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Yegnanarayana, B. Co Author Listing * Activity Modeling Using Event Probability Sequences
* Classification of sport videos using edge-based features and autoassociative neural network models
* Clustering-Algorithm Using An Evolutionary Programming-Based Approach, A
* Edge extraction using zero-frequency resonator
* Finding axes of symmetry from potential fields
* Gait Analysis for Human Identification
* Multimodal person authentication using speech, face and visual speech
* On the use of phase of the Fourier transform for face recognition under variations in illumination
* Segmentation of Gabor-Filtered Textures Using Deterministic Relaxation
* Significance of image representation for face verification
* Stereo-correspondence using Gabor logons and neural networks
* Still-to-Video Face Verification System Using Advanced Correlation Filters, A
* Studies on Object Recognition from Degraded Images Using Neural Networks
* Supervised Texture Classification Using a Probabilistic Neural-Network and Constraint Satisfaction Model
* Unsupervised Texture Classification Using Vector Quantization and Deterministic Relaxation Neural Network
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