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Simbera, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Geocoding Freeform Placenames: An Example of Deciphering the Czech National Immigration Database
Includes: Simbera, J.[Jan] Šimbera, J.[Jan]

Simberova, S.[Stanislava] Co Author Listing * adaptive image line reconstruction method, An
* Analysis of Dynamic Processes by Statistical Moments of High Orders
* Digital processing of skylab X-ray images of the solar corona
* Fine Structure Recognition in Multichannel Observations
* multi-model image line reconstruction, A
* Multichannel Blind Deconvolution of the Short-exposure Astronomical Images
* New Multichannel Blind Deconvolution Method and its Application to Solar Images, A
* new wavelet-based measure of image focus, A
* Restoration of Multitemporal Short-Exposure Astronomical Images
* Solar Atmosphere Data Analysis
* Solar flare retrieval, detection and analysis
Includes: Simberova, S.[Stanislava] Šimberová, S.[Stanislava] Simberova, S. Simberová, S. Simberova, S.[Stana] Simberová, S.[Stanislava] Šimberová, S.
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Simbi, C.H.[Claudien Habimana] Co Author Listing * Spatial Multi-Criterion Decision Making (SMDM) Drought Assessment and Sustainability over East Africa from 1982 to 2015

Simboro, S.[Seraphin] Co Author Listing * Estimating Yields of Household Fields in Rural Subsistence Farming Systems to Study Food Security in Burkina Faso
Includes: Simboro, S.[Seraphin] Simboro, S.[Séraphin]

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