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GW05 * *International Gesture Workshop
* AcouMotion: An Interactive Sonification System for Acoustic Motion Control
* Adaptive Sampling of Motion Trajectories for Discrete Task-Based Analysis and Synthesis of Gesture
* Automatic Generation of German Sign Language Glosses from German Words
* Captured Motion Data Processing for Real Time Synthesis of Sign Language
* Challenges in Exploiting Prioritized Inverse Kinematics for Motion Capture and Postural Control
* Comparison Between Etymon- and Word-Based Chinese Sign Language Recognition Systems, A
* Constrained Gesture Interaction in 3D Geometric Constructions
* Deixis: How to Determine Demonstrated Objects Using a Pointing Cone
* Detecting Emotional Content from the Motion of an Orchestra Conductor
* Dynamic Control of Captured Motions to Verify New Constraints
* Estimating 3D Human Body Pose from Stereo Image Sequences
* Finding Motion Primitives in Human Body Gestures
* Finger Tracking Methods Using EyesWeb
* French Sign Language Processing: Verb Agreement
* From Acoustic Cues to an Expressive Agent
* Gestural Interactions for Multi-parameter Audio Control and Audification
* Gesture Analysis of Violin Bow Strokes
* Gesture Recognition Using Image Comparison Methods
* Gesture Spotting in Continuous Whole Body Action Sequences Using Discrete Hidden Markov Models
* Handiposte: Ergonomic Evaluation of the Adaptation of Physically Disabled People's Workplaces
* Implementing Expressive Gesture Synthesis for Embodied Conversational Agents
* Modeling Gaze Behavior for a 3D ECA in a Dialogue Situation
* O.G.R.E.: Open Gestures Recognition Engine, a Platform for Gesture-Based Communication and Interaction
* Perception and Synthesis of Biologically Plausible Motion: From Human Physiology to Virtual Reality
* Playing Air Instruments: Mimicry of Sound-Producing Gestures by Novices and Experts
* Pronunciation Clustering and Modeling of Variability for Appearance-Based Sign Language Recognition
* Rapid Evaluation of the Handwriting Performance for Gesture Based Text Input
* Re-sampling for Chinese Sign Language Recognition
* Real-Time Acrobatic Gesture Analysis
* Recognition of Deictic Gestures for Wearable Computing
* Simulation of Hemiplegic Subjects' Locomotion
* Some Experiments in the Gestural Control of Synthesized Sonic Textures
* Spatialised Semantic Relations in French Sign Language: Toward a Computational Modelling
* Subject Interfaces: Measuring Bodily Activation During an Emotional Experience of Music
* Temporal Measures of Hand and Speech Coordination During French Cued Speech Production
* Upper-Limb Posture Definition During Grasping with Task and Environment Constraints
* Using Signing Space as a Representation for Sign Language Processing
* Visual Sign Language Recognition Based on HMMs and Auto-regressive HMMs
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