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Touj, S.M.[Sameh Masmoudi] Co Author Listing * dataset for Arabic text detection, tracking and recognition in news videos- AcTiV, A
* Generalized hough transform for Arabic optical character recognition
* Hybrid Approach for Off-Line Arabic Handwriting Recognition Based on a Planar Hidden Markov Modeling, A
* ICPR2016 contest on Arabic Text detection and Recognition in video frames - AcTiVComp
* Multi-dimensional long short-term memory networks for artificial Arabic text recognition in news video
* Semi-automatic news video annotation framework for Arabic text
* Two Approaches for Arabic Script Recognition-Based Segmentation Using the Hough Transform
Includes: Touj, S.M.[Sameh Masmoudi] Touj, S.M.
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Toujas, V. Co Author Listing * robust framework for GeoTime cube, A

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