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Wesche, C.[Christine] Co Author Listing * adaptive machine learning approach to improve automatic iceberg detection from SAR images, An
* Automated iceberg tracking with a machine learning approach applied to SAR imagery: A Weddell sea case study
* C-Band Radar Polarimetry: Useful for Detection of Icebergs in Sea Ice?
* Calving Fronts of Antarctica: Mapping and Classification
* Depolarization Ratio Anomaly Detector to Identify Icebergs in Sea Ice Using Dual-Polarization SAR Images, A
* Precise surface topography of the grounded ice ridges at the Ekstromisen, Antarctica, based on several geophysical data sets
Includes: Wesche, C.[Christine] Wesche, C.

Wesche, G.[Gerold] Co Author Listing * Benefits of Co-located Collaboration and Immersion on Assembly Modeling in Virtual Environments, The
* Framework for Object-Oriented Shader Design, A

Wesche, K.[Karsten] Co Author Listing * Climate Sensitivity of the Arid Scrublands on the Tibetan Plateau Mediated by Plant Nutrient Traits and Soil Nutrient Availability

Weschke, W. Co Author Listing * Inter-modality registration of NMRi and histological section images using neural networks regression in Gabor feature space

Weschler, H. Co Author Listing * Computational Perspective on Perception, Planning, Action and Systems Integration

Weschsler, H. Co Author Listing * wavelet transform-a CMOS VLSI ASIC implementation, The

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