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Wagg, D.K. Co Author Listing * On automated model-based extraction and analysis of gait

Waggenspack, W.[Warren] Co Author Listing * 3D Fragment Reassembly Using Integrated Template Guidance and Fracture-Region Matching

Waggershauser, A. Co Author Listing * Combining Full Spherical Depth and HDR Images to Implement a Virtual Camera

Waggett, P. Co Author Listing * Vocabulary harmonisation for biometrics: The development of ISO/IEC 2382 Part 37

Waggoner, J.[Jarrell] Co Author Listing * 3D Materials Image Segmentation by 2D Propagation: A Graph-Cut Approach Considering Homomorphism
* Edge-Weighted Centroid Voronoi Tessellation with Propagation of Consistency Constraint for 3D Grain Segmentation in Microscopic Superalloy Images
* Graph-cut based interactive segmentation of 3D materials-science images
* Topology-Preserving Multi-label Image Segmentation

Waggoner, J.W.[Jarrell W.] Co Author Listing * Free-shape subwindow search for object localization
* graph-based algorithm for multi-target tracking with occlusion, A
* Handwritten text segmentation using average longest path algorithm
* Shape and image retrieval by organizing instances using population cues
* Superedge grouping for object localization by combining appearance and shape information
* Two perceptually motivated strategies for shape classification
Includes: Waggoner, J.W.[Jarrell W.] Waggoner, J.W.

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