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Thyagarajah, K. Co Author Listing * Texture pattern analysis of kidney tissues for disorder identification and classification using dominant Gabor wavelet

Thyagarajan, K.S. Co Author Listing * Encoding of videoconferencing signals using VDPCM
* Maximum likelihood approach to image texture and acoustic signal classification
* maximum likelihood approach to texture classification using wavelet transform, A
* Still Image and Video Compression with MATLAB
* strategy for satellite data archival. Low noise variable-rate vector quantization with application to AVHRR satellite images: A tutorial review, A

Thyagharajan, A. Co Author Listing * Portable Personality Recognizer Based on Affective State Classification Using Spectral Fusion of Features, A
* Segment-Fusion: Hierarchical Context Fusion for Robust 3D Semantic Segmentation
Includes: Thyagharajan, A. Thyagharajan, A.[Anirud]

Thyagharajan, K.K. Co Author Listing * enhanced performance for H.265/SHVC based on combined AEGBM3D filter and back-propagation neural network, An
* optimal mode selection algorithm for scalable video coding, An

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