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Vanrell, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * 3D Texton Spaces for Color-Texture Retrieval
* 3X3 decomposition of circular structuring elements
* Color attributes for object detection
* Color Constancy by Category Correlation
* Color Representation in CNNs: Parallelisms with Biological Vision
* Colour Normalisation Based on Background Information
* DAcImPro: A Novel Database of Acquired Image Projections and Its Application to Object Recognition
* Describing Reflectances for Color Segmentation Robust to Shadows, Highlights, and Textures
* Fast Surface Grading Using Color Statistics in the CIE Lab Space
* Induction operators for a computational colour-texture representation
* Intrinsic image evaluation on synthetic complex scenes
* Low-dimensional and comprehensive color texture description
* Low-Level Spatiochromatic Grouping for Saliency Estimation
* Modulating Shape Features by Color Attention for Object Recognition
* Multidimensional-Scaling Approach to Explore the Behavior of a Texture-Perception Algorithm, A
* Names and shades of color for intrinsic image estimation
* Normalized Colour Segmentation for Human Appearance Description
* Optimal 3x3 Decomposable Disks for Morphological Transformations
* Parametric fuzzy sets for automatic color naming
* Perception Based Representations for Computational Colour
* Perceptual Color Texture Codebooks for Retrieving in Highly Diverse Texture Datasets
* Photometry of Intrinsic Images, The
* Relaxed Grey-World: Computational Colour Constancy by Surface Matching
* Saliency estimation using a non-parametric low-level vision model
* Spectral sharpening by spherical sampling
* Texton theory revisited: A bag-of-words approach to combine textons
* Top-down color attention for object recognition
* Topological Histogram Reduction Towards Colour Segmentation
* Understanding trained CNNs by indexing neuron selectivity
Includes: Vanrell, M.[Maria] Vanrell, M.[Marķa] Vanrell, M.
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Vanrenterghem, J.[Jos] Co Author Listing * Discriminating motion patterns of ACL reconstructed patients from healthy individuals

Vanrumste, B.[Bart] Co Author Listing * Camera-Based Fall Detection on Real World Data
* Localized Learning Approach Applied to Human Activity Recognition, A
* Scalable Semi-Automatic Annotation for Multi-Camera Person Tracking
Includes: Vanrumste, B.[Bart] Vanrumste, B.

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