantization Using an Optimally Frequency Localized Modulated Lapped Transform
=> JPEG-Based Perceptual Image Coding with Block-Based Image Quality Metric
=> JPEG-Compliant Perceptual Coding for a Grayscale Image Printing Pipeline
=> JPEG-matched data filling of sparse images
=> JPEG-matched MRC Compression of Compound Documents
=> JPEG 2000 coding of color-quantized images
=> JPEG 2000 Encoding Method for Reducing Tiling Artifacts
=> JPEG 2000 Error Resilience Method Using Uneven Block-Sized Information Included Markers, A
=> JPEG 2000 Extensions for Scalable Coding of Discontinuous Media
=> JPEG 2000 Next Generation Image Compression System Features and Syntax
=> JPEG 2000 performance evaluation and assessment
=> JPEG 2000 Suite, The
=> JPEG 2000 Syntax-Compliant Encryption Preserving Full Scalability
=> JPEG 2000
=> JPEG 2000: Overview, Architecture, and Applications
=> JPEG 2000: Retrospective and New Developments
=> JPEG AI Standard: Providing Efficient Human and Machine Visual Data Consumption, The
=> JPEG Artifact Removal Using Error Distributions of Linear Coefficient Estimates
=> JPEG Artifacts Reduction via Deep Convolutional Sparse Coding
=> JPEG Artifacts Removal via Contrastive Representation Learning
=> JPEG at 25: Still Going Strong
=> JPEG blocking artifact detector for image forensics, A
=> JPEG compressed image retrieval via statistical features
=> JPEG Compression History Estimation for Color Images
=> JPEG Compression History Estimation for Color Images
=> JPEG compression model in copy-move forgery detection
=> JPEG compression of monochrome 2D-barcode images using DCT coefficient distributions
=> JPEG Decoding Via Two-dimensional Optimal Separable Filters
=> JPEG Dequantization Array for Regularized Decompression
=> JPEG encryption for image rescaling in the encrypted domain
=> JPEG image encryption using fuzzy PN sequences
=> JPEG Image Encryption With Adaptive DC Coefficient Prediction and RS Pair Permutation
=> JPEG Image Encryption With Improved Format Compatibility and File Size Preservation
=> JPEG Image Retrieval Based on Features from DCT Domain
=> JPEG image scrambling without expansion in bitstream size
=> JPEG Image Steganalysis Using Weight Allocation from Block Evaluation
=> JPEG image width estimation for file carving
=> JPEG on STEROIDS: Common optimization techniques for JPEG image compression
=> JPEG Pleno Light Field Encoder with Breakpoint Dependent Affine Wavelet Transform for Disparity Maps
=> JPEG Pleno: Toward an Efficient Representation of Visual Reality
=> JPEG quantization step estimation with coefficient histogram and spectrum analyses
=> JPEG Quantization Table Optimization by Guided Fireworks Algorithm
=> JPEG Reversible Data Hiding Using Dynamic Distortion Optimizing With Frequency Priority Reassignment
=> JPEG Steganalysis Based on Local Dimension Estimation
=> JPEG Steganalysis With High-Dimensional Features and Bayesian Ensemble Classifier
=> JPEG Steganography With Content Similarity Evaluation
=> JPEG Steganography With Estimated Side-Information
=> JPEG Variable Quantization Method for Compound Documents, A
=> JPEG XR optimization with graph-based soft decision quantization
=> JPEG XS: A New Standard for Visually Lossless Low-Latency Lightweight Image Coding
=> JPEG XT: A Compression Standard for HDR and WCG Images
=> JPEG XT: A New Family of JPEG Backward-Compatible Standards
=> JPEG: Joint Photographic Experts Group
=> JPEG2000-Based Resolution- and Rate-Constrained Layered Image Coding
=> JPEG2000-Based Scalable Interactive Video (JSIV) with Motion Compensation
=> JPEG2000-Based Scalable Interactive Video (JSIV)
=> JPEG2000-based shape adaptive algorithm for the efficient coding of multiple regions-of interest
=> JPEG2000-Coded Image Error Concealment Exploiting Convex Sets Projections
=> JPEG2000-Compatible Scalable Scheme for Wavelet-Based Video Coding
=> JPEG2000-matched MRC compression of compound documents
=> JPEG2000 and Dissemination of Cultural Heritage Over the Internet
=> JPEG2000 Coding Techniques Addressed to Images Containing No-Data Regions
=> JPEG2000 Compatible Lossless Coding of Floating-Point Data
=> JPEG2000 Compatible Watermarking of Text in Images
=> JPEG2000 encoder for reducing tiling artifacts and accelerating the coding process
=> JPEG2000 Encoding With Perceptual Distortion Control
=> JPEG2000 Encoding With Perceptual Distortion Control
=> JPEG2000 over noisy communication channels the cost analysis aspect
=> JPEG2000 over noisy communication channels thorough evaluation and cost analysis
=> JPEG2000 Quality Scalability Without Quality Layers
=> JPEG2000 ROI coding through component priority for digital mammography
=> JPEG2000 ROI Coding With Fine-Grain Accuracy Through Rate-Distortion Optimization Techniques
=> JPEG2000 vs. JPEG from an image retrieval point of view
=> JPEG2000: The upcoming still image compression standard
=> JPerceiver: Joint Perception Network for Depth, Pose and Layout Estimation in Driving Scenes
=> JPIP Proxy Server With Prefetching Strategies Based on User-Navigation Model and Semantic Map
=> JPSearch: An answer to the lack of standardization in mobile image retrieval
=> JPSearch: Metadata Interoperability During Image Exchange
=> JPSearch: New international standard providing interoperable framework for image search and sharing
=> JPSS-1 ATMS Postlaunch Active Geolocation Analysis
=> JPSS-1 VIIRS Pre-Launch Response Versus Scan Angle Testing and Performance
=> JPSS-1 VIIRS Prelaunch Reflective Solar Band Testing and Performance
=> JPSS-1 VIIRS Radiometric Characterization and Calibration Based on Pre-Launch Testing
=> JPSS-1/NOAA-20 VIIRS Day-Night Band Prelaunch Radiometric Calibration and Performance
=> JPSS-1VIIRS Prelaunch Polarization Testing and Performance
=> JPSS-2 VIIRS Pre-Launch Reflective Solar Band Testing and Performance
=> JPSS VIIRS SST Reanalysis Version 3
=> JRA-Net: Joint representation attention network for correspondence learning
=> JRDB-Act: A Large-scale Dataset for Spatio-temporal Action, Social Group and Activity Detection
=> JRDB: A Dataset and Benchmark of Egocentric Robot Visual Perception of Humans in Built Environments
=> JRDB: Visual Perception for Navigation in Human Environments: The JackRabbot Social Grouping and Activity Dataset and Benchmark
=> JSENet: Joint Semantic Segmentation and Edge Detection Network for 3D Point Clouds
=> JSIS3D: Joint Semantic-Instance Segmentation of 3D Point Clouds With Multi-Task Pointwise Networks and Multi-Value Conditional Random Fields
=> JSL3d: Joint subspace learning with implicit structure supervision for 3D pose estimation
=> JSNet: A simulation network of JPEG lossy compression and restoration for robust image watermarking against JPEG attack
=> JSNet++: Dynamic Filters and Pointwise Correlation for 3D Point Cloud Instance and Semantic Segmentation
=> JSPNet: Learning joint semantic and instance segmentation of point clouds via feature self-similarity and cross-task probability
=> JSSR: A Joint Synthesis, Segmentation, and Registration System for 3D Multi-modal Image Alignment of Large-scale Pathological CT Scans
=> Jstasr: Joint Size and Transparency-aware Snow Removal Algorithm Based on Modified Partial Convolution and Veiling Effect Removal
=> JT-MGCN: Joint-temporal Motion Graph Convolutional Network for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition
=> JTF Analysis of Micromotion Targets Based on Single-Window Variational Inference
=> Judging Aesthetic Quality in Paintings Based on Artistic Inspired Color Features
=> Judging Qualification, Gender, and Age of the Observer Based on Gaze Patterns When Looking at Faces
=> Judging Whether Multiple Silhouettes Can Come from the Same Object
=> JUDOCA: JUnction Detection Operator Based on Circumferential Anchors
=> Juggling with representations: On the information transfer between imagery, point clouds, and meshes for multi-modal semantics
=> July/August 2019 Lava Flows at the Sciara del Fuoco, Stromboli-Analysis from Multi-Sensor Infrared Satellite Imagery, The
=> Jumping Emerging Substrings in Image Classification
=> Jumping Manifolds: Geometry Aware Dense Non-Rigid Structure From Motion
=> Jumping snakes and parametric model for lip segmentation
=> JUMPS: Joints Upsampling Method for Pose Sequences
=> Junaio
=> Junction-Aware Extraction and Regularization of Urban Road Networks in High-Resolution SAR Images
=> Junction-aware water flow approach for urban road network extraction
=> Junction-based table detection in camera-captured document images
=> Junction and Corner Detection Through the Extraction and Analysis of Line Segments
=> Junction assisted 3D pose retrieval of untextured 3D models in monocular images
=> Junction Classification by Multiple Orientation Detection
=> Junction Detection and Filtering: A Morphological Approach
=> Junction detection and grouping with probabilistic edge models and Bayesian A*
=> Junction Detection and Multi-orientation Analysis Using Streamlines
=> Junction detection for linear structures based on Hessian, correlation and shape information
=> Junction detection in handwritten documents and its application to writer identification
=> Junction Detection Using Probabilistic Relaxation
=> Junction Detection with Automatic Selection of Detection Scales and Localization Scales
=> Junction Detection with Automatic Selection of Detection Scales and Localization Scales
=> Junction Detection with Automatic Selection of Detection Scales and Localization Scales
=> Junction Inference and Classification for Figure Completion using Tensor Voting
=> Junction Matching and Fundamental Matrix Recovery in Widely Separated Views
=> Junctions: Detection, Classification, and Reconstruction
=> JupyTEP IDE as an Online Tool for Earth Observation Data Processing
=> Just-in-time browsing for digitized microfilm and other similar image collections
=> Just-noticeable-quantization-distortion based preprocessing for perceptual video coding
=> Just-Noticeable Difference-Based Perceptual Optimization for JPEG Compression
=> Just-noticeable difference estimation with pixels in images
=> Just a Few Points are All You Need for Multi-view Stereo: A Novel Semi-supervised Learning Method for Multi-view Stereo
=> Just Ask: Learning to Answer Questions from Millions of Narrated Videos
=> Just DIAL: DomaIn Alignment Layers for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
=> Just Enough Reality, Microstereopsis and the Prospect of Zoneless Autostereoscopic Displays
=> Just Enough Reality: Comfortable 3-D Viewing via Microstereopsis
=> Just Go With the Flow: Self-Supervised Scene Flow Estimation
=> Just Look at the Image: Viewpoint-Specific Surface Normal Prediction for Improved Multi-View Reconstruction
=> Just noticeable defocus blur detection and estimation
=> Just Noticeable Difference Estimation for Images With Free-Energy Principle
=> Just Noticeable Difference Estimation for Screen Content Images
=> Just Noticeable Difference for Deep Machine Vision
=> Just Noticeable Difference for Images With Decomposition Model for Separating Edge and Textured Regions
=> Just Noticeable Difference for Machines to Generate Adversarial Images
=> Just Noticeable Differences in Visual Attributes
=> Just noticeable disparity difference model for 3D displays
=> Just Noticeable Distortion-Based Perceptual Rate Control in HEVC
=> Just noticeable distortion map prediction for perceptual multiview video coding
=> Just noticeable distortion model and its applications in video coding
=> Just Noticeable Distortion Profile Inference: A Patch-Level Structural Visibility Learning Approach
=> Just Noticeable Quantization Levels For High Dynamic Range Images
=> Just One Moment: Structural Vulnerability of Deep Action Recognition against One Frame Attack
=> Just Recognizable Distortion for Machine Vision Oriented Image and Video Coding
=> Just the Way You Chat: Linking Personality, Style and Recognizability in Chats
=> Just) A Spoonful of Refinements Helps the Registration Error Go Down
=> JustClick: Personalized Image Recommendation via Exploratory Search From Large-Scale Flickr Images
=> Justifying Tensor-Driven Diffusion from Structure-Adaptive Statistics of Natural Images
=> Juxtaposed Color Halftoning Relying on Discrete Lines
=> Juxtaposition between compression and depth for stereoscopic image quality on portable auto-stereoscopic display
=> JVCSR: Video Compressive Sensing Reconstruction with Joint In-Loop Reference Enhancement and Out-Loop Super-Resolution

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