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Sequeira Goncalves, P.J.[Paulo J.] Co Author Listing * Uncalibrated Visual Servoing in 3D Workspace
Includes: Sequeira Goncalves, P.J.[Paulo J.] Sequeira Gonçalves, P.J.[Paulo J.]

Sequeira, A.F.[Ana F.] Co Author Listing * BIOSIG 2021 Special issue on efficient, reliable, and privacy-friendly biometrics
* FocusFace: Multi-task Contrastive Learning for Masked Face Recognition
* Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm for Fingerprint Segmentation, A
* Guest Editorial: BIOSIG 2020 special issue on trustworthiness of person authentication
* Myope Models: Are face presentation attack detection models short-sighted?
* PIC-Score: Probabilistic Interpretable Comparison Score for Optimal Matching Confidence in Single- and Multi-Biometric Face Recognition
* PROTECT: Pervasive and useR fOcused biomeTrics bordEr projeCT: A Case Study
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Sequeira, G.J.[Gerald Joy] Co Author Listing * Comparison and Evaluation of Algorithms for LiDAR-Based Contour Estimation in Integrated Vehicle Safety

Sequeira, H.B. Co Author Listing * Lunar Mini-RF Radars: Hybrid Polarimetric Architecture and Initial Results, The

Sequeira, J.[Jean] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of Soccer Sequences Using Non-calibrated Video Cameras
* Camera Location and Aperture Characterization Using the Transformation between a 2D Plane and the Image Captured by the Camera
* Characterization of Similar Areas of Two 2d Point Clouds
* Closed Free-form Surface Geometrical Modeling A New Approach With Global And Local Characterization
* Contour segmentation using Hough transform
* Dynamical systems in robot control architectures: A building block perspective
* Intravascular Ultrasound image segmentation: A helical active contour method
* Remote Sensing Single-Image Resolution Improvement Using A Deep Gradient-Aware Network with Image-Specific Enhancement
* Shallow-Water Image Enhancement Using Relative Global Histogram Stretching Based on Adaptive Parameter Acquisition
* Soccer Field Detection in Video Images Using Color and Spatial Coherence
Includes: Sequeira, J.[Jean] Sequeira, J.
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Sequeira, R.E. Co Author Listing * Discrete Voronoi Diagrams and the Skiz Operator: A Dynamic Algorithm
* Image detection under low-level illumination

Sequeira, V. Co Author Listing * 3D reality modelling: photo-realistic 3D models of real world scenes
* 3D Reconstruction of Indoor Environments
* 3D Site Modelling and Verification of Plant Design for Nuclear Security Applications
* Acquisition, modelling and rendering of very large urban environments
* Active View Selection for Efficient 3D Scene Reconstruction
* Automated reconstruction of 3D models from real environments
* Automatic laser-based identification for UF6 cylinders
* Combining intensity and range images for 3D modelling
* Controlled 3D Data Fusion using Error-bounds
* Fusion of Intensity and Range Data for Improved 3d Models
* High-Level Surface Descriptions from Composite Range Images
* Hybrid Approach to the Construction of Triangulated 3D Models of Building Interiors
* Improving Ferns Ensembles by Sparsifying and Quantising Posterior Probabilities
* Localization and tracking in known large environments using portable real-time 3D sensors
* Multimodal Calibration of Portable X-Ray Capture Systems for 3D Reconstruction
* Multisensor fusion for volumetric reconstruction of large outdoor areas
* Registration and fusion of intensity and range data for 3D modelling of real world scenes
* RISEdb: a Novel Indoor Localization Dataset
* Robust range image registration using 3D lines
* Urban 3D modelling using terrestrial laserscanners
* View Cube: An Efficient Method of View Planning for 3d Modelling from Range Data, The
* X-Ray and 3D Data Fusion for 3D Reconstruction of Closed Receptacle Contents
Includes: Sequeira, V. Sequeira, V.[Vitor] Sequeira, V.[Vítor]
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Sequin, C. Co Author Listing * Local Surface Interpolation with Bezier Patches

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