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Shave, M.J.R. Co Author Listing * Spatial Reasoning Using the Quad Tesseral Representation

Shaver, D.[Donna] Co Author Listing * Exposure of Marine Turtle Nesting Grounds to Named Storms Along the Continental USA

Shavers, E.[Ethan] Co Author Listing * Unmanned Aerial System (UAS)-based phenotyping of soybean using multi-sensor data fusion and extreme learning machine

Shavers, E.J.[Ethan J.] Co Author Listing * Extensibility of U-Net Neural Network Model for Hydrographic Feature Extraction and Implications for Hydrologic Modeling

Shavit, A.[Adi] Co Author Listing * Single image face orientation and gaze detection

Shavit, E. Co Author Listing * Motion Understanding from Qualitative Visual Dynamics

Shavit, G. Co Author Listing * MultiStage: A MINMAX Bit Allocation Algorithm for Video Coders

Shavit, N.[Nir] Co Author Listing * Cross-Classification Clustering: An Efficient Multi-Object Tracking Technique for 3-D Instance Segmentation in Connectomics
* HDMapGen: A Hierarchical Graph Generative Model of High Definition Maps

Shavit, R. Co Author Listing * Back-Projection Cortical Potential Imaging: Theory and Results
* Efficient Vector Sensor Configuration for Source Localization, An

Shavit, Y.[Yoli] Co Author Listing * Do We Really Need Scene-specific Pose Encoders?

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