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VHCI05 * *Human-Computer Interaction
* 3D Shape Context Based Gesture Analysis Integrated with Tracking using Omni Video Array
* Classifying Facial Gestures in Presence of Head Motion
* Detecting and Tracking Eyes Through Dynamic Terrain Feature Matching
* Estimation of Human Figure Motion Using Robust Tracking of Articulated Layers
* Facial Action Unit Detection using Probabilistic Actively Learned Support Vector Machines on Tracked Facial Point Data
* Monocular Human Motion Capture with a Mixture of Regressors
* Posture and Gesture Recognition using 3D Body Shapes Decomposition
* Real-time Hand Tracking With Variable-Length Markov Models of Behaviour
* Real-Time Human Stress Monitoring System Using Dynamic Bayesian Network, A
* Review on Vision-Based Full DOF Hand Motion Estimation, A
* Starburst: A hybrid algorithm for video-based eye tracking combining feature-based and model-based approaches
* System for Live Virtual-Endoscopic Guidance of Bronchoscopy
* Unsupervised Modeling of Signs Embedded in Continuous Sentences
* Video-based Human Action Classification with Ambiguous Correspondences
* Vision-Based Approach for Controlling User Interfaces of Mobile Devices, A
* Wavelet-based Processing of EEG Data for Brain-Computer Interfaces
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