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Weszka, J.S.[Joan S.] Co Author Listing * Application of Texture Analysis to Materials Inspection, An
* Comparative Study of Texture Measures for Terrain Classification, A
* Experiments in Terrain Classification on Landsat Imagery by Texture Analysis
* Histogram Modification for Threshold Selection
* Improved Method of Angle Detection on Digital Curves, An
* Mixtures of Derivative Operators as Edge Detectors
* Picture Recognition and Scene Analysis
* Region Extraction by Averaging and Thresholding
* Survey of Threshold Selection Techniques, A
* Technique for Facilitating Threshold Selection for Object Extraction from Digital Pictures, A
* Threshold Evaluation Techniques
* Threshold Selection Technique, A
Includes: Weszka, J.S.[Joan S.] Weszka, J.S.
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