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Wayman, J. Co Author Listing * Biometric Systems: Technology, Design and Performance Evaluation
* Book review: Handbook of Iris Recognition
* Vocabulary harmonisation for biometrics: The development of ISO/IEC 2382 Part 37

Wayman, J.L. Co Author Listing * Automatic Eye Detection and Its Validation
* Digital signal processing in biometric identification: a review
* Editorial: Two views on iris ageing
* Federal Biometric Technology Legislation
* Fundamentals Of Biometric Authentication Technologies
* FVC2000: Fingerprint Verification Competition
* FVC2002: second fingerprint verification competition
* FVC2004: Third Fingerprint Verification Competition
* Introduction to Biometrics Special Issue
* Invited Paper: FVC2000: Fingerprint Verification Competition
* Modeling and Predicting Face Recognition System Performance Based on Analysis of Similarity Scores
* Modern statistical and philosophical framework for uncertainty assessment in biometric performance testing
* Performance Evaluation of Fingerprint Verification Systems
Includes: Wayman, J.L. Wayman, J.L.[James L.] Wayman, J.L.[Jim L.]
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