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Wohn, K. Co Author Listing * 3-D Motion Recovery from Time-Varying Optical Flows
* Analytic Structure of Image Flows: Deformation and Segmentation, The
* Contour Evolution, Neighborhood Deformation and Image Flow: Textured Surfaces in Motion
* Contour Evolution, Neighbourhood Deformation and Global Image Flow: Planar Surfaces in Motion
* Contour-based Recovery of Image Flow: Iterative Method, A
* Contour-Based Recovery of Image Flow: Iterative Transformation Method, A
* Depth from Focus Using a Pyramid Architecture
* Estimating the Finite Displacement Using Moments
* Image Flow Theory: A Framework for 3-D Inference from Time-Varying Imagery
* Modeling and Recognition of Hand Gesture Using Colored Petri Nets
* Motion Estimation Based on Multiple Local Constraints and Nonlinear Smoothing
* On the Deformation of Image Intensity and Zero-Crossing Contours under Motion
* Pyramid Based Depth from Focus
* Recognition of Hand Gestures with 3D, Nonlinear Arm Movement
* Smoothing Optical Flow Fields
Includes: Wohn, K. Wohn, K.[Kwangyoen]
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Wohn, K.Y. Co Author Listing * 3-D Tracking and Motion Estimation Using Hierarchical Kalman Filter
* Estimation of General Rigid Body Motion from a Long Sequence of Images
* FLAT MMF: A New Recursive Technique for the 3-D Motion Analysis
* Fusion of the Magnetic and Optical Information for Motion Capturing
* Model Based 3-D Tracking of Rigid Objects from a Sequence of Multiple Perspective Views, A
* Recovery of 3D Motion of a Single Particle
* Stereo and motion correspondences using nonlinear optimization method
* Visibility Preprocessing For Complex 3d Scenes Using Hardware-visibility Queries
Includes: Wohn, K.Y. Wohn, K.Y.[Kwang-Yoen] Wohn, K.Y.[Kwang Yun] Wohn, K.Y.[Kwang-Yun]
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Wohner, C. Co Author Listing * European Snow Cover Characteristics between 2000 and 2011 Derived from Improved MODIS Daily Snow Cover Products

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