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Tolba, A.[Amr] Co Author Listing * Dependable information processing method for reliable human-robot interactions in smart city applications
* Texture classification-based feature processing for violence-based anomaly detection in crowded environments

Tolba, A.S. Co Author Listing * Arabic Glove-Talk: A Communication Aid for Vocally Impaired
* Combined Classifiers for Invariant Face Recognition
* novel multiscale-multidirectional autocorrelation approach for defect detection in homogeneous flat surfaces, A
Includes: Tolba, A.S. Tolba, A.S.[Ahmad Said]

Tolba, H. Co Author Listing * Comparative Experiments to Evaluate a CHMM-Based Identification Approach to Naval Targets
* Comparative Experiments to Evaluate the Use of Syllables for the Improvement of Automatic Recognition of Dysarthric Speech
* Comparative Study to Evaluate a Text-Independent Speaker Identification Engine for Arabic Speakers Using a CHMM-Based Approach, A

Tolba, M.F. Co Author Listing * Accelerated hyperspectral image recursive hierarchical segmentation using GPUs, multicore CPUs, and hybrid CPU/GPU cluster
* Fundamental matrix estimation: A study of error criteria
* Fusing directional wavelet local binary pattern and moments for human action recognition
* Simple, Fast and Accurate Estimation of the Fundamental Matrix Using the Extended Eight-point Schemes
* wavelet feature extraction method for electrocardiogram (ECG)-based biometric recognition, A
Includes: Tolba, M.F. Tolba, M.F.[Mohammed F.] Tolba, M.F.[Mohamed F.]

Tolbanov, O. Co Author Listing * Performance of a Medipix3RX Spectroscopic Pixel Detector With a High Resistivity Gallium Arsenide Sensor

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