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SSC08 * *Smart Sensing and Context
* Contextual Ranking of Database Querying Results: A Statistical Approach
* Design and Evaluation of a Sound Based Water Flow Measurement System
* Game-Theoretic Approach to Co-operative Context-Aware Driving with Partially Random Behavior, A
* GammaSense: Infrastructureless Positioning Using Background Radioactivity
* Gaussian Process Person Identifier Based on Simple Floor Sensors
* Location-Free Object Tracking on Graph Structures
* On the Evaluation of Quality of Context
* People Identification Using Gait Via Floor Pressure Sensing and Analysis
* Raising Awareness about Space via Vibro-Tactile Notifications
* Reasoning about Context in Uncertain Pervasive Computing Environments
* Synthesizing Context for a Sports Domain on a Mobile Device
* Transforming Daily Life Objects into Tactile Interfaces
* Using a Movable RFID Antenna to Automatically Determine the Position and Orientation of Objects on a Tabletop
* Using Aesthetic and Empathetic Expressions to Motivate Desirable Lifestyle
* Vision-Based Detection of Mobile Smart Objects
* Wearable, Conductive Textile Based User Interface for Hospital Ward Rounds Document Access, A
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