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Zonoobi, D.[Dornoosh] Co Author Listing * Dependent nonparametric bayesian group dictionary learning for online reconstruction of dynamic MR images
* Dynamic MRI reconstruction using low rank plus sparse tensor decomposition
* Hierarchical Segmentation-Based Image Coding Using Hybrid Quad-Binary Trees
* Low rank and sparse matrix reconstruction with partial support knowledge for surveillance video processing
* Medical image reconstruction from sparse samples using Simultaneous Perturbation Stochastic Optimization
* Multi-dimensional low rank plus sparse decomposition for reconstruction of under-sampled dynamic MRI
* On the reconstruction of sequences of sparse signals: The Weighted-CS
Includes: Zonoobi, D.[Dornoosh] Zonoobi, D.
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Zonooz, B.[Bahram] Co Author Listing * Distill on the Go: Online knowledge distillation in self-supervised learning
* Knowledge Distillation Beyond Model Compression
* Noise as a Resource for Learning in Knowledge Distillation
* Noisy Concurrent Training for Efficient Learning under Label Noise
* Perceptual Loss for Robust Unsupervised Homography Estimation
* RGPNet: A Real-Time General Purpose Semantic Segmentation
* UniNet: A Unified Scene Understanding Network and Exploring Multi-Task Relationships through the Lens of Adversarial Attacks
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Zonouz, S.[Saman] Co Author Listing * Identification Using Encrypted Biometrics

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