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PR-PS-BB13 * *International Workshop on Pattern Recognition in Proteomics, Structural Biology and Bioinformatics
* Approach to Identify miRNA Associated with Cancer Altered Pathways, An
* CCMS: A Greedy Approach to Motif Extraction
* Comparison of GHT-Based Approaches to Structural Motif Retrieval
* Discovering Typical Transcription-Factors Patterns in Gene Expression Levels of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells by Instance-Based Classifiers
* Environmental Risk Assessment of Genetically Modified Organisms by a Fuzzy Decision Support System
* Identification of Protein Interaction Partners from Shape Complementarity Molecular Cross-Docking
* Motif-Based Method for the Genome-Wide Prediction of Eukaryotic Gene Clusters
* Pardiff: Inference of Differential Expression at Base-Pair Level from RNA-Seq Experiments
* Performance Comparison of Five Exact Graph Matching Algorithms on Biological Databases
* Structural Blocks Retrieval in Macromolecules: Saliency and Precision Aspects
* Structural Investigation of Supercooled Water Confined in Antifreeze Proteins: Models' Performance Evaluation between Coarse Grained and Atomistic Simulation Models
* Supervised Approach to 3D Structural Classification of Proteins, A
* SVM-Based Classification of Class C GPCRs from Alignment-Free Physicochemical Transformations of Their Sequences
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