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Wshah, S. Co Author Listing * ARTS: Automotive Repository of Traffic Signs for the United States
* Cross-View Image Sequence Geo-localization
* Deep learning architectures for domain adaptation in HOV/HOT lane enforcement
* Image and Object Geo-Localization
* LanePainter: Lane Marks Enhancement via Generative Adversarial Network
* Multilingual word spotting in offline handwritten documents
* Novel Lexicon Reduction Method for Arabic Handwriting Recognition, A
* Object Tracking and Geo-Localization from Street Images
* Script Independent Word Spotting in Offline Handwritten Documents Based on Hidden Markov Models
* Segmentation of Arabic Handwriting Based on both Contour and Skeleton Segmentation
* Statistical script independent word spotting in offline handwritten documents
* USDOT number localization and recognition from vehicle side-view NIR images
Includes: Wshah, S. Wshah, S.[Safwan]
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