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Spaulding, J. Co Author Listing * Application of bit-plane decomposition steganography to JPEG2000 encoded images
* Application of bit-plane decomposition steganography to wavelet encoded images
* BPCS steganography using EZW lossy compressed images
Includes: Spaulding, J. Spaulding, J.[Jeremiah]

Spaulding, K.E.[Kevin E.] Co Author Listing * Method for segmenting a digital image into a foreground region and a key color region
* Methods for Generating Blue Noise Dither Matrices for Digital Half-Toning
Includes: Spaulding, K.E.[Kevin E.] Spaulding, K.E.

Spaun, N.A.[Nicole A.] Co Author Listing * Facial Comparisons by Subject Matter Experts: Their Role in Biometrics and Their Training
* Forensic Biometrics from Images and Video at the Federal Bureau of Investigation
* Forensic Identification of People from Images and Video

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