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Yoda, F. Co Author Listing * Character Segmentation in Japanese Hand-Written Document Images
* document retrieval method from handwritten characters based on OCR and character shape information, A
* Field extraction method from existing forms transmitted by facsimile
* On-Line Handwriting Chinese Character Recognition: Comparison and Improvement to Japanese Kanji Recognition
* Recognition of Handprinted Kanji Characters by the Stroke Matching Method
* Structural Character Recognition Using Simulated Annealing
* Text and Layout Information Extraction from Document Files of Various Formats Based on the Analysis of Page Description Language
Includes: Yoda, F. Yoda, F.[Fumio]
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Yoda, H. Co Author Listing * Automatic Wafer Inspection System Using Pipelined Image Processing Techniques, An
* Image data processor
* Intelligent Robot with Cognition and Decision-Making Ability, An
* Knowledge-directed inspection for complex multilayered patterns
* Method of inspecting pattern and apparatus thereof with a differential brightness image detection
* Statistic calculating method using a template and corresponding sub-image to determine similarity based on sum of squares thresholding
* Template matching image processor utilizing sub image pixel sums and sum of squares thresholding
* Visual information processing apparatus
Includes: Yoda, H. Yoda, H.[Haruo]
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Yoda, I. Co Author Listing * Arm-pointing gesture interface using surrounded stereo cameras system
* automatic acquisition of hierarchical mathematical morphology procedures by GA, An
* Automatic acquisition of hierarchical mathematical morphology procedures by genetic algorithms
* Automatic face classifications by self-organization for face recognition
* Development and Long-Term Verification of Stereo Vision Sensor System for Controlling Safety at Railroad Crossing
* Head pose estimation by nonlinear manifold learning
* Hybrid Camera Surveillance System by Using Stereo Omni-directional System and Robust Human Detection
* Medutainment-Based AR Rally: Disaster Medical Learning Tool for Citizens
* Multi-point Stereo Camera System for Controlling Safety at Railroad Crossings
* Multi-View Face Recognition By Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction And Generalized Linear Models
* Real-time 3D head pose estimation using both geometry and learning
* Shoulder gesture interface for operating electric wheelchair
* Stereo Camera Based Non-Contact Non-Constraining Head Gesture Interface for Electric Wheelchairs
* Topographic Feature Mapping for Head Pose Estimation with Application to Facial Gesture Interfaces
* Utilization of Stereo Disparity and Optical Flow Information for Human Interaction
* Utilization of stereo disparity and optical flow information for the computer analysis of human interactions
* Visualization of Customer Flow in an Office Complex over a Long Period
* Wheelchair recognition by using stereo vision and histogram of oriented gradients (HOG) in real environments
Includes: Yoda, I. Yoda, I.[Ikushi]
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Yoda, N. Co Author Listing * Path-based image sequence interpolation guided by feature points

Yoda, T. Co Author Listing * Dynamic photometric stereo method using multi-tap CMOS image sensor

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