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Ueshiba, T. Co Author Listing * closed-form solution for a two-view self-calibration problem under fixation, A
* Efficient Implementation Technique of Bidirectional Matching for Real-time Trinocular Stereo Vision, An
* Efficient Matching Algorithm for Segment-based Stereo Vision Using Dynamic Programming Technique, An
* Factorization Method for Projective and Euclidean Reconstruction from Multiple Perspective Views via Iterative Depth Estimation, A
* Generating smooth surfaces with bicubic splines over triangular meshes: toward automatic model building from unorganized 3D points
* Plane-based calibration algorithm for multi-camera systems via factorization of homography matrices
* Reconstruction of 3D Objects by Integration of Multiple Range Data
* Stereo correspondence using segment connectivity
* Strategy for Folding Clothing on the Basis of Deformable Models
Includes: Ueshiba, T. Ueshiba, T.[Toshio]
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Ueshige, Y. Co Author Listing * Estimation of the Predictors Implemented by Shift Operation, Addition, and/or Subtraction, An
* New Statistical Models of the JPEG Lossless Mode Subject to the Super High Definition Images
* Pseudo-hilbert Scan Algorithm for Arbitrarily-Sized Rectangle Region, A
* Redesigning of JPEG Statistical Model in the Lossy Mode Fitting Distribution of Dct Coefficients
Includes: Ueshige, Y. Ueshige, Y.[Yoshifumi]

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