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Zanna, K. Co Author Listing * Learning a Privacy-Preserving Global Feature Set for Mood Classification Using Smartphone Activity and Sensor Data

Zanni, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Numerical Methods for Parameter Estimation in Poisson Data Inversion
* practical use of regularization for supervised learning with kernel methods, A
Includes: Zanni, L.[Luca] Zanni, L.

Zannini, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * In-Line Burr Inspection Through Backlight Vision

Zannoni, C. Co Author Listing * Applications of 3D medical imaging in orthopaedic surgery: Introducing the hip-op system

Zannoni, E.M.[Elena Maria] Co Author Listing * Design Study of an Ultrahigh Resolution Brain SPECT System Using a Synthetic Compound-Eye Camera Design With Micro-Slit and Micro-Ring Apertures

Zannos, S. Co Author Listing * Identifying the writer of ancient inscriptions and Byzantine codices. A novel approach
* New mathematical and algorithmic schemes for pattern classification with application to the identification of writers of important ancient documents

Zannou, A. Co Author Listing * Node Capability Classification in Internet of Things, A

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