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ISCA15 * *Image-Based Smart City Application
* Accurate Positioning and Orientation Estimation in Urban Environment Based on 3D Models
* Analytical Method and Research of Uyghur Language Chunks Based on Digital Forensics
* CLICK TEATRO Project: Augmented Reality and Promotion of Theater Events
* Computer Aided Evaluation (CAE) of Morphologic Changes in Pigmented Skin Lesions
* Crosswalk Recognition Through Point-Cloud Processing and Deep-Learning Suited to a Wearable Mobility Aid for the Visually Impaired
* DicomPrint, an Application for Managing DICOM Images
* Early Diagnosis of Neurodegenerative Diseases by Handwritten Signature Analysis
* FSSGR: Feature Selection System to Dynamic Gesture Recognition
* Hippocampal Segmentation Tool Within an Open Cloud Infrastructure, An
* Interoperability of Biometric Systems: Analysis of Geometric Characteristics of Handwritten Signatures
* Likelihood-Based Background Model for Real Time Processing of Color Filter Array Videos, A
* Marker-Based Image Processing Method for Detecting Available Parking Slots from UAVs, A
* New Context-Aware Computing Method for Urban Safety, A
* Saliency-Based Keypoint Reduction for Augmented-Reality Applications in Smart Cities
* Smart Maintenance to Support Digital Life
* Survey on Traffic Light Detection, A
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