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Uhlmann, G.[Gunther] Co Author Listing * Efficient Neumann Series-Based Algorithm for Thermoacoustic and Photoacoustic Tomography with Variable Sound Speed, An
* Numerical Inversion of Three-Dimensional Geodesic X-Ray Transform Arising from Travel Time Tomography
* Recovery of Piecewise Smooth Density and Lamé Parameters from High Frequency Exterior Cauchy Data
* Reducing Streaking Artifacts in Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping
* Single Pixel X-ray Transform and Related Inverse Problems

Uhlmann, J.[Jeffrey] Co Author Listing * Applications of single-operator edit distances for permuted sequences
* Extensor-based image interpolation
Includes: Uhlmann, J.[Jeffrey] Uhlmann, J.

Uhlmann, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Classification of dual- and single polarized SAR images by incorporating visual features
* Collective Network of Binary Classifier Framework for Polarimetric SAR Image Classification: An Evolutionary Approach
* Incremental evolution of collective network of binary classifier for polarimetric SAR image classification
* Incremental Learning with Support Vector Data Description
* Integrating Color Features in Polarimetric SAR Image Classification
* Semi-Supervised Learning for Ill-Posed Polarimetric SAR Classification
* Sport Type Classification of Mobile Videos
Includes: Uhlmann, S.[Stefan] Uhlmann, S.
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Uhlmann, V. Co Author Listing * Design of Steerable Wavelets to Detect Multifold Junctions
* Dictionary Learning for Two-Dimensional Kendall Shapes
* Diverse M-Best Solutions by Dynamic Programming
* Efficient Shape Priors for Spline-Based Snakes
* Hermite Snakes With Control of Tangents
* Maximally Localized Radial Profiles for Tight Steerable Wavelet Frames
* Multiresolution Subdivision Snakes
* Practical Guide to Supervised Deep Learning for Bioimage Analysis: Challenges and good practices, A
* Principled Design and Implementation of Steerable Detectors
* Snakes on a Plane: A perfect snap for bioimage analysis
* VOW: Variance-optimal wavelets for the steerable pyramid
Includes: Uhlmann, V. Uhlmann, V.[Virginie]
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