Journals starting with math

Math. Ann.(38) * Uber die Stetige Abbildung einer Linie auf ein Flachenstck

Math. Programming(5) * Matching, Euler Tours and the Chinese Postman

MathAnal( Vol No. ) * *Journal of Mathematical Analysis

MathAnal(25) * Discrete Spline Filters for Multiresolutions and Wavelets of L2

MathAnal(30) * Mathematical Study of the Relaxed Optical Flow Problem in the Space V, A

MathAnal(31) * Orthonormal ridgelet and linear singularities

MathAnal(45) * proof of equivalence between level lines shortening and curvature motion in image processing, A

MathComp( Vol No. ) * *Mathematics of Computation

MathComp(15) * Approximation of Curves by Line Segments

MathComp(27) * Numerical Methods for Computing Angles between Linear Subspaces

MathComp(52) * Nonlinear Filters for Efficient Shock Computation

MathComp(61) * Image Processing Through Reaction Combined with Nonlinear Diffusion

MathCompMod( Vol No. ) * *Mathematical and Computer Modelling

MathCompMod(18) * Survey of Fuzzy Clustering, A

Mathematical Geology(22) * Automatic Delineation of Drainage Basins Within Digital Elevation Data Using the Topographic Primal Sketch

Mathematical Morphology * Algorithms for openings of binary and label images with rectangular structuring elements

MathMod( Vol No. ) * *Journal of Mathematics and Computer Modelling

MathMod(22) * Traffic sign recognition using colour information
* YARF system for vision-based road following, The

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