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Zadeh, A. Co Author Listing * Computer Vision Approach for Detection of Asteroids/Comets In Space Satellite Images, A
* Convolutional Experts Constrained Local Model for 3D Facial Landmark Detection
* Convolutional Experts Constrained Local Model for Facial Landmark Detection
* Face-to-Face Contrastive Learning for Social Intelligence Question-Answering
* Holistically Constrained Local Model: Going Beyond Frontal Poses for Facial Landmark Detection
* Multimodal Sentiment Intensity Analysis in Videos: Facial Gestures and Verbal Messages
* OpenFace 2.0: Facial Behavior Analysis Toolkit
* Social-IQ: A Question Answering Benchmark for Artificial Social Intelligence
Includes: Zadeh, A. Zadeh, A.[Amir] Zadeh, A.[Amirali]
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Zadeh, A.G.[Ali Ghari] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Study of Moving Load Identification on Bridge Structures Using the Explicit Form of Newmark- Method: Numerical and Experimental Studies
* Simultaneous Identification of Bridge Structural Damage and Moving Loads Using the Explicit Form of Newmark-beta Method: Numerical and Experimental Studies

Zadeh, A.T.[Ashkan Taremi] Co Author Listing * Numerical and Experimental Studies on the Micro-Doppler Signatures of Freely Flying Insects at W-Band

Zadeh, H.S.[Hamid Soltanian] Co Author Listing * Fractional anisotropy-weighted front evolution algorithm for white matter tractography based on diffusion tensor imaging data

Zadeh, L.A. Co Author Listing * Concept of a Linguistic Variable and Its Application to Approximate Reasoning, I, II and III, The
* Fuzzy Logic
* Fuzzy Logic = Computing with Words
* Fuzzy Sets
* Similarity Relations and Fuzzy Orderings

Zadeh, M.R.R.[M. Rafati Rahim] Co Author Listing * Assessment of noise reduction in ultrasound images of common carotid and brachial arteries

Zadeh, P.B.[Pooneh Bagheri] Co Author Listing * Stereo image representation using compressive sensing

Zadeh, S.G.[Shekoufeh Gorgi] Co Author Listing * Bias in Cross-Entropy-Based Training of Deep Survival Networks
* Multi-scale Anisotropic Fourth-Order Diffusion Improves Ridge and Valley Localization

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