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WQV93 * *Workshop on Qualitative Vision
* Dynamic Shading, Motion Parallax and Qualitative Shape
* Finite-Resolution Aspect Graphs Of Polyhedral Objects
* Function-Based Recognition from Incomplete Knowledge of Shape
* Geometric Invariant for Visual Recognition and 3D Reconstruction from Two Perspective/Orthographic Views, A
* Hierarchy of Invariant Representations of 3D Shape, A
* Learning and Recognition of 3D Objects from Appearance
* Motion Constraint Patterns
* Motion Understanding from Qualitative Visual Dynamics
* Object Recognition Using Steerable Filters at Multiple Scales
* On a Study of Invariant Features in Nonrigid Transformations
* Qualitatively Describing Objects Using Spatial Prepositions
* Studying Control of Selective Perception with T-World and TEA
* Using Causal Scene Analysis to Direct Focus of Attention
* Verifying the Consistency of Shading Patterns and 3-D Structures
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