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Tyan, H. Co Author Listing * Coherent Deep-Net Fusion To Classify Shots In Concert Videos

Tyan, H.R.[Hsiao Rong] Co Author Listing * Learning to Visualize Music Through Shot Sequence for Automatic Concert Video Mashup
* Motion Flow-Based Video Retrieval
* Pedestrian detection and tracking at crossroads
* RST-Tolerant Shape Descriptor for Object Detection, An
* Spatiotemporal Motion Analysis for the Detection and Classification of Moving Targets
* Wavelet-Based Off-Line Handwritten Signature Verification
Includes: Tyan, H.R.[Hsiao Rong] Tyan, H.R.[Hsiao-Rong]

Tyan, J. Co Author Listing * Fast Iterative Adaptive Reconstruction in Low-Dose CT Imaging
* Gradient Adaptive Image Restoration and Enhancement
* Mutual Information Regularized Bayesian Framework for Multiple Image Restoration
* Semi-Automatic Lymph Node Segmentation in LN-MRI
Includes: Tyan, J. Tyan, J.[Jason]

Tyan, J.K.[Jenn Kwei] Co Author Listing * Analysis and Application of Autofocusing and Three-Dimensional Shape Recovery Techniques Based on Image Focus and Defocus
* Selecting the Optimal Focus Measure for Autofocusing and Depth-from-Focus
Includes: Tyan, J.K.[Jenn Kwei] Tyan, J.K.[Jenn-Kwei]

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