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Wise, D.J. Co Author Listing * Modeling Trees for Virtual Singapore: From Data Acquisition To Citygml Models

Wise, G.L. Co Author Listing * Further Investigation of Max's Algorithm for Optimum Quantization, A
* Note on Estimation with Quantized Data, A
* On the Existence of Optimal Quantizers
* Simple Approximation for Minimum Mean-Square Error Symmetric Uniform Quantization, A

Wise, J.E.[John E.] Co Author Listing * Field Reflectance Measurements at Night of Beach and Desert Sands within a Particulate BRDF Model

Wise, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * High Definition LiDAR mapping of Perth CBD

Wise, M.S. Co Author Listing * Extraction of motion strength and motor activity signals from video recordings of neonatal seizures
* Quantifying Motion in Video Recordings of Neonatal Seizures by Regularized Optical Flow Methods

Wise, S.[Sarah] Co Author Listing * Walk This Way: Improving Pedestrian Agent-Based Models through Scene Activity Analysis

Wiselka, M.[Mariusz] Co Author Listing * Easing Function as a Tool of Color Correction for Display Stitching in Virtual Reality

Wiseman, G. Co Author Listing * Soil Moisture Active Passive Validation Experiment 2012 (SMAPVEX12): Prelaunch Calibration and Validation of the SMAP Soil Moisture Algorithms, The

Wiseman, N.E. Co Author Listing * Operations on Quadtree Leaves and Related Image Areas
* Operations on Quadtree-Encoded Images

Wiseman, S. Co Author Listing * Testing a Shape-Changing Haptic Navigation Device With Vision-Impaired and Sighted Audiences in an Immersive Theater Setting

Wiseman, Y.[Yair] Co Author Listing * Compression of GNSS Data with the Aim of Speeding up Communication to Autonomous Vehicles

Wiser, S.K.[Susan K.] Co Author Listing * Mapping Physiognomic Types of Indigenous Forest using Space-Borne SAR, Optical Imagery and Air-borne LiDAR

Wisernig, E. Co Author Listing * Obstacle Detection for Image-Guided Surface Water Navigation

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