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EngAAI( Vol No. ) * *Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence

EngAAI(10) * Data Compression and Encryption Using Cellular Automata Transforms
* Efficient Technique for Implementing an Image Compression Neural Algorithm on Concurrent Multiprocessor, An
* Fast Directional Filter Set for Pyramidal Image Based Robotic Systems, A
* Special Section on Heuristic Methods in Image and Signal Processing
* Using Curvature Features in a Multiclassifier OCR System

EngAAI(11) * Approach to the Vision Tasks Involved in an Autonomous Crop Protection Vehicle, An
* Behavior Based Approach to Active Stereo Vision for Mobile Robots, A
* Color Machine Vision for Autonomous Vehicles
* Coordinating the Eyes, Head and Arm of an Autonomous Robot
* Effective Field of View Paradigm: Adding Representation to a Reactive System, The
* Preface to the Special Section on Machine Vision for Intelligent Vehicles and Autonomous Robots
* Real Time Tracking of Intersections in Image Sequences of a Moving Camera
* Robust Real Time Detection of an Underwater Pipeline
* Sensing the 3rd Dimension in Stereo Vision Systems: A Cellular Neural Networks Approach
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EngAAI(7) * Differential-Processing Extraction Approach to Text and Image Segmentation, A
* Neural Networks for the Classification of Image Texture

EngAAI(9) * Kydon: An Autonomous, Multilayer Image-Understanding System - Lower Layers
* Neural-Network Approach to the Detection of Texture Boundaries, A
* Pattern-Classification of Solder Joint Images Using a Correlation Neural-Network
* Scheme for 3D Object Reconstruction from Dimensioned Orthographic Views, A

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