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Tichauer, K.[Kenneth] Co Author Listing * Information loss and reconstruction in diffuse fluorescence tomography

Tichavsky, P. Co Author Listing * Human Eye Iris Recognition Using the Mutual Information
* Joint Matrices Decompositions and Blind Source Separation: A survey of methods, identification, and applications
* Partitioned Alternating Least Squares Technique for Canonical Polyadic Tensor Decomposition
* Sensitivity in Tensor Decomposition
* Stable Low-rank Tensor Decomposition for Compression of Convolutional Neural Network
* Two-Stage MMSE Beamformer for Underdetermined Signal Separation, A
Includes: Tichavsky, P. Tichavský, P. Tichavský, P.[Petr]

Tichem, M. Co Author Listing * Sub-Mu-M Registration of Fiducial Marks Using Machine Vision

Tichkiewitch, S. Co Author Listing * Expert System for Reconstruction of Mechanical Objects from Projections, An

Tichmann, K.[Karin] Co Author Listing * fully implicit alternating direction method of multipliers for the minimization of convex problems with an application to motion segmentation, A

Tichy, O.[Ondrej] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Blind Separation and Deconvolution of Dynamic Image Sequences Using Sparsity Priors
* Bayesian Non-Negative Matrix Factorization With Adaptive Sparsity and Smoothness Prior
* Non-parametric Bayesian models of response function in dynamic image sequences
Includes: Tichy, O.[Ondrej] Tichý, O. Tichý, O.[Ondrej]

Tichy, T.[Tomas] Co Author Listing * M3art: A Database of Models of Canvas Paintings
Includes: Tichy, T.[Tomas] Tichý, T.[Tomáš]

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